Astrologer Jessica Adams reveals the five things you need to know about your March 2016 horoscope

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  • The secrets you cover up? The role you play behind the scenes? The inner mysteries of your soul? Only you know the story, but a choice is waiting. Avoid the 8th-10th, though.
  • The money, property, business, possessions or charity which also involves your love life or a relative now takes you in all directions. Allow for changes and delays. This will take time.
  • Avoid the eclipse near the 22nd-24th for big choices about your name, face, shape, style or image. A revolutionary change is certainly coming, though, and by Easter you’ll know about it.
  • Take your time and take the best advice you can find, when it comes to the internet, publishing, travel, foreigners or education. You need a strategy and you must factor in 2017.
  • Despite the temporary effort and obstacles, your working life, your unpaid work or your university degree will reward you by September. Even the challenges now make it all greater, later.


  • Your past, present or potential lover? Your enemy? There is no straightforward pathway now, so prepare for u-turns, waiting games or changes. Do remember, the worst of 2012-15 is over.
  • Your group, team, club, party or other network desperately needs reorganisation and clarity. Skip the eclipse period of the 8th-10th when there is a cover-up; streamline friendships later.
  • The 22nd-24th is unsuitable for major judgements about the secret you cover up, the background role you play or your inner world. A liberating change is coming, though, as April proves.
  • Children, teenagers, youth projects or lovers who might bring kids into your life in some way, now require faith. Trust that by September, you’ll be where you need to be. Effort is worth it.
  • The family (or perhaps a current or former partner) is woven tightly into demanding property, financial or business questions, or an issue about possessions. Get the best advice you can.


  • Your career, unpaid work or university life is offering you the chance to streamline, contain, control and reorganise. Without this, life will be confused and confusing - but skip the 8th-10th.
  • Your body? Your daily workload? One issue will take a long time to resolve, but you will get there in the end. Just allow for a stop-start situation and lots of challenges along the way.
  • Two eclipses now create a couple of blind spots or concealed stories. One involves your group, political party, club, team or other network near the 22nd-24th. After that? Radical change.
  • Your enemy, rival or opponent? Your former, current or potential partner? Someone draws on your patience, wisdom and staying power now. Only you know if a burden is worth it.
  • Never forget that your safety net, support and shining star until September is your home. Alternatively, it may be your family or household. Your homeland and home town helps you too.


  • Children, teenagers, youth projects or serious lovers (who could bring younger people into your life) suggest weeks of to-and-fro planning. Allow for a reversal or delay in the process.
  • Publishing, the internet, education, travel, foreigners or academia? One issue on this list is muddled and potentially chaotic. You must put in boundaries and draw very firm lines.
  • You are ruled by the Moon so eclipses affect you more. Even though a career, university or unpaid work revolution is coming by April, avoid March 22nd-24th for big judgements or moves.
  • Your body or your daily workload? One area of your life, perhaps both, tells you to canvass opinion, seek facts and deal with the real world, nothing else. You will need to be patient.
  • Even though March is full of twists, turns and challenges, do not lose sight of what the internet can do for you, or what you can do for the internet. By September it will reward you.


  • Sexually intimate money or home arrangements, or deadly serious financial matters, now require boundaries. Avoid the 8th-10th, though, as the eclipse guarantees a blind spot then.
  • Your home, family, town, country, household or property investment issue will go backwards and forwards for weeks. Sort your way through the maze; prepare to retrace steps.
  • Skip the 22nd-24th for travel, internet, publishing or educational priorities, but do prepare for a major question about freedom and independence near the 4th and also the 31st.
  • Children, teenagers (or lovers who could bring them into your life) suggest serious decisions, for serious times near the 3rd, 4th, 13th, 23rd, 25th. Hit the books, consult forums, ask around.
  • Your own personal cashflow, possessions, business assets, house or apartment is a continual source of protection or opportunity, despite the complications this month. Do use this.


  • Your former, current or potential partner? Your opponent or enemy? The most confused and confusing situation in months is upon you. Clarify, contain and control things at every step.
  • It may take longer than you expected to sort out your travel, publishing, educational, foreign or internet agenda. One person, organisation or situation will go backwards and forwards now.
  • The biggest change to your finances, lifestyle and security this year is coming by Easter. The last days of March will make that clear. Skip the eclipse period, though, from the 22nd-24th.
  • Lean heavily on your persona, profile, name, photographs, film clips, reputation and the rest now. It will work for you consistently until September and it is worth all your effort.
  • Others have been in a similar situation in terms of your country, town, house, family, apartment or household. Seek expertise and also nose around web forums for local/real tips.


  • Your enemy, opponent or rival? Your former, current or potential partner? Someone is pushing your buttons near the 4th and particularly in the final week. Skip that time for choices.
  • The simple business of communication - online, with the media, in publishing or face-to-face - is far from simple these days. Take it seriously enough to talk to the voice of experience.
  • What gets you through complex times? The secret you keep. The role you play behind the scenes. Your inner self. When you hang up ‘Do Not Disturb’ you help yourself, no matter what.
  • Your money, house, business, apartment, charity, possessions or company now offers uncertain timing or a state of flux, yet the worst is far behind you. Treat 2016 as a passing hangover.
  • Look at the impact your body is having on your mind and spirit, particularly in the context of work. Leave no stone unturned. Nor any drug, food item, doctor, healer or personal trainer.


  • Children, teenagers, youth or serious lovers (who might bring children into your life) now challenge you to draw a firm line. Skip the eclipse from the 8th-10th, but otherwise, be proactive.
  • Matters of image, personal appearance, role, name or reputation take you in one direction, then another, for quite some time to come. Make allowances for a changing story.
  • Your best bet in 2016 is always your group, team, club or other tight network of people and the friendship contained within this circle is very special. When in doubt, know you are protected.
  • The reality, not the fantasy, with your house, shares, business, apartment, company, cash-flow, charity or possessions is now sinking in. Some choices are worth it. Some are not. Choose.
  • A lifestyle revolution is coming in April and it will utterly change your approach to your body as well as your daily workload. Set a smoother course by skipping decisions on the 22nd-24th.


  • Your town, country, house, family, household or apartment is at the heart of overdue decisions which will rein places, people or situations in - for a change. Just skip the 8th-10th of March.
  • What you cover up and hide - or what you do quite alone, with nobody seeing or knowing - now becomes an obstacle course. Take each one at a time and allow for the course to alter.
  • Children, teenagers, youth or serious lovers will trigger the most liberating change in months, by Easter. The final week of March is pivotal but wait for it to pass - it is eclipse time.
  • Your profile, persona, appearance, title, name or reputation is now a hard-work area, which it never was before. You need to proceed very slowly and cautiously and take very good advice.
  • Persist with your ambitions, no matter how far off your personal Mount Everest may be. Even a complex situation now will help you climb further and higher, by September. Use your luck.


  • Keep gazing at that distant spot on the map and do not give up the search for rewards. Travel or cultural exchange is your big safe bet this year and even if March is complex, it will work.
  • The internet, multimedia, publishing or other forms of basic communication now call for tremendous dedication and detail-crunching as a woolly situation will grow woollier, without it.
  • A radical rethink of your home, property investment, family, household, town and country in April is announced in the final week, but an eclipse then shows hidden truths - don’t act yet.
  • Do not shoulder a private or unseen, unknown burden by yourself. There may be a confidante you can trust, or even a diary you can shred. What others don’t fathom, needs handling.
  • Eclipses around the 9th and 23rd will bring cover-up jobs and hidden stories which affect you and everybody you know. Allow 24 hours either side and don’t race to conclusions then.


  • Your money, house, business, possessions, charity or apartment is in the middle of confusing cross-currents which call for sanity and clarity. Just skip the 8th-10th as it’s eclipse time.
  • It will take months to really get the full measure of your career, unpaid work or university life so give yourself and others plenty of room for cancellations, alterations or delays - hit your diary.
  • You will take a radically different approach to the internet, multimedia, publishing or other forms of communication after the events of April. Adopt a wait-and-see policy in the last week.
  • You are basically protected by a benevolent Jupiter cycle when it comes to cash-flow, lifestyle and security so even though March is highly complicated, trust that every little bit helps.
  • Do not take on too much with your friend, and the group. This may be the Republican party or your bridesmaid! Only you know what to shoulder and what to ditch. You need a strategy.


  • Your reputation, name, profile, brand, title or appearance is now well overdue for reappraisal. The most muddled situation has grown up all around you. It’s time to weed things out.
  • Freedom and independence cannot be bought and sold, as you will find in April when your property or financial situation is reshaped. The last week is crucial but skip it for big choices.
  • You are still dealing with the aftermath of 2015 in terms of your publishing, travel, education, foreign or religious agenda. This will take months to wind up and sign off from - be prepared.
  • Your career, unpaid work or university life is now well and truly dominated by Saturn, the planet of learning experiences. Some are avoidable. Don’t go into anything naively. Seek experience.
  • Throughout this period, have faith in what you have created so far with your former, current or potential partner. March is complex yet the long-term will reward all your energy, Pisces.

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