Find out what's in store for your May horoscope as Jessica Adams predicts your stars

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Allow for a waiting game or alterations to affect the new beginning with your money, home, business or possessions near 6th May.

You can reshape your lifestyle in a wonderful way and pick up work, health and fitness advantages from 9th May, for five glorious months.

Try to give way over matters affecting your appearance, reputation, name, title, role, brand and image, especially near 14th May, Aries.

The most important idea, project or concept of the year rolls in the second half of May. Try not to let personality politics affect this.

The Full Moon on Saturday 21st May is not the time to pursue tricky issues involving a trip, foreigner, website, book or course – put it off.


Your relaunch will be affected by complications until the first week of June so have a flexible schedule about all matters affecting image.

Pregnancy, babies, children, young adults (or serious lovers who could connect you to a younger generation) spell huge advantages.

The secrets you keep, the role you play behind the scenes or even more mysterious matters now require a willingness to give way.

You are entering the most important financial cycle for months as you go into June so devote time and energy to the numbers game.

Seek expertise and experience when sorting out the house, bank, apartment, business or possessions and skip 21st May if possible.


Matters which are secret, psychic, classified, psychological or uncredited will involve much thought but allow for delays, changes.

Follow all the hints, signs and clues which surround a relative, house, apartment, flatmate or special place on the map. This is so lucky.

Friends and groups are still changing, as they were in April, and you will need to divide rights, roles and responsibilities in a fair way.

It’s all about you, you, you in the second half of May and June. Your appearance, title, image or profile should be your priority then.

Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy? Someone is such hard work for you now, so skip the 21st for a talk or decision.


Nothing is firm, fixed, finished or final with your friend, and the group which connects you – so be flexible with your plans in May.

Keep the faith with a special idea, concept, website, book or project which leans on your way with words or images as it will reward you.

Near Saturday 14th May your career, unpaid work or degree offers you two choices – stand firm or give way. You may want to give way.

From the middle of May to the third week of June, you will need more time for a secret, a mystery or a role firmly behind the scenes.

Skip the 21st for key decisions about your body and/or your job as there are less stressful times to decide about a hard-work issue.


A fresh start in your career near 6th May will hit delays or deep changes within four weeks. Get it in writing. Read the fine print.

From Monday 9th May you are in the best financial position in 12 years and should go all-out to save or make money by September.

Near Saturday 14th May you must compromise over a trip, course, website, book or regional/foreign connection. Time to share.

From Monday 16th May it’s all about the group – and your friendship. Stick to feminism. The sisterhood sees you through.

Skip Saturday 21st May for discussions or decisions involving pregnancy, serious lovers, children or teenagers – it’s too hard.


Allow for stop-start progress with a trip, foreigner, book, website or course until the first week of June and check the details carefully.

You have already relaunched yourself once in recent months and your second relaunch will begin at any point from Monday 9th May.

Don’t let male-female politics get in the way of your highest career or academic goals as others are watching you from May 16th.

Your relative, house, flatmate, town, apartment and/or country is very demanding now. Make life easier. Skip the 21st for decisions.
You will have to share or divide the money, business interests, possessions, house or apartment this month. Deep breath. Just do it.


Your relationship with your former, current or potential partner (even your enemy) will teach you about compromise this month.

Did you know that your greatest asset is the secret you keep, the uncredited role you play or your own inner mysteries? Pursue this.

From Monday 16th May a distant part of the United Kingdom, Europe or further afield will preoccupy you. An enormous choice is waiting.

The internet, multimedia, publishing, education or other forms of communication are demanding. Skip the 21st if a decision waits.

Allow for a zig-zag pathway with the money, house, business, possessions or apartment until the first week of June, if you can.


Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy? Fast-forward to the second week of June for talks, or allow for delays.

From the second week of May, devote energy to friends and groups for the most spectacular results by the first week of September.

You will have to do things very differently in terms of your work and housework this month. Roster the time, roles or responsibilities.

Seek the voice of experience and professional advice about your money, property or business as there are no fast or easy solutions.

Skip the 21st for paperwork or meetings about all that you earn, own or owe as a Full Moon puts more pressure on you, than you need.


Your former, current or potential partner? Your enemy? From the 16th you will hit gender politics but stick to the sisterhood, sister.

You will be promoted, win an award, land a wonderful job or nail a substantial project by September if you start your engine now.

Avoid the Full Moon on the 21st for choices about your title, appearance or image as there are easier times to go ahead.

Your success potential is vast, but on a day-to-day level, work, unpaid work or university will offer obstacles. Try to work around.

Pregnancy, babies, children, young adults or serious lovers (who might bring them in) suggest a towering need for compromise.


Ease the burden you carry with your secret, uncredited role or mysterious other life, by avoiding the 21st for choices about it.

The distant part of Britain or special part of the world map which calls you from the second week, will make you very happy – say yes.

Mercury Retrograde will trigger delays and changes with pregnancy, babies, children, young adults or serious lovers so be prepared for it.

A new arrangement which involves give and take, will permanently alter your family, house, apartment, household, town or country.

Your work, unpaid work, degree or housework will be affected by 20th century sexism on either side but you can rise above it, so do.


From May 16th until the third week of June, the pregnancy, baby, child, young adult (or serious lover) brings crossroads choices.

You are off to a flying start if you want to make or save money, or cash in kind. Watch your bank account increase within months.

Friends or groups are very demanding at the moment so make life easier by avoiding key talks or plans on the Full Moon of the 21st.

A project, website, book, concept or plan will turn into a carve-up but you can gain by showing you are willing to meet others halfway.

Allow for one situation affecting your family, house, apartment, household, town or country to go backwards and forwards now.


Your former, current or potential partner offers you fantastic room for improvement and hope for the future from May onwards.

In this cycle, you can gain from your enemy, opponent or rival. He or she may be weak, which benefits you, or bring other advantages.

The money, house, business, apartment, charity or possessions will need to be shared or divided in a new way, following April’s changes.

Allow for cancellations, delays or alterations with commuting, travel, your computer, the post or printers and have alternatives ready.

Skip the Full Moon on the 21st for major career or university choices and if applying for a new role, make sure you ask a lot of questions.