As we head into November, what do your stars have in store? Astrologer Jessica Adams is the woman who knows

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Do all you can to shore up the future of your money, house, business, charity, possessions or apartment. From little things, bigger things grow, and the paperwork, meeting, e-mail or news near Wednesday 2nd November is important. In fact, by this time next week you could be making it all official. Over the long term, from 2018, you will be joining the rest of the world on a rollercoaster ride so the more you can think about a flexible, adaptive way to protect tomorrow, the better. Get good advice.


November is all about the relationship you share with your former, current or potential partner. It may also be about the rivalry, feud or conflict with those who are clearly and obviously against you. In love or war, you are in a very strong position, as the steps you take now will help you shield what (or who) you care about most. Some things may never happen but it can only pay off in terms of peace of mind now – never mind what you might neatly sidestep in future, Taurus.


Soon, your attention will turn to your former, current or potential partner as he/she is the centre of major decisions, between now and Christmas. This also applies to any feud, contest or battle which may be taking place. Gemini, just for this week, look at your workload and your body. The powerful asteroid Hygiea is at work and for over 2000 years she has been a symbol of the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ This may apply to your physical condition and/or the way you work, on a daily basis. Look after yourself and your future. The right person, situation or organisation is in front of you.


Between now and February your attention will turn to the relationship you have with your former, current or potential partner. Try to do all the talking or paperwork before December to avoid the usual delays or changes of Mercury Retrograde. Right now, you will find that babies, children, godchildren, young relatives or possible future Aunt/Uncle status is at the core of your choices. You went through an extremely difficult time in 2013 or 2014 with this and now it is time to well and truly distance yourself from the past. You are in a good position to look after the future. Protect who and what matters most to you. It may be your fertility. It may be your godchild.


You are now in a good position to talk about the future of your land, house, family, apartment, household, town or country. You are certainly in a stronger position than you were in 2013 or 2014 when you faced the most serious test in 29 years. What you read or discuss near Wednesday will help you put something solid together next week. Looking further ahead, if you are considering 2018, then think of this week’s activity as planting something useful for a brilliant new future.


You will love the project, idea, technology or concept which dominates 2018 and sometimes big things start in a tiny way. This week you will be in a good place to consider the future, where your internet life, computer, multimedia interests, educational or publishing priorities are concerned. Sometimes you need to anticipate what might go wrong so you can make sure it does not. This is not pessimism it’s just common sense. Computers and the internet alone requires any number of checks and a lot of upkeep. Of course the issue may be a person or company, not a machine, but it’s time to shield things.


Seek the best advice and expertise you can so that your house, money, business, land, apartment, company, possessions or charity is protected in the best possible way. This means thinking about 2018 and beyond and looking at how well you can adapt to future change. The world horoscope does show tremendous changes from 2018 onwards so thinking about the future is not going too far; you may actually be guarding tomorrow in a very sensible way. People commonly see a sensible insurance deal on this cycle; sometimes it is bigger than that. Next week will put a seal on the deal. Do look at protecting your interests.


Patterns in Scorpio, your own sign, draw attention to your online profile, reputation, title, personal appearance and social media portrait. There will be a lot of thought and discussion about You, You, You as Mercury conjuncts Hygiea in Scorpio and you begin to look at 2017 in particular. You are in a great position to insure against future issues, no matter if you are concerned about weight gain or just the way Wikipedia regards you. This is not ego, this is common-sense and next week when all eyes are on you, you should have something useful locked down. Having learned the hard way about how serious matters of profile or packaging are, back in 2013-2014, you are wise to want to prevent anything else.


At this time of year, when we see patterns one sign behind you, you need to look at what lies behind the scenes. Perhaps it rests underneath the surface too. This may be your unconscious mind. The secrets you keep. The confidential matters you cover up. It may be an invisible role you play. You are in a very strong position to secure the future by being proactive now. If you are still concerned about a burden you had to cover up in 2013 or 2014 then use this week to make sure your mind is at rest.


Being a wise, seasoned Capricorn who likes life to be on a steady footing, you no doubt have your eyes on a particular group or friend. The group may be professional (a trade union or rock band) or purely social (Twitter). Having been through the most difficult time in 2013 or 2014 you no doubt want to use all kinds of checks and locks to make sure you’re in a better position next time. Actually, Capricorn, there is no next time. Yet – there are some things you can do about friendship or the group to make the future a more relaxed place. And it does add to a rather wonderful outcome from 2018 but that’s another story.


The present really does build the distant future and your promotion, amazing new role, outstanding success or award in 2018 will owe just a little bit to what you do this week. Basically, Aquarius, you are protecting tomorrow, and given all the extremely tough experiences you had in 2013-2014 you have every right to be wary about the future. Fortunately you are now in the clear. In fact, by 2018 you will be on a CV high. This week and next week finds you pondering the wisdom of doing something which would guard against some very reasonable concerns you have about your career, unpaid work, university degree or full-time parenting. Go to it. It works.


For the next 14 days you are in a very good position to secure the future of your trip, move, book, website, course or degree. Double that message if a foreign place or person is involved. You went through a very tough time in 2013 or 2014 which will not be repeated. You can feel even more relaxed about the future by taking sensible steps to guard against your concerns now – in fact by next week, it could be sewn up. Thinking further ahead, if your vision includes 2018 you will be very happy with the ultimate outcome. Right now, it’s the small safeguarding steps which make all the difference, no matter if it’s securing an overseas accommodation offer from a friend or getting another pair of eyes to look over a blog – or educational commitment.

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