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probiotics-7.jpg Nutrition

Which probiotics to eat, drink and buy - and why

5 hours ago / Anna Hunter

We know that they’re good for our gut health, but working out which probiotic strains do what and whether you need a supplement can be confusing. Know your lactobacillus from your bifidobacterium with this handy guide… >>>

running-tips-1.jpg Fitness

8 running tips to help you cross the finish line

6 hours ago / Katie Robertson

Ultra-marathon runner Ann Johansson provides her top tips on how best to prepare for a big race ahead in 8 simple steps >>>

waitrose-nutritionists.jpg Nutrition

Shop at Waitrose? Your trolley’s about to get a whole lot healthier

6 hours ago / Anna Hunter

Waitrose has just done the most Waitrose thing ever by introducing roaming nutritionists to inspect the contents of customers’ baskets and suggest healthier alternatives. ‘Overheard in Waitrose’ is about to go into overdrive >>>

getting-rid-of-belly-fat.jpg Health

10 reasons you’re not losing belly fat

15 hours ago / Anna Hunter

Working hard but stomach still not resembling a washboard? It’s time to bring in the experts… >>>

benefits-of-ghee.jpg Nutrition

Move over coconut oil, cooking with ghee will boost your gut health

1 day ago / Ayesha Muttucumaru

The Ayurvedic butter is not just great for tastebuds, but your digestive tract too. Rich in flavour and anti-inflammatory fatty acids, here’s why it should become your new kitchen staple >>>

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