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7 accounts to follow on Instagram for Halloween makeup inspo

October 27th 2017 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


From creative flourishes that could work all year round, to the ‘look, but good luck with that’, here are seven makeup pros to follow for Halloween makeup ideas. No sexy clowns invited.

Halloween has upped its game, or at least it has on the Internet. Alongside the steady stream of contouring and highlighting videos (they just keep comin’), the build up to Hallow’s eve in beauty land is long and strong. There’s a Youtube tutorial for just about every ghoulish persona you could imagine, alongside the usual Disney, nurse and cat/bat characters, but there are some social media makeup feeds that provide year-long imaginative pause for thought in this world of speedy scrolling and second long attention spans. Here’s who we hit up on Instagram when we crave some Halloween makeup magic…

Lisa Potter-Dixon: @Lisa_Benefit


Benefit’s UK brow master, we look forward to Lisa’s Halloween looks as soon as autumn stirs. Highly coloured without being overly filtered or polished, she’s makes good use of props such as zips down the face, and she does a fairly simple yet convincing take on Game of Thrones’ The Night King if you’re after a topical look for a party. Cleopatra is a personal favourite, and plastic surgery addicted Barbie is pleasingly tongue-in-cheek. Lisa’s a lot of fun and it quite literally shows on her face during spooky season.


Ruby and Yvette of Formidable Artistry: @formidableartistry


Cruelty-free beauty vloggers and sisters Ruby and Yvette take Halloween cosmetic creations up a notch in expertise, but there’s something for everyone, from Toy Story characters to ice queens makeup. Basically, it’s light on the ‘adorable fawns’ and heavy on the cartoony vibes, with all products used detailed in captions. There’s even a product by product roster for making yourself look like a waffle. Literally a makeup menu to devour, whatever your taste.

Cass Lloyd: @casslloydfx


Canadian based special effects makeup artist Cass creates wild and wacky full face and body looks, but she’s also adept in simple, spooky impact. Take the monochrome clown, bleeding mouth or slightly more advanced ‘Elsa from Frozen, but eerie’.


Sarah McG: @sarahmcgbeauty


Not our very own Art Editor Sarah McG (although I reckon she has it in her), but a New York based makeup artist and photographer. There’s a social/ political thread running through Sarah’s masterpieces (‘NO’ refers to her response when people tell her she’s wearing too much makeup, or other such judgements), and from a classic Bowie lightning bolt to a simple starred eyebrow, her looks aren’t Halloween specific, but certainly get the creative juices flowing.


Denise: @makeupbydenise


Afro-Latina makeup artist Denise recently approximated Beetlejuice “if Beetlejuice was a chick, wore horizontal stripes and had curly green hair”. This particular look is also refreshingly doable, but still somehow beautiful, as are most of her day-today makeup posts.

Pat McGrath: @patmcgrathreal


Nada to do with Halloween, everything to do with elevating makeup to a fine art form and making eyes, lips and everything in between striking on every skin tone. From solar system inspired eye makeup to edgy rainbow eyes, industry legend Pat pushes the envelope on a daily basis, as her appropriately galactic and bold sellout makeup range would indicate.

Anna Lingis: @annalingis


Onto the downright impossible, I’ve included Anna’s looks because they’re basically spooky eye candy, but unless you’re highly dextrous with hours to kill, it’s probably unlikely that you’ll be achieving ‘Infected Snow White’ anytime soon. Just fall down the scroll hole of Anna’s CGI effect like looks. Glitter Skull would have you picking sparkle out of your parting for decades anyway. Possibly best left to the pros, but if you do attempt any of Anna’s creations, she does list all products used. PLEASE post below if you attempt. You are braver and more talented than I.

After a more low-key Halloween look? Check out Mary Greenwell’s stylish Halloween makeup tutorial

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