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How Jodie Comer gets her killer glow

April 14th 2020 / Emma North / 0 comment


Killing Eve returned to screens this week. We spoke to the woman behind that butter-wouldn't-melt assassin's glow, facialist Jasmina Vico

She’s TV’s chicest sociopathic assassin but we aren’t here to talk about the potential plot twists of Killing Eve Season Three, which landed in the UK on April 13. Nor the fabulous, designer clothes - although we did lust after Villanelle’s pink organza Molly Goddard moment in Season One. Instead, we’re discussing how Jodie Comer, who plays the femme fatale, gets her gorgeous skin.

In an interview with the New York Times, Jode revealed: "I use the Clarisonic tool with the different brushes. I usually do that on Sunday." The tool, which many of us have firmly in our kit, uses a patented oscillation technology that has been clinically proven to cleanse your skin six times better than hands alone, efficiently removing makeup and dirt.

We also enlisted Jodie's facialist, Jasmina Vico, to fill us in on what Jodie uses to keep her skin at its flawless best.

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Woke up with skin like a disco ball. Thankyou @jasminavicoskin #vicoglow

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Jasmina is a Croatian born skin health specialist based in a quiet side street in London's Marylebone. She’s known for her ‘Vico Glow’ facial, a favourite not just with Jodie, who sees her as regularly as once a month depending on her filming schedule, but with other screen actresses including Joanne Froggatt, Tracey Ullman and Claire Foy. Jodie came to her on a word-of-mouth recommendation, says Jasmina. “I’ve been treating her [Jodie] for two years, she is a friend of actress Amy Manson, and she introduced us. Jodie was filming in London at the time and wanted a treatment, she’s been seeing me ever since.”

jasmina-vico.jpgJasmina Vico

The Vico Glow facial involves a mix of acidic peels, laser, facial massage and hydration but, Jasmina emphasizes the fact that every Vico Glow treatment is tailor-made to the individual. “The treatment was created as a need to address the physiology of the whole person coming to see me. This led me to create a highly bespoke, holistic skin regime. Unique skin conditions, lifestyle and my general interest in improving clients’ skin means clients are getting a very personalised treatment.”

“For Jodie, I take into account what her skin needs. I look at her hydration levels every time we meet and we alter her treatment to bring everything back into balance and enhance her natural glow. I have high-end equipment such as red and blue LED lights, clinical microneedling tools and 3D and 4D lasers, which all contribute to the end result, plus my expertise and intuition have always helped. I believe everyone can achieve beautiful skin and I live by this motto."

The Jasmina Vico glow-getting skincare picks

“I send Jodie away with a bag of products including SkinCeuticals H A Intensifier, £90 and the Dermaceutic Hyal Ceutic, £38 but really you don’t need that many, less is more."


"Your topical vitamin C is important, as it’s anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant to protect you from free radicals like stress and pollution and this should be applied every day. Then add your hydration, a good moisturiser like the SkinCeuticals Daily Moisture, £58. An option for oily skin which plumps it full of skin-boosting sea algae and vitamin E.

"You should be using an SPF all year round, even on cloudy days, I like the La Roche-Posay Anthelios Shaka Ultra-light SPF 50, £17.50 it’s a good high street option for oily skin."


"At night, use your vitamin A (retinol) and that’s it - skincare for everybody. Then you have your weeklies, your exfoliators and your hydrating masks. You could also add in some luxury skincare for added hydration such as a Valmont Det02x Cream, £223.

“I like high-end cosmeceutical products, I think SkinCeuticals have the best vitamin C, their C E Ferulic, £140 is the best on the market. I like their Phyto Corrective Serum, £60 too, for inflamed or irritated skin."


Medik8 Hydr8 B5, £33 is a great hyaluronic acid treatment for dehydration and a great cosmeceutical brand."


"NIOD have some more affordable options such as the NIOD Modulating Glucosides, £21."

“But, it’s not even about investing in skincare, it’s about understanding how it works. Why you need to take off your make up at the end of the day and protect it from the sun.”

Jodie Comer's makeup must-haves

In the NYT piece Jodie also revealed her favourite makeup products, singing the praises of Hourglass' Foundation Sticks, £45, for their thick consistency, Pat McGrath's mascara, £26, and Love Supreme lipstick, £35, which she loves for how close it is to her own lip colour. Otherwise NARS' Lip Pencils, £22, are a failsafe for the actress.

Fragrance wise, like many of us, Jodie wears Le Labo Santal 33, £127 after falling in love with it when a fellow actress was wearing it during filming.

Writer Emma North tries the Vico Glow. Here's what happened


The consultation begins with a few questions about lifestyle if I’m a smoker, what skincare I use, my nationality and diet. She instantly sees that I’m a pimple picker from a few broken capillaries, that my undereye circles are a deep blue – possibly due to a dairy intolerance and my excessive milk consumption (I love a creamy latte) I suffer from sun damage and pigmentation and by over waxing my lady-tache, I’ve given myself infected hair follicles that turn into unsightly pimples.

Treatment begins, first up is a deep cleanse to remove traces of makeup and city grime. Next, it’s onto a few extractions and gentle exfoliation. Jasmina then moves on to a mild glycolic peel to target blemishes and remove dead skin and excess sebum, which can clog pores. “I don’t really use aggressive peels in my treatments, I don’t think it's necessary. I’m more focused on the health of the skin. Some of our skincare can be too damaging," she says, "Some brands they market their products to create sort of burns to the skin, whereas a healthy glow should come from within.”


Following this, she targets the broken capillaries around my nose with a laser, the intense pulse of light destroys the tiny broken blood vessel. Then on to my womanly moustache… “Laser is the only way to remove hair, plucking or waxing creates surface damage to the skin. The body’s natural response to trauma is to protect itself by bringing blood vessels to the surface of the skin and you’ll keep doing this repeatedly, ending up in a deeper level of damage.”

Jasmina is a strong advocate for laser hair removal, it’s expensive but it will save you the cost of repairing damaged skin later in life. “Then after you’ve waxed, when it’s sunny and you don’t put SPF on this is how pigmentation happens and that’s the hardest thing to get rid of. Prevention is much better than cure.”

To end, she douses me in a hydrating hyaluronic acid formula, massaging the contours of the face to plump the skin and calm redness. The result? The Vico Glow of course.


Book an expert consultation with Jasmina at her Marylebone clinic


Vico Glow Fix 30 minutes (A speedier, pick me up treatment), £150

Vico Glow 60 minutes (Jasmina's signature treatment), £250

Vico Glow Laser 60 minutes (Using 3D and 4D lasers to tighten skin), £365

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