Whether you’re new to contact lenses or you’re looking for better contact lens options, choosing the right ones for you will make all the difference

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Written in partnership with Alcon

Life's finally getting back to normal and now that our diaries are packed from dusk till dawn with everything from gym classes to after-work drinks, we want contacts that last as long as we do rather than lenses that get dry and itchy before the end of the day.

Just in time for the world reopening, eye care leader Alcon has launched its  PRECISION1 ™ one-day contact lenses, designed for people who want to enjoy their new freedom. The new ultra-comfy lenses were created to address the three main issues contact lens wearers face; poor vision, discomfort and handling issues.

What makes PRECISION1™ so comfortable?

If you’ve ever worn contacts that made your eyes feel dry and itchy, you'll know this is one of the biggest reasons for abandoning them.  PRECISION1 ™ one day contact lenses are made with the brand’s SMARTSURFACE™ technology, which is a micro-thin layer of moisture on the surface of the lens made from more than 80 per cent water which keeps the eyes hydrated – no dryness here! People who tested the lenses gave them 9.5 out of 10 for comfort.

Are PRECISION1™ lenses easy to put in?

Another hurdle when it comes to wearing lenses is putting them in and taking them out. Testers gave the Alcon lenses 9 out of 10 when it came to ease of handling, and Alcon offers a complete support program powered by Augmented Reality.

I’m new to lenses – how does Alcon offer customer support?

If you’re new to lenses they can be daunting. Alcon is on hand with its brand new augmented reality support programme which provides 24/7 virtual support for lens wearers. To access the portal, scan the QR code and you’re taken to an interactive platform with everything from FAQs about lenses (‘can I lose lenses in my eyes?’ and ‘can they melt in my eye?’ to name but two) along with information on the history of contact lenses and advice for putting them in. You’re not left to your own devices which is definitely reassuring when you're new to contact lenses. Access the Augmented Reality experience  here .

What do we love about PRECISION1™?

1. It’s easier to get ready in the morning

Once you’ve swapped to lenses that are comfortable you’ll wonder how you ever managed without them. First off, putting makeup on with them in is a doddle. Once they’re in and you can see you’ll never rock a wonky eyeliner flick or mascara all over your eyelid again.

2. Working out is way more comfortable

If you’re a gym-class goer (thank goodness we can go again!) you’ll know that bopping up and down in a spin class, ducking and diving at boxercise and going upside down in yoga is much easier if A) you don’t have glasses to worry about sliding down your nose and B) you can actually see - nobody mastered a tricky boxing move without being able to see the instructor.

3. Wearing a face covering becomes less of a chore

Since mask-wearing became part of daily life, glasses wearers will be all too familiar with a foggy view of the world. Lenses solve this.

4. They're comfortable for longer

There’s nothing more annoying than having to switch from lenses to glasses halfway through a night out because your eyes have suddenly got dry and itchy. PRECISION1™ are designed to fit with a spontaneous lifestyle and because they’re comfortable for long periods of time, you won’t have to waste precious time out with friends fiddling with your contacts.

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