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Kat Von D Beauty: the "tools of self-expression" you need to try now

September 13th 2016 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Kat Von D Beauty: the / 1 comment


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The makeup line that’s proven a smash in the States is finally launching in the UK and Ireland and we couldn’t be happier. These are our top picks from the range…

“Tools of self-expression” – our favourite quote from Kat Von D at the UK & Ireland launch of her eponymous makeup line. When it comes to beauty, she just gets it, and her brand matches that very ethos to a T.

From tattoo artist to beauty phenom, her cruelty-free range of high pigment, long-wear and full coverage makeup must-haves has already taken the US by storm and as of this month, looks set to do the same on UK shores too. Inspired by her desire to find innovative colours, products, formulations and tools unavailable in the current marketplace and the inks of her High Voltage Tattoo studio, expect the collection to bring style, substance, affordability and accessibility in equal measure.


So which products are our top picks? We want them all, but if we had to choose, these are the updates our makeup bags are hoping to never be seen without…

Shade + Light Face Contour Palette, £36


A one-stop-shop for adding definition and enhancing bone structure, the 6 matte shades in this palette provide the perfect balance of practicality and versatility. Arranged by undertone for neutral, warm and cool shades, their silky textures make the whole process of contouring noticeably smoother to master in more ways than one.

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Lock-It Liquid Foundation, £27


Available in an impressive 17 shades, this medium to full coverage handy pump foundation provides some seriously pumped up coverage in the long-wear stakes. Ideal for going from day to night, dusk till dawn, its budgeproof formula leaves skin looking more even and shine and blemish-free to last for however long you need it to.

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Shade + Light Eye Contour Palette, £36


With a carefully curated selection of matte colours to give eyes a multi-faceted dose of natural colour, this eyeshadow palette’s range of neutral, warm and cool tones provides all the tools you’ll need to cover all base, contouring and highlighting needs in one fell swoop. Pigmented yet wonderfully wearable, it provides an easy yet effective way to step out of your daytime eye colour comfort zone.

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Tattoo Liner, £16


Now, if you were to buy just one product from the range, let it be this eyeliner which has achieved cult status - and, deservedly so. Melt, crack and run-resistant, wave goodbye to panda eyes and say hello to the finest of feline flicks thanks to this wand’s magical combination of flexible brush tip, high pigment and budgeproof finish.

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Everlasting Liquid Lipstick, £16


With the term ‘liquid lipstick’ picking up Usain Bolt-esque pace on the Google search term front, this 26-strong shade range of lip lacquers is certain to provide plenty of pigment for your pout. With a cream to matte formula that’s refreshingly non-drying, pinpoint applicator and colours ranging from nudes to reds to black, it gives lips that valuable extra dose of fade-free moxy come wine or wet weather.

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Studded Kiss Lipstick, £16


Available in a whopping 39 shades, these bullets of vibrant colour provide an all-season wardrobe to suit any lipstick penchant. From baby doll pinks to nudes to black glitter and sea-foam green to feed your experimental streak, their moisturising formula and packaging (inspired by Kat’s signature studded cuff) make for the ultimate handbag accessory.

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Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush, £26


With its tightly packed bristles and wide head, this glossy black foundation brush is pretty brilliant when it comes to dispersing even and controlled cover. Combined with its stiletto-esque handle and ombre brush hairs, it’s a joy to use, feel and to simply look at too.

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Shade + Light Face Contour Brush, £30


A dual-sided brush that equips users with the tools needed to define and highlight with ease, this multi-purpose pick serves as a great addition to anyone’s bevy of makeup brushes. Made with soft and carefully shaped synthetic bristles, its domed side works wonders for more targeted application, with its slanted side great for expertly blending and adding graduation. A dynamic duo of the most skilled if you ask us.

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