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7 new wave vibrators that hit the spot in style

February 12th 2018 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Ayesha Muttucumaru / 0 comment


From ones that are controlled by your smartphone to vibrators that adapt to your body, the future of sex toys is here. Meet the products that promise style, substance and satisfaction

The world of high tech tools is booming at the moment - from electric makeup brushes to sleep trackers, it’s big business. However, there’s another category of bedroom gadgetry that’s grabbing headlines as of late and no, we aren’t talking Alexa or Google Home here. We’re talking about sex (toys) and while once a taboo subject, it's making the leap from niche to mainstream thanks to a run of highly evolved new wave launches that put in more personalised and powerful performances.

From ones that are controlled by your smartphone to ones that mould to your shape, these are the industry’s most interesting movers and shakers.

Mystery Vibe Crescendo, £139


A vibrator that moves for you, rather than the other way round, this shape-shifting number provides a sizeable return for your investment. Offering an impressively wide range of possibilities at your fingertips, it can be bent in a variety of ways to allow it best slot into an assortment of different activities. Complete with a wireless charging pad for no strings attached power-ups and a downloadable Mystery Vibe app that allows you to create your own vibration patterns and tune into the brand’s custom-made playlists, it makes the experience all the more bespoke.

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Dame Eva II, $135


Dame founders Alex Fine (who holds a masters in Psychology) and Janet Lieberman (an MIT-trained mechanical engineer) set out to create a range of sex toys that put women’s needs first by placing clitoral stimulation at the top of the agenda. Hands-free with flexible wings designed to be tidily (and more importantly, securely), popped underneath the labia, it can be enjoyed solo or with others and while not necessarily designed to replace your partner, it might just help you see them in a whole new light. The ultimate wingman.

Buy online (international shipping is available)

Doxy Number 3, £129


Granted, this microphone-shaped option looks like it’s stepped straight out the X Factor. However its more X-rated portfolio of assets is likely to help its holder hit a more varied range of notes. Small in size, but mighty in its effects, its aluminium/titanium alloy body and medical grade silicone head give it a more luxe feel (also allowing for greater sturdiness) and its escalating pulse function helps any user find their perfect rhythm quickly.

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Vibease Remote Control Vibrator, $89


They say there’s an app for everything these days, and this mobile-friendly pick is a perfect example of this. A ‘smart vibrator’ that can be controlled via your smartphone (or iMoan - sorry, couldn’t resist), it provides a high tech menu of treats to experiment with either alone or with the right company. Its remote control functionality is sure to appeal to long distance partners hoping to send a friendly message from afar (beats a letter) but if something closer to home is preferable, it’s also designed to cleverly vibrate in sync with your favourite erotic audiobook too. Customisable and hands-free for more flexibility, it gives the vibrate function of your phone a whole new meaning.

Buy online (shipping’s available worldwide)

Ann Summers Rose Gold Mini Vibrator, £15


From makeup brushes to makeup mirrors, rose gold is definitely having a moment in the beauty world. The same extends to other tools in your bedroom drawers, such as this mini metallic finish Ann Summers bestseller. With 10 vibration functions and a smooth tapered tip for added comfort, it’s built for function and fashion too.

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Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit, £52.95


The Thumper to your bumper to render past Rabbits obsolete, this more stylish take on traditional models provides a marked upgrade when it comes to both range of sensation and stimulation. With a tip-focussed motor equipped with three vibration intensities and seven rhythms, it helps pave the way towards the G-spot through a mixture of pressure waves and massage. Plus, its oral stimulation simulating silicone attachment gives it added bang for your buck too.

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Lelo Sona, £59.99


This intelligently engineered clitorial stimulator’s designed to help you enjoy the journey as much as the end destination thanks its use of sonic waves and pulses instead of run-of-the-mill motored rumblings. Its sonic ‘pad’ in its mouth behaves much in the same way that a speaker does, emitting reverberations at a frequency that the body interprets in a similar way to sound. The result? A greater ‘multi-sensory’ massage that’s far-reaching in its appeal.

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