What do your stars have in store this week? Astrologer Jessica Adams has the inside track

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November will be devoted to answers (or partial solutions) regarding your travel, publishing, internet, foreign or educational agenda. Take your time and take good advice. The wheels turn very slowly on a Saturn cycle like this one and if you are to make a solid new beginning on 29th November it will help to do your research now. The other main story in November concerns your career, unpaid work, university degree or full-time parenting. A tremendous change in the balance of power is coming and it will take you until early February to adjust and adapt. Make your life easier by signing off on agreements by 1st December at the latest so you avoid the usual muddles or reversals of Mercury Retrograde.


You now have to live in the real world where the money, apartment, company, house, business, charity or possessions are concerned. Some serious signatures or handshake agreements will be required near the 23rd of November and there will be a fresh start near the 29th. All the more reason to talk to the experts, take a deep breath – and take your time. Slow and steady wins the race when Saturn is around! Taurus, this week you will also see why the next three months must be set aside to find answers about your travel, foreign, internet, publishing, educational or internet agenda. The landscape is about to shift and you need to work with the changes around you. The more you can complete before 1st December the better as you will sidestep the usual delays and reversals of Mercury Retrograde, which holds until early February.


Christmas is coming and with it, landmark decisions about your former, current or potential partner. If your rival or opponent is more important to you, then the next few weeks will bring major choices about this person instead. It is important to take your time and take good advice from people who have been through this before – or something like it. Some facts of life have to be accepted on this cycle, which can only happen every 29 years. You will be making or accepting a commitment, either way, near 29th November so give yourself the luxury of putting together all your thoughts and requests in order, so that you are sure of your ultimate decision. The money, house, business, company, apartment, possessions or charity is also at the heart of major changes, until early February. Complete paperwork and if possible, have everything in writing, by the end of this month. That way you will sidestep the usual muddles of Mercury Retrograde (and he is your ruling planet).


Your former, current or potential partner? Your rival, enemy or opponent? Someone pushes your buttons this week but it is nothing you have not seen before. Try to complete the signatures or agreements (online) before December, to avoid the usual waiting games and rescheduling of Mercury Retrograde. November will bring a chain of important decisions about your working life and your body. Some facts are unavoidable but if you want a genuine fresh start on the New Moon on 29th November, now is the time to look hard at the details of your work, university degree, unpaid work, full-time parenting –and the way your body affects your mind and spirit. Turn to expertise and experience to get this organised.


There are two stories taking place in your life now, which will unfold until February. The first concerns your working life and body. The second concerns the world of children and relationships. Try to complete all the paperwork (and get everything in writing) with your job, university degree, unpaid work or full-time parenting role. From December, one story could go backwards and forwards for weeks. This also applies to important decisions about your body, like a new gym membership. Babies, children, teenagers or the lovers who can bring them into your life are also important now. You need a wise strategy here.


Saturn can only turn up in your accommodation, housing, family, property and homeland sector every 29 years. November is important, because the choices you make in the final week will influence 2017 as well. Saturn is rather a slow, stuck, serious symbol in your horoscope and working on a longer time-frame with deeper thought (and more advice than usual) is useful. To say you are caught between a rock and a hard place is the understatement of the year, but you will chisel out a solution by the end of the month. Babies, children, teenagers or the lovers who bring them into your life are also a major story now. Sign off on the biggest decisions by the end of the month if you can. Anything left hanging in December or January is likely to be delayed or changed as your ruler Mercury begins Retrograde Shadow as December begins.


It’s time to deal with the powerful dwarf planet Pluto in your sector of housing, holiday accommodation, relatives, flatmates, apartments and home town or homeland concerns. Between now and January something (or someone) will be ‘dwarfed’ in size and power in your world. It may be a developer building a high-rise next to your apartment. It may be a flatmate who has taken over the fridge! Your own personal birth chart will tell the full story but it is important to get things in writing and get them before December, to avoid waiting games or reversals until the end of January. The decisions you make in November about the internet, multimedia, publishing, computers, telephones or education will affect 2017 as well. Seek the voice of experience as you need to arm yourself with wisdom before a major new beginning around 29th November.


Your ruling planet Pluto aligns with serious Saturn on 10th November and it is time to set aside November, December and January for the internet. There may also be multimedia, education, language, speech, hearing or related concerns. Completing what must be done by the end of November will help you sidestep the usual delays, changes or reversals which come with the Mercury Retrograde cycle, from the beginning of December to the end of January. Clearly, something has to change – but try to get it in writing and accelerate it, if you can. Your money, house, business, apartment, charity or possessions is also on the line in November and as a serious signature is waiting, you need serious advice.


Your money, house, business, apartment, company, charity or possessions all translate into one thing. Control. This will be very clear to you near November 10th and it would be useful to complete all necessary paperwork by the end of this month, to avoid the predictable stops and starts of Mercury Retrograde. This month is about you, you, you! Your image, profile, name, title, appearance or reputation requires a chain of choices as you will relaunch close to 29th November. Lean hard on people who have been in a similar position before as there are some life lessons you need not learn.This is very important if you are considering weight loss or cosmetic surgery, or thinking about a new title for the New Year.


Pluto in your sign is semi-sextile Saturn, your ruling planet, on 10th November. This is a heavy line-up and it requires heavy decisions. After eight years, you are now familiar with basic questions about how much power you have to control the way you are seen and appear. You also know that the way you look online, can give you tremendous power. All this now comes to a head over the next three months and a decision must be made. Try to get things in writing and get them before the end of November, to avoid several weeks of chopping and changing, throughout Christmas and January. Capricorn, you also need to look at the secret you cover up or the role you play behind the scenes. Even if you have to write everything down to clear your mind, and keep deleting it, it will help you to make a choice by the end of the month. Only you can do this.


You are well-known for shining within the group, although you may never actually blend in. One glance at your life history will prove that you give the group what it needs, yet remain outside it. So far so good, except that you have never been put through so many tests and trials, as you have experienced in 2016. You are now almost at the halfway mark of a marathon. There are more decisions to come and in fact, a whole new beginning at the end of November. Don’t do this alone as others have been through a similar experience, no matter if your concern is one particular friendship, or the group as a whole. Aquarius, you are also covering up a secret or playing a role behind the scenes. Try to make your ultimate decision about this before December and park it in a permanent place.


We now come to the end of the year and the new appointments, resignations, redundancies, closures, mergers, launches and the rest, are snowballing. You feel it more than the other 11 Zodiac signs because you are in the heaviest cycle for 29 years, when it comes to your job, degree, unpaid work or full-time parenting position. You can pace yourself as you work slowly towards a new beginning at the end of the month. Older or more experienced people will be invaluable, as will professionals who know exactly which issues you are dealing with. Pluto in Capricorn is also telling you that inevitable changes affecting the group, and also your friendships, must be put in writing and confirmed before December. After that date, you can continue the process of power sharing or compromise with these people, but it may not be until February that a chain of delays or rescheduling ends. Try to hurry this along if you possibly can, Pisces.

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