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What a long, long time it’s been since you were able to look at your money, house, apartment, charity, possessions or business and say things were resolved. You (and perhaps another person or organization) have been put through a ridiculously long and protracted cycle for most of this year. What should have been organized neatly and easily in 2015 was not, and so you have now reached a point where you will be extremely grateful to know ‘That was then, this is now.’ It will happen Monday-Thursday as you realise within just a few short days, so much can change. Don’t look back.


Your opposite sign of Scorpio describes your opposite number in love as well as any opponents you might have. It reveals the past, present and potential people who push your emotional buttons. Now, at last, you can prepare to switch off, as a matter which was never properly resolved can be dismissed. You have either been left hanging, never knowing where things would end up – or unable to act, as you should have done, way back in 2014 or 2015. Thanks to a flurry of horoscope factors in Scorpio the end is in sight.


It will come as a great relief to attend to your lifestyle, work, unpaid work, housework – and particularly your body – with a new agenda. We are now heading into a seasonal change and you will feel as if everything has finally moved on. So it has, given where you were stuck in 2013 and 2014. Embracing a new way of operating is about dismissing past issues and moving on. I am sure that you can never entirely forget what happened to you in terms of work, university, unpaid work or your body over the last few years. It has permanently altered how you see things. Still, there is some baggage to leave by the door and now you can move on – you simply must.


The horoscope activity in the sign of Scorpio encourages you to leave the past behind and treat the year as new – even though it is a long time since January. A couple of long and drawn-out issues have burdened you or made you wait, and children or lovers have been at the heart of it. Godchildren, young relatives, offspring, stepchildren, paid or unpaid work with the young – has tested you. A lover who might have been the gateway to that may also have been your particular load to bear. Now, you can look forward to a completely different atmosphere and a new way of thinking about what is there for you in 2017.


Your close relative, household, home town, region or country? Your house or apartment? Maybe your life has been a mixture of this, yet since 2013 you have been stuck with a couple of really major issues to try and resolve. Gaining closure has been hard, as despite your best efforts to move on and live with solutions, you have found the emotional toll of some places, people or situations has followed you around. Fortunately this phase in your life is now well and truly ending with the arrival of key asteroids in your home zone, and the departure of Mars on 2nd August. At last, at last, you can be free from the past.


You are ruled by Mercury the messenger so at any other time in your life, the internet, publishing, your telephone, computer, way with words – or images – would not be an issue. Unfortunately back in 2013 and 2014 you were saddled with truly heavy decisions and it has not been possible to shake off the price you had to pay, or even move past some of the accompanying problems you did not know about at the time. In astrology the wheel turns eventually and now you can get on with the rest of your life. In fact, from August 2nd there is nothing and nobody else to deal with that could possibly disturb your peace of mind. Soon, as early as November, you will be able to get on with the simple business of communication as you once used to. Good. The world needs it.


The movement of asteroids into the cash, home, business and material zone of your chart is followed by the departure of Mars, who has stuck around for a ridiculously long period of time. This year has saddled you with unresolved hangovers – emotional or psychological – as a result of what went down in 2013. You did your best in 2014 and kept trying in 2015, but nothing ever really progressed as it should have done. This situation is now breaking apart, finally, and this leaves you free to approach what you own, earn or owe in a new way. You will see the truth of this in November. At the moment, just allow what has occurred, to become ancient history – just as soon as you can.


Matters of image, personality projection, reputation, title, personal appearance and the rest have never been properly finished in your life. You were put through a couple of really difficult situations in recent years which have no doubt permanently affected the way you see these image issues. You were pushed into the real world in a very personal way, as of course the person you appear to be is also yourself, deep down. Now, you can look forward to a time when you will no longer have to churn over the past or deal with a matter which, quite frankly, should have been over and done with last year. The start of August is also the start of a brand new era in terms of how you look and appear, and that will come as a tremendous relief after such a long and drawn-out period of tests, trials and waiting games.


Nobody has been too thrilled about the long retrograde of Mars in Scorpio, this year. It follows on the heels of Saturn in the same sign, and all this has had a big impact on the secrets you conceal, or the life you lead behind the scenes. What others have never seen, known about or understood has been a real issue for you, yet after a long and extended phase in your life, the end is in sight. There is movement, deep inside you, perhaps on a subconscious level. Maybe you have been allowing others to be the name or face, all this time. Perhaps you have been burying confidential matters. In all cases you can look forward to a new month (August) with a new atmosphere and new approach.


All the issues about friendship, your social life, social media, groups, teams, clubs and the rest can soon be laid to rest. You were not able to do this last year, even though you tried very hard in 2013 or 2014 to solve your problems. You rolled up your sleeves and did your very best to get out of a tough situation with these people (or perhaps one friend in particular) yet you have not seen the release and relief you might have hoped for. This is partly because of the emotional hangover from 2013. It may also be because the choices you made resulted in quite a different kind of issue – one you never asked for – and one which has hung around in 2016. The movement in your horoscope this week is dramatic and it will shoehorn you into a new way of operating.


Saturn in Scorpio was at the top of your chart, in your zone of achievement, social position, status and success for 2013, 2014 and yet even in 2016 you are still dealing with the fall-out of that. You were put between a rock and a hard place and you made some brave decisions about your career, unpaid work, degree or full-time parenting in recent years. This would normally have set you free to get on with other things, but the unusual behavior of the planet Mars has made it impossible to find any resolution. This is now slowly changing, Aquarius, and from 2nd August you can treat matters of success, position or status in a brand new way. Sometimes you just have to close the book and put it back on the shelf. Two stories in particular are a little like that and maybe it is time you shelved them.


The slow, stuck cycles in Scorpio have made it very difficult for you to genuinely move on from unresolved emotions, created by the events of 2013. Back then you were dealing with a foreign, travel, internet, education or publishing matter. It forced you to make a decision you would never otherwise have made, and you have had to live with the consequences ever since. That does not mean you have been able to release your deepest feelings about one matter, though. In fact, the melody has lingered on, all the way through 2016. One of the reasons for this is the apparent backwards motion of the planet Mars. Soon, he moves forwards again. Right now, your horoscope is preparing you for this. Believe it or not, a couple of situations are now well and truly over and done with, so prepare to move past them.

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