Think Botox is always a good idea? Oh no it isn't, as panto star Priscilla Presley flaunts a frozen face

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We know it's chilly out there at the moment, but aside from the stony faces on the street we think there are far too many other frozen faces in the celeb world of late. We're all for a beauty cheat now and then to help with that tricky process of growing old gracefully, but if freezing those frown lines means you can barely smile then that's a beauty step too far.

Granted, the trigger for this rant is 67-year-old Priscilla Presley who certainly doesn't look her age - but her overly plumped face and its severe lack of lines is a tad OTT, even for pantomime. The former wife of the King of rock'n'roll is currently starring in her first ever panto, Snow White, and is rather aptly playing the Wicked Queen.

But Priscilla isn't the only celeb with an icy demeanour; pop princess Kylie is back with the smoothest 44-year-old face we've ever seen, posing for a photoshoot in January's ELLE magazine.

Though our favourite songstress vehemently denies going under the knife (or the needle, for that matter), her airbrushed skin can't just be down to clever Photoshop tactics - especially as one of our Glossy editors recently saw her furrow-free face in the flesh.

You only have to look at her sister Dannii, who's a mere four years younger and has openly ditched the Botox, to see that she might have had a little help along the way. Maybe it’s time to take a little sisterly advice?

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