Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg follows one simple test to find his new employees - and it's much more simple than you'd think...

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He’s one of the five original co-founders of the social networking site Facebook and has a personal net worth of a cool $35.1 billion, so when Mark Zuckerberg dishes out careers advice, the world tends to stop and listen.

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Speaking at the Mobile World Congress this week - the world's biggest wireless phone fair in Barcelona - the 30-year-old entrepreneur was asked what he looks for when hiring a potential employee - to which he responded “I will only hire someone to work directly for me if I would work for that person, it's a pretty good test.”

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Simple yet significant, this is a great piece of information to have on board if you’ve got a potential interview on the horizon. Try to envisage exactly what your new employer would want from you and the qualities that would inspire them to trust your knowledge and judgement - nail that and you never know, the CEO of Facebook himself could be your next boss...

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