Expert astrologer Jessica Adams reveals what's in store for 2015

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You will radically change your hair, glasses, wardrobe, body shape or face in the first half of 2015 following the most incredible opportunity involving an expert or company you love.

Many Aries women will become parents, aunts or godmothers for the first time this year. In other cases your son, daughter, godchild, niece or nephew will do exceptionally well.

You have been covering something up from people resulting in a messy situation but you can fix this before it goes any further. The same message applies to an invisible role.

Starting in August 2015 and extending into the first half of 2016 you will be offered a new job, project or role which allows you to throw out your old diary and begin a new lifestyle.

Be extremely careful with language differences, foreign laws and local customs when travelling or dealing with people from abroad and read the boring fine print before flying.


In the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016 you could easily fall pregnant, adopt, become a stepmother or foster a child. In other cases parenthood makes you very proud.

You will be amazed at a heavily discounted offer or even an unconditional favour which makes a spectacular difference to your flat or house, in the first eight months of 2015.

It is essential that you walk away from a friend or group if the chaos is too vast. If you are determined to remain, clarify the situation before it becomes even messier in March.

By August a family member or flatmate will have made a chain of introductions for you, or offered the most wonderful help. He or she is the gift that goes on giving, but do give back.

If you have any questions about success, then the answer is a youth demographic. A great deal of what you want from work or university rests with those 20 years or more your junior.


If you want a new life on the weekends then deepen your involvement with a group of people who crossed your path in 2014 as in 2015 these friendships could change your world.

By August 2015 you will have upgraded and improved your internet project from last year, or started an entirely new plan which showcases your wonderful way with words and ideas.

You will move, renovate or redecorate on a grand scale in the second half of this year and first half of 2016. You could also buy or sell property at a profit, or with huge savings.

Make your life easy by allowing much more time to deal with new situations involving your former, current or potential partner. Some issues do take months, even years, to resolve.

To sidestep messy situations at work or university in the first quarter of 2015, act now to put in firm boundaries and draw clear lines with people who are vague or unrealistic.


You are dealing with people or organisations with no idea about boundaries or precious little understanding of the real world. This affects your book, website, trip or course. Jump on it.

Fantastic favours, rewards, free offers, generous loans and other advantages will make you richer by August, either through a direct cash sum, or cash in kind. Look at reinvesting some.

The project you are offered, or begin, in the second half of the year will involve a great deal more time online, but you will never regret it as outstanding success arrives by 2015.

Your work, university or non-profit situation reaches a head in April when you will consider resigning, rebelling or reforming your organization. The only caveat? Don’t burn bridges.

You had to develop a particular way of coping with your son, daughter, godchild, niece or nephew last year – or the world of younger people. Drop it immediately. It’s not required.


In the first eight months of the year, you will be famous for 15 minutes, as your fellow Leo Andy Warhol promised. If you are already famous then your reputation will grow worldwide.

You’re going to be rich (eventually) as you either save a fortune with your house, flat, business or possessions, or plug into an incredible new source of money, from August 2015.

Don’t take on too much with (or for) that child in your life as you will be over-committing yourself to plans which will be hard to get out of. This applies to youth projects or roles.

If you are single you could easily begin an affair, or a parenthood-potential relationship, with someone who has Saturn or Capricorn dominating his/her horoscope. A heavy character.

You will have the trip (or head trip) of a lifetime this year as you either fall in love with a brand new part of the world, or start a project which plugs you into Europe, the US or Asia.


Jupiter in Virgo for the first time in 12 years will result in stunning photographs, successful cosmetic treatments and haircuts, flattering new wardrobe choices and yes, a better body.

By reviving the more glamorous or intriguing aspects of your old life, you will remind people of who you used to be, and this will help the most incredible relaunch and rebirth by 2016.

Even though you are getting no recognition and may be annoyed at the way others take the credit or attention, do persist with your role behind the scenes as it brings huge rewards.

Be extremely cautious before you take on new tenants, builders, flatmates or decorators. Read the fine print and do your homework. This also applies to property transactions.

You will have no problem drawing people into wildly original financial, business, retail or charity plans or other innovative and exciting money-making and money-saving ventures.


If you are single and don’t wish to be, drop the idea of permanence and predictability and see who or what turns up. A change in mental attitude may introduce Mr/Ms Right-For-Now.

Your marriage or partnership was formed a long time ago based on wedding vows, legal documents or a verbal promise.  April finds you challenging that, yet it will only help you.

Sheer luck has drawn you back into a group project, or thrown you into a new world of fascinating social and friendship possibilities. Give back more than you get and it will work.

In the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016 you will find yourself parked firmly behind the scenes while other, more visible names and faces attract attention. Great. Just say yes.

Before you take on a new internet project, media venture, computer, phone or multimedia commitment, look at the implications in 2016 and 2017 and do some research and planning.


Your promotion, amazing new project, flattering award or get-out-of-jail-free career option will be a reality by August. A high percentage of Scorpios will be headhunted. Enjoy it.

The trick with the new Jupiter in Virgo cycle after August is to give back twice or three times as much as you receive, from a new group you join, or an old, reactivated group goal.

Your old friend will loom much larger in your life in the final six months of the year and first six months of 2016 and her/his connections, contacts or resources will be shared.

Be extremely careful with new bank loans, credit cards, mortages, investments, retail commitments, charity contracts and so on. Are you over-burdening yourself, Scorpio?

A messy situation involving your son, daughter, niece, nephew or godchild will not get better by itself so be proactive. This also applies to youth related projects or plans.


Don’t place too much importance on your reputation, image or personal appearance as it is only part of your life, not all of it, and the new Saturn in Sagittarius cycle can mislead you.

Your secret formula this year is the next generation, born 20 years or more after you. When in doubt about anything, you can rely on younger people who will understand you best.

Look at your town, country, house, flat or land with a microscope paying attention to the fine print and exploring the chance to put in firm new rules, to avoid repeating a 2014 error.

You will be promoted, win an award, land a sought-after new role or achieve outstanding personal success in the second half of 2015 and first half of 2016. The only way is up.

You have advantages you do not even know about, lying in a distant part of the UK or in a foreign country. The person who can connect you is happy to help so reach out.


You have six more months to enjoy your share of somebody else’s house, flat, business resources, lifestyle or precious possessions. Aim higher, though. Look at a major company.

You will be ecstatic about an unforgettable holiday, sabbatical or successful relocation to a part of Europe, Australasia or America which is foreign to you in the second half of 2015.

By doing it your way (and nobody else’s) you will pioneer the most exciting new way to build, renovate or decorate a home. What you have in mind is a total departure but it works.

Before your computer, internet, phone or media situation becomes a mad March mess, be proactive in the first two months of 2015 and fix up a long-standing issue you have ignored.

Do not do anything clandestine or – as Arthur Daley might describe it – dodgy. Whatever you cover up from other people and lie to yourself about, could become a problem. Avoid.


The marriage, pre-nuptial agreement, separation or divorce that one in four Aquarians are approaching by August is the best outcome at the right time and you will never regret it.

If you are single and want a relationship, you have eight months to accept a wonderful date (however it is presented) with a university graduate, or a graduate from the school of life.

As some years ago you were put through the worst financial, property and business cycle in 28 years you deserve a karmic reward and will be richer in the second half of this year.

Before you sign up to a new group, club, team or society – or deepen your current commitment – do some quiet homework about who and what is actually involved.

You have set wheels in motion with your internet-related plans or multimedia project, but even you have no idea how exciting the results will be as your audience craves originality.


You are even confusing yourself, Pisces, when it comes to your name, appearance, online profile and role. Time to extract yourself from the mess of late 2014 and move on quickly.

Fantastic swimming, gym, yoga or other fitness options are here as you read this and even if you ignore one opportunity, another one will appear in its place, with a new lifestyle soon.

If you are single and want a partner, pay special attention to the person who turns up (or reappears) soon after August as his/her vast travel experience or knowledge base is special.

Landmark decisions for couples will deliver exactly what is required in the second half of 2015, no matter if that is an amicable separation, counselling, a baby, or an engagement ring.

As you will see by March, a career, university or non-profit commitment you slid into, in the final quarter of 2014, is a bigger burden than you realized. Don’t take on anything else.