Despite being runner-up at the BBC Sports Personality Of The Year Awards, for us, Jessica Ennis stole the show

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It wasn't just that sublime scarlet floor-length Victoria Beckham dress that left us with jaws agape, but pondering the 26-year-old’s many accomplishments left us feeling, well, inspired.

We're constantly bombarded by images of women who are idolised despite the fact that they have little or no talent or skill and have achieved nothing of real significance, which is precisely why it’s so refreshing to be presented with a worthy role model.

We’re not of course suggesting that we'll soon become Olympic heptathlon champions, but Jessica's story does advocate that we should 'dream big' and is a true testament to the notion that hard work, willpower, self-improvement and determination will inevitably lead to success.

Jessica's perseverance through trials and tribulations (she fractured her foot four years ago, causing her to miss the Olympic Games in Beijing, as well as the entire 2008 season) is yet another reason why she's our golden girl. Ennis is the complete antithesis of the 'entitled generation', i.e. those who are given everything on a silver platter, have never really pushed themselves, yet expect the world.

So, in summary: yes we unashamedly adore Jessica Ennis. Whether it’s her endearing Yorkshire accent, penchant for British designers, her awe-inspiring abs, her disdain for the 'size zero' trend or her incredible work ethic - we love it all.

GTG's award for Most Inspiring Woman of the Year unquestionably goes to her.

Kiran Branch