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7 smart beauty storage ideas we love

June 15th 2018 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment



Pinterest’s recent home trends report shows that acrylic makeup storage is being saved more than ever. Read on for further beauty organisation inspo…

With 175 million users per month, it’s fair to say that the imagery saved on Pinterest is reflective of the zeitgeisty tastes of the moment, and a recent global report by the social network was very revealing as to the beauty and bathroom tips, tricks, trends and storage solutions that both streamline our morning routines and create a beautiful, uncluttered living space. If, like me, you regularly break your hoover by way of rogue kirby grips or are constantly on the hunt for that very particular lipstick, the following beauty neatening ideas will help you to get your cosmetic affairs in order.

1. Acrylic Makeup Storage

According to the number crunchers at Pinterest, pins of acrylic makeup storage have soared by over 114 per cent in the past year. Blogger shelfies have no doubt popularised the clear plastic drawers and organisers, but as trends go, this one is immensely practical. Easy to clean, transparent so you can always find what you’re looking for and versatile in terms of fitting in with dressing table aesthetic, who knew something so simple would become such a beauty phenomenon. For see-through drawers and the like, check out Not On The High Street, Muji, Primark and good old John Lewis, and never lose a mascara again.

2. Under Sink Bathroom Cubby Holes

If your ten-step skincare routine is beginning to crowd the bathroom somewhat, you’ll relate to the 80 per cent spike in saves for ‘under-the-sink bathroom storage’. According to Pinterest’s home report, our bathroom focus is firmly on building in more room for an increasing array of products while keeping them fresh and dry. If you’ve dropped a considerable amount of cash on a serum or face mask, it figures that you’ll want to house it with care, and keeping said investments under the sink is both handy and out of the way at the same time. Storage needn’t be built-in either- from wrought iron shelves to lined woven baskets and linen hampers, creating an under-sink beauty stash doesn’t require actual building work.

3. Vintage Trunks, Luggage and Baskets


Image: Amazon Fashion EU

As a counter to utilitarian acrylic storage, Pinterest details that saves for vintage trunks, luggage and baskets as storage have increased by over 160 per cent. Whether you’re keeping your brush collection in mini wicker basket or have stacks on makeup tucked away in a rose gold travel trunk (pins for ‘copper’ storage are up by 67 per cent), beauty storage as statement decor is a nifty multipurpose interior styling tip for small homes and flats in particular. Guests may never guess that the retro suitcase they’re sitting on contains all of your cosmetic worldly goods.

4. Outdoorsy Organisers



Pinterest analysts are noticing a 60s style ‘bring nature inside’ revival, from verdant green tiles (up 28 per cent) and leafy wallpaper to garden centre inspired storage. Think plant pots as makeup brush holders and terrariums full of lipstick. Even if your city flat has zero outdoor space, creating a horticultural feel is very much en vogue.

Which brings us to...

5. Shower Plants

Okay so technically not storage, but for the purest shower possible, bathroom plants are taking off in a big way- pins are up by 302 per cent. A daily steaming means they rarely if ever need watering, and apparently adding a shower plant amongst your toiletries and other bathroom bits will result in cleaner air and less bacteria. Surely that has to make your skin happy...

6. Shabby Chic Drawers

There’s no Pinterest stats here, but we have a hunch that categorising your makeup and skincare in whimsical looking chests of drawers à la Benefit Head Makeup Artist Lisa Potter-Dixon will appeal if acrylic makeup storage is just a little too minimalist for your tastes. If you’re feeling really crafty, get upscaling some furniture and perfecting your calligraphy for labelling. Looks design mag worthy and takes care of all manner of beauty storage even if you’re a cosmetic hoarder like me.

7. Candle Jars

When you’ve burned down your favourite bath candle, clean the jar out using boiling water (and possibly a scourer/ toothbrush), dry and use it to store everything from makeup brushes to hair grips to eyeliner. Unsurpisingly Diptyque takes on this trend are much pinned and hashtagged, but everything from simple, clear glass to larger, louder, more ornate candle holders work a treat. Mix it up, and it’ll encourage you to down tools and chill in an effort to melt the wax away. By that logic, lolling in the bath/ on the sofa is essentially housework. That’s what I’m telling myself anyway.

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