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With the Sun, Mercury Retrograde and Venus in Taurus, you can’t really escape the money, apartment, business, house, charity, sales/purchase or company questions. It helps to have other people showing you what they see or hear – it’s rather like looking at a mirror reflection. It’s illuminating. At the same time, there are usually emotional undercurrents, underneath the undercurrents, when Venus appears. I said this last week, but you do have time. In fact, if you have not already been given oodles of time to make up your mind by June – you could ask for it. Just in case others are on their own deadline and there is no choice, be savvy and a) get it in writing b) read the fine print c) get second opinions d) have Plan B.


Your ruling planet Venus is in your own sign, Taurus, and she is joined by the Sun and Mercury, currently going forwards, backwards and forwards. It’s all about you, you, you – and so it should be, at this time of year. Play for time and allow for waiting games, changes or reversals. Maybe all three. This may be as trivial as your Twitter account or as significant as your profile in the media, or your footnote in the history books. It’s rather like embroidering a tapestry portrait of yourself. It will take until June 7th for the final mix of colours and textures to be locked in. Until then, I guess you can spin your wheels trying to get the measure of what others think of you, or how they see you – or how you appear on the internet, in photographs, on film and so on. It might be an empty exercise, except for the fact that it takes so long, you are virtually forced into self-examination. That’s handy. Why? You’ll see exactly why from 2018 when you relaunch in a revolutionary way.


It’s quite unusual to see your ruler Mercury alongside the Sun and Venus, with Mercury himself in full retrograde motion. It’s all happening in your Twelfth House, which describes the secrets you deliberately cover up, as well as the ‘oops’ actions of your unconscious mind. That’s where it gets really murky (or to quote my friend, writer Kathy McCabe) ‘Murky Retograde.’ We hand over psychology and the psychic world to the Twelfth House, as well as all that is undercover, submerged, nefarious, clandestine, unknown, unfathomable and elusive. Please let the bits and pieces of your personal underworld drift for a while. Why? Mercury is moving backwards and forwards. In fact, it is not a great idea to start anything classified, covert or confidential now – you just don’t know where it will take you, until June!


This week is pretty easy to read. The Sun, Venus and Mercury Retrograde in your Eleventh House of groups and friends. You know that already – this has been building for some time! What is not so easy, is actually going through the process. There is a ton of talk, Twitter observation, texting (and the rest) going down. There seems to be some kind of news cycle, with this community of people, or this friendship. When Mercury is retrograde, though, the cycle is rather like a bicycle wheel that sticks on chewing gum. Knowing this may help. You have until June 7th for the last revolution of the wheel to take place. At the same time, the lack of final confirmation is useful. What this week will do, is show you who and what you are passionate about – and also, where the core desires of your colleagues and friends actually rest. Jealousy and vanity can be useful when they reveal truths.


At any other time of year, Leo, you would be pursuing the projects, promotions, new positions, roles, strategies and plans which add to your Curriculum Vitae in a normal way. In other words, it would be your time to shine and climb. Instead, we have your ruler the Sun in cahoots with Venus and Mercury Retrograde, which is a tricky combination. If you can buy yourself time to make up your mind in the second week of June or later, that’s great. If you must stick to other people’s agendas, so be it. However – get it in writing, read the fine print, have alternatives on standby and be hip to the potential for mistakes, communication flaws or even unreliable sources. The sky does not fall on your head in this cycle, but you do spend time looping the loop. Now through June 7th is great for reviewing, reconsidering, rethinking, rehearsing. Not so great for big, bold new beginnings. If you do rocket launch, track it like NASA and be aware of those loops.


Your ruler Mercury is in full pesky mode at the moment, in your Ninth House. This means information, communication, negotiation, travel and transportation do not follow a regular curve. They go in circles, backwards and forwards, until June 7th. Does that explain anything to you? None of this is your fault, of course. Normally you would be hatching plans within three weeks and seeing them through to completion very swiftly. The Ninth House rules foreigners, travel, education, academia, the internet, publishing and beliefs of all kinds. The blanket term for it is ‘broad horizons’ or ‘expanded horizons’. Adding to the mix this week is a very complex relationship with someone who lives for a) themselves and b) the art of relating, in all its highs and lows. Only you can decide your involvement, there.


Your ruling planet Venus joins the Sun and Mercury Retrograde this week in Taurus, the sign associated with your money, house, business, apartment, company, taxation, shares, charity, possessions and the rest. Venus is the goddess who was born without a mother. She drives men mad with desire – or just drives them mad. She has a complicated relationship with her son and also her daughter-in-law. Venus is a 2000+ year old symbol of seduction, beauty, longing, complication and heat. I mention all this because it’s not just about the property value, the plus or minus figures in your bank statement, or the perceived value of the numbers. This is about the truth, and nothing but the truth. Ergo, it’s about the emotional truth. Sexually intimate agreements or deadly serious arrangements. Big tip! Wait until June 7th for the last, finicky detail to be firmly in place. Until then be savvy. Allow for delays, changes or standstills. Get it in writing, read the fine print, get second opinions. Have Plan B or C and be philosophical about those spinning wheels.


The Sun, Mercury and Venus line up in your Seventh House this week. The scales must be rebalanced between you and this man (or woman) and the issue may be either equality, fairness, justice, love or … war. Give yourself and the situation until June 7th as we are deeply into the usual chain of delays, errors, rewrites, rehearsals and general havoc that occurs on the full Mercury Retrograde cycle. It’s actually tremendously useful, as it gives you time to ponder, think and feel. That is genuinely the only way you are going to end up with a situation where you can live with the aftermath. You only get one cycle like this, every year, and it holds good until next May, when it all repeats – but in a different, new way. It may help to know what Venus is all about. She is an ancient symbol of longing, passion and desire, usually manifesting through seductive womanhood, although men can occasionally channel her complex sexuality. With Venus, you have to choose! There is no middle ground. This helps you get to the heart of the bond…or the battle.


The deeper you dive into the Sixth House of your horoscope, the better. You may as well, given that your Sixth House cycle will not repeat for another year. In general, this week (and this month) is about service. It is about serving other people in a daily basis, and also understanding that you have to look after yourself as well. In the natural zodiac, the Sixth House is ruled by Virgo the Virgin. This tells you that your physical condition and physical state, define the rest of your life. It certainly defined any maiden’s, 2000 years ago, when the natural zodiac was slowly evolving. Thus, this week, you cannot act as if you existed above the neck, but nowhere else. It’s a whole. Your mind, body and spirit connection has to be decoded with interlocking parts, or your horoscope suggests you might miss the point. There will be a state of flux, perhaps even gentle chaos, until June 7th. That’s fine. It buys you time to analyse every detail and figure out your priorities.


This week is all about the Fifth House of your horoscope which is ruled by Leo in the natural zodiac and the Sun, Leo’s planetary ruler. We associate Leo the lion with masculinity (the lion is the consort of the lioness) and also with leadership, and the pack. The Sun is associated with fathers (the Moon, his opposite, is associated with mothers). We also link Leo and the Sun to Kingship, and the line of succession – you might say, the lion of succession. You may or may not have children. You may or may not have a lover. One way or another, though, you have to figure out who inherits the legacy of your personality and carries on the influence of your soul; your spirit. This is going to take time. It goes way beyond questions about sons, daughters, godchildren, young relatives, adoption, pregnancy, fertility, step-parenting, youth – and the rest. Venus, alongside the Sun and Mercury, suggests there is much irrational emotion and illogical passion in the mix. Just be kind to yourself and others and allow until June 7th for the final word.


It’s that time of year again when you have to define home, belonging, security and kinship. You do this by spinning your wheels, and despite the possible pitfalls (it depends on your personal chart) you ultimately land up in the right place. From June 7th you will have the house, apartment, relative, flatmate or builder figured out. This also applies to your particular town or nationality. It helps to have others giving you feedback or reaction. This is your best chance all year to have a mirror held up to your place, or your people. Decisions follow – just be aware of the potential for waiting games, reversals, changes or standstills, though. Get everything in writing, read the fine print, consider second opinions and have Plan B. This is frightfully important if you do happen to be buying or selling property. If you have a Venusian flatmate or family member (seductive, vain, envious, only cares about relationships) you may want to stand back from the associated drama and ask yourself if you actually want to buy into it!


There are two separate issues this week. One is the message (what you want to convey). The other is the medium (the means). The complication and delay that unfolds, now through June 7th, is actually quite useful. It allows you to delve more deeply into both concerns. What is the ‘news’ or information that you need to pass on and why are you pursuing that? Perhaps this is an entire story – a real saga. A poem or song. A story or feature. Moving on from the content that dominates May, you also need to look at what you are using, online or in the real world. The worldwide web alone has so many windows, perhaps you are peering through one of these. Or are we talking about handwriting, language, your telephone or your voice? The more the delays or changes occur, the deeper you go – into the importance of what you say, how you say it, and why you say it. Still, it’s hard to find an astrologer who recommends buying a computer on Mercury Retrograde!