We're big Britney fans here at Get the Gloss, but her stylist isn't doing her any favours writes Kiran Branch

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We were the first to applaud Britney's bounce-back from her buzz cut/breakdown days and were delighted when she landed the big gig as judge for X Factor USA.  However, looking at her, you'd be forgiven for thinking that she was employed by Peter Stringfellow not Simon Cowell.

Yes, perhaps money can't buy style but considering that she (reportedly) earned $15 million for the X Factor role, there is just no excuse for some of the style faux-pas she is currently making.

Between the way too short, way too tight dresses, the over-processed blonde locks (complete with feathered fringe - eek) and pearly whites so blindingly bright they should come with a pair of free sunglasses, it seems Britney is still trying to emulate her 17 year old self. What next, bunches?

No other 31-year-old we know would think it wise to go on stage wearing a little black dress with cleavage cut-outs and fringing to the crotch - we just pray her kids weren't watching. With that body and that face, Britney has all the potential in the world to be one hot mama, but her style needs to catch up with her age first. Our advice? Sack the stylist.

Kiran Branch