Jessica Adams, the astrologer for Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar and of course Get The Gloss, shares your weekly horoscope for April 28th - May 4th 2014

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This may be phase one, or phase two, but at last you can stare down the financial, property, business or charity issue and send it in a completely different direction. It may comfort you to know this is the toughest cycle in 29 years. What happens near Tuesday’s New Moon helps you set a new agenda. However this is also an eclipse, so wait until after Thursday to crunch the numbers and get the final answers. The movement you need comes on Thursday at 5.22am, Saturday at 1.56am, Sunday at 1.36am following planetary alignments that will show you exactly where you stand and how to do your life/money accounting.


You will have a new look, role, title or image by the end of May, partly thanks to the obvious decision you are about to make this week. Maybe you are focussed on your body. Perhaps you are more concerned with your public persona. You have shaken off some very old, repetitive issues from the past, to assist you. The Moon’s Node was stuck in Taurus for such a long time that May will feel like an uncluttered new beginning. Just remember the eclipse in your sign holds sway from 3.23pm on Monday, when the Moon enters Taurus, through to 9.55pm Wednesday, when she finally changes signs. Let it pass before you decide.


You seem ready to start, or restart, a project where other people get the glory and recognition. Alternatively you have a very dark secret which needs to be reworked. Some time alone would be time well spent near this New Moon on Tuesday. Sometimes the best relationship is the one you have with yourself. This is also an eclipse so the whole picture is clouded. You may prefer to wait until at least 9.55pm on Wednesday night when the Moon has moved on. You won’t see this eclipse in Britain but you will feel it. By Sunday a decision is pending. What you cover up, hide or do without any acknowledgement calls for a big choice.


At last you are free to set your own course with an old friend or group involvement. Last year that was impossible as some ancient karma had to be resolved and that is why you felt constantly stuck or trapped. What happens this week will help you pursue something very new, different and welcome. Of course you must get past the eclipse first, as there is something about your friend, or this group, which will be concealed rather than revealed. From the Moon’s entry into Gemini at 9.55pm on Wednesday night, though, you will be in a position to ask some serious questions and at last, get some serious answers.


By the end of May you will have a new project, job or other ambitious mission under your wing. What happens this week will help to jet-propel you. Just follow the signs on the path as the old sense of limitation has gone. Nothing you did or said last year changed anything but people now have new scripts to read to you. The only issue is the eclipse which dominates the first three days of this week, and if you have any horoscope factors at eight degrees (check at ) then you will be personally affected. Wait until after Wednesday to talk, sign or accept signatures as what is under discussion  before that day is hard to access.


You will have wrapped up a new way to use the internet, travel, study, publish or teach by the end of May, thanks partly to a sense of absolute certainty you feel about your plans near Tuesday. There is a strong sense of ‘that was then and this is now’ which will help you dismiss some 2013 memories once and for all. Your ruler Mercury is involved in this process on Thursday at 5.22am and on Saturday at 1.56 am as this planet makes alignments with Chiron and Saturn, suggesting a now-or-never moment of choice. On no account assume you have the full story, or even a clear picture, during the eclipse, though – wait until after Wednesday.


You are over the halfway mark of the toughest financial, business and property cycle in 29 years and this New Moon and rare annular eclipse (look overhead on Tuesday night) is worth wishing on. What your horoscope is forcing you to do is add up aspects of life which are valuable but don’t have a dollar price – like security or integrity. Just wait until Thursday to get the full story as something is concealed from you, rather than clear. From that point forward you must pursue the numbers and make them add up. The calculations may not even be based on other people’s perception of value. You have your own value system.


You have waited a long time for this New Moon and Annular Eclipse. You got nowhere fast last year trying to set a new direction with a former, current or potential partner. Enemies, rivals or opponents also offered you very little scope for change. What happens this week will remind you that there are no more restrictions. Set your course. You won’t be able to see everything fully and completely over the eclipse, which begins with the Moon’s entry into Taurus at 3.23pm on Monday and extends until 9.55pm on Wednesday night. Once you are into Thursday, though, this man or woman should become your top priority.


You could easily switch roles, projects or plans by the end of May and end up feeling that everything old is new again, at least in terms of your working life. There is more to this than just your usual work ethic, though. The decisions you are about to make will have an impact on the way you treat your body as well. You were so stuck last year, with the Moon’s Node in this zone of your chart. Even though we have an eclipse affecting the first three days of this week, once you hit the Mercury-Chiron sextiles at 5.22am on Thursday, 1st May, it really will feel like a brand new month with a brand new beginning. Keep asking questions.


You were bogged down by an endless rut involving your children, godchildren or young relatives in recent times. Projects involving the young may also have become stuck, as might relationships which promised parenthood. Having spun your wheels for so long you cannot wait to accelerate and you will, this week. You need to get beyond the eclipse first, which is an annular eclipse, not visible in the UK, yet still something our ancestors at Stonehenge would have taken seriously. It occurs at 7.03am on Tuesday morning and it may not be until after Thursday that everything is crystal-clear. From there a decision is pending.


You kept hearing the same old thing about property, family, your home town, household or home last year. Nothing ever really shifted and everyone seemed terribly stuck. Now that the Moon’s Node is out of the rather slow-moving sign of Taurus you can compose a different picture. Trends and people have altered. May will be about your sense of people and place, more than anything else, and you will be making up for lost time. Even though nothing is clear or obvious in the first three days of this week, once the Moon has changed signs, you can start the process of change and the Sun-Pluto trine at 1.36am on Sunday 4th May helps.


You can start, or restart, your book or website project in the next few weeks with none of the mental blocks, technical problems or other obstacles from 2013. This also applies to any forum for your voice, in all its forms. It’s time to be more hopeful about what is possible. And you need to update; the world is moving on. In many ways you didn’t do what you should have done, or might have done, because of other people. The trends, personalities, organisations around you were making it impossible to shift. Maybe part of you also had issues with doing what you ought, last year. After the eclipse, from Thursday, it’s definitely time.

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