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3 quick and easy ways to hide your roots

August 20th 2014 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


Try one of these hair dye alternatives for a dose of temporary hair colour to cover up pesky patches of grey and white hair

We’ve all been there. You’re happily sorting out your hair in the morning when BAM. You see a grey hair emerge from the depths of your parting ready for the plucking.

It’s not bad enough to book in for a hair colour appointment just yet, but it’s too noticeable to just comb over - so what are you meant to do? Put the phone and the tweezers down, that’s what; there’s now a new legion of temporary root cover-ups and concealers to keep greys at bay when time is of the essence.

From liquids to powders to sprays, there’s a trio of different textures available to match different preferences and hair colours. From blonde to brunette, highlights and lowlights, here are three of the best root cover-ups around for when you’d prefer to hold off on a full head of colour.

The Hair Colour Powder: Color Wow Root Cover Up


A handbag-sized pocket rocket with a useful brush to ensure expert precision, this versatile hair colour substitute is particularly great for camouflaging re-growth on highlighted hair. Surprisingly mess-free, available in 6 shades and easy to use, it’s particularly good for covering small bunches of white hairs that decide to pop up around your temples too.

£28.50. Buy online.

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The Hair Colour Spray: Charles Worthington Root Concealer


A slightly more powerful option, the targeted nozzle on this spray root concealer keeps splash to a minimum and proves particularly effective at the parting. Simply pop a towel around your shoulders and spray onto areas that need it most for a quick fix way to cover your original colour coming through, building it up as required. Available in four shades.

£9.99. Buy online.

The Hair Colour Elixir: Josh Wood Blending Wand


Known as the ‘Guardian of Colour,’ Josh Wood’s collection of hair colour essentials has been created to provide the perfect pick-me-up in between hair colour appointments and that it does. Apply a quick slick of one of the five shades onto dry or wet hair (we preferred wet), blow-dry in and voilà – instant highlights without having to step outside your house.

£12.50. Buy online.

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