Whatever your star sign, Jessica Adams reveals the five things you need to know about your year ahead

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  1. By June, you will have excelled yourself with a memorable media, publishing or internet triumph. The final week of May will reward you enormously if you worked hard in 2012 and early 2013. A new phone, computer, ISP, webmaster, social media platform, editor or producer will take you higher.
  2. Property prices will move in your favour in the final six months of 2013 and the first six months of 2014, no matter if you want to buy or rent a bigger and better space. Equally, if you are selling or renting, your chances of getting the best price skyrocket once Jupiter changes signs on June 26th 2013.
  3. Uranus, the planet of revolution and battles for independence, continues his journey through Aries, your own sign, in 2013. You will be at your radical best when packaging and promoting yourself. The faster you reject fashion or convention when selling yourself to the world, the more it applauds you.
  4. You appear to be working in a particular field, business or industry which is overpopulated with people (or companies) which want total control or even world domination. Never let the situation become as unhealthy as it was in 2011 and 2012 by nipping dictatorships in the bud early on.
  5. Despite excellent prospects with property in the second half of the year, when you could even find the home exchange of your dreams, your financial cycles are challenging in 2013 and 2014. On the plus side you are about to find clever ways to save a fortune which will remain after this is all over.


  1. Once February starts you can save money, make it, or accumulate cash in kind. Opportunities to capitalise on bargains or earn more will come your way until June, with some memorable episodes in May. The first six months of 2013 is your time to use interest rates, exchange rates or market shifts.
  2. Many Taurus women have planets in Gemini (Joanna Lumley is one) and are natural writers or use their voices to great effect. No matter what your personal horoscope, though, you will be amazed at the way one project skyrockets in the final six months of 2013 and uses your way with words.
  3. The situation with your former, current or potential partner this year is challenging, but you really will gain by seeking expertise from professionals or just the right self-help book or course. This is a 29 year cycle which demands a lot, but you may also find an older, experienced person can help.
  4. Keep your private life extremely private and you will gain the space, freedom and independence you crave. What you do away from prying eyes will be liberating and even your favourite psychic will have no idea what you are up to. You can afford to be radical if nobody knows what’s going on.
  5. A particular group, club or team of people will be your escape route in 2013. Every time you are around this fascinating collection of individuals you depart the real world. This is therapeutic, although you must keep your feet on the ground and keep telling yourself it’s not your whole life!


  1. You will gain a makeover or create your own by your birthday, and if you were born around May 27 or 28 then the first half of 2013 sees an incredible relaunch. A haircut could do it – or a public relations rethink. A layer will be taken off by June and the world will love this new version of you.
  2. After 26th June you enter a new financial cycle when the money, house, flat, business or cash spells power, as never before. You will have some amazing opportunities to gain or save but remember that every arrangement with people or large organisations must be scrupulously fair, for all.
  3. One project or plan in your professional life will bear no relationship to reality at all this year, but you will lose yourself in it anyway. As long as you come back to your real career later, all will be well. You may be working with Pisceans or just people who have a dislike of the real world as well.
  4. You will join a new group of people in 2013 who change your life. This may happen online or offline, but you will be amazed at the new freedom this alternative corner of your social life gives you. An old friend will become more radical now, or an eccentric fringe-dweller will become close.
  5. One distant part of the UK or abroad will become a major focus in 2013, following a rapid chain of events in the first two months of 2013. Dealing with the locals, travelling there, living there or just exporting your skills to this place becomes a big story, with some milestone decisions for you.


  1. The one thing you do not share with people, or reveal to them, is also your best bet in the first half of 2013. You may not even confide in your partner, but that’s perfectly fine. The situation which is so perfectly covered has a great deal to offer you, as you will see by your birthday in mid 2013.
  2. From your birthday until the middle of 2014 you will be given a new role or niche which allows you to make a much bigger impact on the world in quite a different way. You will be given several chances to change your look, and will do so to amazing effect and applause by Christmas 2013.
  3. If you focus hard on the best way to make the relationship with your former, current or potential partner work, you will find an enormous amount of power is released. The difficulty lies in making sure that power and control do not become issues which separate you. Try to sort out the politics.
  4. April is a revolutionary month in your professional life when you have a clear choice between clinging to the past or pursuing the future. Many Cancerians will begin a new business, quit their jobs, accept new positions, take promotions or even drop out. Sweet liberty is hard to resist.
  5. The internet becomes a permanent escape route in 2013, either because it is your path to another part of the UK or abroad – or because you find writing so therapeutic. Travelling in the mind online is the theme of the year. However, you can get lost online so remember – this is not real.


  1. You will have a revamped social life by June and will make a new friend who is a relentless traveller or global networker. This person will open amazing doors for you. He or she will connect you to a wider group worth sticking with. A team project you still believe in takes off in May.
  2. The best way to deal with the one thing you cannot change about your home, family, household, homeland or hometown is to do your homework. Some patient research on the way others have coped with similar issues will help you, as you have your L plates on with this particular situation.
  3. The most electrifying and remarkable travel, publishing or academic options in years peak in April, and surround you all year. You will be given the chance to join or start a revolution. Even if you have to give up everything you have ever known, the time has come to experiment with freedom.
  4. You will be offered an escape hatch in business, finance or property in 2013 and as long as you treat this as a separate part of your life, you will find this outlet is a blissful sanctuary. You can return to it whenever the real world seems too hard and it will always allow you to drift away.
  5. The second half of 2013 and first half of 2014 reward you substantially for covering up a part of yourself and your life. Nobody else will know what you are covering up, but this delicate and sensitive matter could change your life for the better. You’ll make real headway in August 2013.


  1. You will excel in a different professional field by June, if you wish – or accept an incredible new offer which makes a lasting difference to your CV. There may be some people politics, but don’t miss a chance to explore new peak experiences in your existing field or industry, or chase new offers.
  2. You will throw yourself into a remarkable group or team of people after June and by the middle of 2014 be pleased you put in so much time and energy. This cluster of individuals is like the England team in 1966 – a winning combination. One friendship inside this group will deepen and intensify.
  3. Forget old notions like security, permanence and predictability with your financial, business and property situation. The faster you can accept that life is about surfing, rather than swimming in the lanes, the easier it will be to adapt and adjust. You will be liberated by the experience if you surf.
  4. Your former, current or potential partner offers you a blissful way to forget about reality and lose yourself, for hours, in a completely different world. This is a reliable escape route in 2013 as long as you compartmentalise it in your life. Don’t let it spill over or you may find chaos is the result.
  5. If there is anyone against you, for whatever reason, put in the tightest boundaries and make sure they keep out as much as possible throughout 2013. This includes internet protection, but also more common-sense measures, like refusing to let slippery and subtle people get past your personal moat.


  1. You are on track for an outstanding achievement in your chosen field by Christmas, or even a remarkable switch to a new business or industry where you will make a prominent debut. If you put the work in, from June, you could excel your personal best by the middle of 2014 with ease.
  2. You will be rewarded for your faith in another part of the UK (or its locals) and perhaps for your investment of time and energy in another country. Your hunches told you this was the right path last year, but after February the benefits become clearer, and by May you could have champagne ready.
  3. This is the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ cycle of your life, in terms of finance, business and property. One in three Librans will need to alter a house or flat situation in January 2013, however. When in doubt about money this year, remember this temporary cycle will teach you that thrift feels sexy.
  4. April is the peak month for decisions about a former, current or potential partner. This person is at the heart of a revolution if you want one. Even if you don’t, try to accept that change is inevitable and that freedom is precious. Even if your world turns upside down, it will bring liberation and change.
  5. If you are single or normally work alone, then a new sexual or professional partner will appear this year, if you want that option. This person may be radical, unconventional and alternative. In other cases, his or her personality may not be all that different, but the circumstances are revolutionary.


  1. Jupiter in Gemini until June will offer you resolutions to any issues you have about finance, charity, property or business. There will also be solid changes to gain from interest rates, exchange rates, the share market, property prices and so on. For some there will be an inheritance or big lifestyle gain.
  2. You will travel more ambitiously or even emigrate by the middle of 2014, and a deepening relationship with a special part of Europe, the US or Australasia will develop in the final half of this year. The beliefs or culture in this distant part of the world will powerfully affect you.
  3. The second half of 2013 is about big ideas, no matter if you want to return to study, educate others in some way, or pursue digital publishing. Maybe multimedia will give you a chance to sell your views and beliefs to the world. A formal or informal role as a guru will be offered by Christmas.
  4. The next generation offers you a great escape throughout 2013 and your son, daughter, godchild or younger relative is an obvious connection to a completely different (and refreshing) world. A professional or charity involvement with those younger than you also offers a rich alternative.
  5. The South Node in your relationship zone reminds you that even when you cannot alter the situation with your former, current or potential partner – you can alter your approach. You are in a rather repetitive cycle with this person but by transforming your attitude you become happier.


  1. If you are single then you will be offered the chance to start a relationship with someone who crossed your radar in 2012. Alternatively, a more intriguing person will turn up by June, tempting you to accept a date and go further. This person is a natural traveller or student of life.
  2. If your relationship or marriage limits you (or the other person) then a solution will appear in the first six months of 2013. There may be an answer which does more than fix your problems – it revamps the relationship. If the end is near, though, the split will be impressively amicable.
  3. If you are happy with your partner then you two will scale new heights as a couple, either travelling more ambitiously, pursuing a deeper commitment, adding a child to your lives or expanding in a shared business. Pursue the biggest and the best and enjoy what May can deliver.
  4. The second half of the year offers you huge chances to save or make money, or cash in kind. Jupiter can only pass through Cancer once every 12 years, and between now and the middle of 2014 you will be in a position to gain from individuals, but also corporations, banks or government decisions.
  5. The next generation offers you a direct path to freedom and independence if you want it. April may be a crossroads for you. This decision will alter everything if you are a parent, aunt or godmother. Children or teens as a collective force are also showing you how to achieve stunning new liberty.


  1. You are en route to a bigger and better lifestyle as you read this and if you persist (despite the influence of a woman with baggage) you will be extremely happy with the results of your efforts in May and June. You can divide up the 24 hours in your day more creatively and productively now.
  2. If you are single then you will be thrilled with the serious interest you have from one or more potential lovers in the final half of this year. Look for a strong background overseas or a history of teaching or studying. What happens next is up to you but by Christmas the offer will be there.
  3. If you are in a solid partnership then the final half of 2013 and first half of 2014 will enable you to add to the marriage or relationship in the most incredible new ways. You will have more than one opportunity to expand your commitment and increase the love. You two could hit the heights.
  4. February is a peak month for financial, business and property decisions and you will be plunged into a new cycle where choices must be made about freedom or commitment. You may need to find a creative way which allows you some security, but also more space. It’s a year-long preoccupation.
  5. Expect a revolution to affect your family, home, household, homeland or home town in April. Nothing will stay the same and that is a good thing, as you will see by 2014. If you run away from what destiny is telling you to do, you may find yourself stuck. Try to pursue change.


  1. Even if the path to total happiness and satisfaction with younger people has taken you on a zig-zag, by May 2013 you will be pleased you persisted. As a parent, godparent or aunt there is a lot of good karma coming your way. A professional or philanthropic interest in children or teens rewards you.
  2. Your lifestyle is long overdue for an overhaul and huge improvements will arrive in the final six months of this year and first six months of 2013. There may be an alteration in the hours you work or help you get at home. A new job is one solution, a different role is another. It kicks off in August.
  3. You will be experimenting with new technology and the cutting edge of the web and media this year, with some incredible experiences in April, when you realise the old world has to be left behind. The message and the medium will change profoundly in 2013 which is an exciting, liberating year.
  4. You will have a permanent sanctuary with one corner of your finances, house, business or flat in 2013, thanks to Neptune’s long stay in Pisces. This mini-world has nothing to do with what is actually real, but it’s refreshing. It’s also potentially quite confusing or chaotic so keep it controlled.
  5. This is the most challenging career cycle in 29 years so update yourself regularly on the approach you are taking and don’t be afraid to swap one angle for another. Do not tune into negative corporations, colleagues, employers or industry trends. Keep your own counsel. This is temporary.


  1. You will have to be a revolutionary to make the most of extraordinary financial, business and property trends in 2013, peaking in April, when a great deal in the share markets and world economies will also change. Ask yourself how much you would pay to be independent. Pay it.
  2. You will gain enormously from your house or flat in the first six months of 2013, following successful renovations, a property price increase, a lucrative income source from a tenant, a wonderful home exchange – or some other one-off situation which increases the feel-good factor.
  3. The family will alter course in the first six months of this year and that benefits you. Any problems with a close relative will be solved by Jupiter’s cycle in Gemini. You are also far more likely to gain from one particular relative or in-law. This person thinks big and has a broad travel background.
  4. If you wish, you could easily become pregnant, adopt or be accepted as a foster parent or stepmother by Christmas, or be on that path, ahead of a final outcome by 2014. An existing child, younger relative or godchild could be richly rewarding. A job or charity involving children skyrockets.
  5. There is tremendous power locked in a team, group, political party or other closed circle of people, but to access it, you must learn how to share it. This will be obvious in January 2013 but the story is the same all year. This game of musical chairs, in terms of influence and control, is ongoing.

Jessica Adams writes about astrology for Harper’s Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. She is the author of Astrolove (Corgi) and you can find out more on her website at www.jessicaadams.com .