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My Beauty Stash: Christine D’Ornano

November 19th 2014 / Susannah Taylor / 0 comment


Susannah Taylor met up with businesswoman, mother of three and style inspiration Christine D’Ornano, Global Assistant General Manager of Sisley Cosmetics to talk red lips, beauty icons and meditation

Sisley is perhaps my favourite skincare brand of all. A brand born out of French beauty royalty, Sisley is a plant and science based brand which has a level of finesse and sophistication in its textures, quality, efficacy and innovation, which in my opinion is head and shoulders above many skincare brands on the market today. I caught up with Christine D’Ornano, the super stylish, impeccable and flawless-skinned Vice President to talk about her own beauty habits.

ST: What is your morning skincare routine?

CD’O: In the mornings I cleanse with Lyslait which is our cleansing milk - I have dry skin so I use very little water on my face. Then once a day I will use the Black Rose Oil, and I will let it sink in before applying Sisleya Global Anti-age Extra Rich, then All Day All Year. This may seem like many steps but I do all this very quickly. Once I’ve done all this my skin is plumped, not oily.

ST: What about makeup in the morning?

CD’O: I really believe in having great skin and wearing very little makeup. I will put on a little bit of our Phyto Teint Eclat really just in the centre of my face. I also tend to have bags under the eyes so I use the Phyo-Cernes Eclat there, then just a bit of blusher. If I don’t have any meetings that’s all I’ll wear. Later on in the day I might put on some eyeshadow from our new Quatro – the daytime one, and then a little bit of brown pencil and mascara. For lips I always wear L9 which is a soft coral or the Phyto-lip Twist in Nude.


ST: If you are going out at night what would be your regime?

CD’O: Very often I will take off all my makeup, have a shower, and apply the Black Rose Cream Mask. I will let it sink in for 5 minutes - if you’re tired, it really gives you a second wind… it really plumps your skin and gets rid of all those fine lines etc. Then I will apply All Day All Year as it’s quite light, before a bit more foundation, concealer and powder. Then I would apply a bit more definition to the eyes and I really like wearing a red lipstick these days. When I get home I will take it all off with the same Lyslait Lotion and apply Supremya Night and Supremya for Eyes.


ST: Do you have any at-home skincare rituals?

CD’O: Once a week I’ll use Crème Grommante, our exfoliator, and often I’ll do it on Saturday or Sunday morning and then I use the Black Rose Cream Mask on its own. It’s a bit of me time. I think this makes a lot of difference to how your skin looks during the week, as it gets rid of lots of dead skin cells and helps makeup glide on much better and feel more uniform. I also use the Self Tanning Hydrating Facial Skin Care, which is very light and I often wear it twice a week. I try not to go in the sun on my face any more, so without this I feel very pale.

ST: If you’re flying somewhere what products do you use?

CD’O: Often I use the Express Flower Gel Mask or the Black Rose Cream Mask - I apply them and leave it on for the whole flight.

ST: French women are well known for their body rituals – what do you do?

CD’O: I do body brushing when I remember – maybe three times a week. I also use a lot of cream as I have very dry skin. I use a lot of Sisleya Anti-aging Concentrate Firming Body Care which is very firming. I also love our Celluinov Cellulite Cream… but you have to use it morning and night as that’s how you see a real difference.


ST: How do you look after yourself?

CD’O: I swim three times a week – I do front crawl and backstroke. I find the movement of the water is very meditative, very good for your head. It’s great time out. I can’t be in the gym as I find it too boring.

I have also started meditating with my children – I love the idea of mindfulness and being in the moment. I use the Headspace App and it’s only 10 minutes, but I find that with children you really need to be with them. I have started to use it in daily life – to focus on what I’m doing at any time of the day.

ST: Do you take supplements?

CD’O: No. I try to eat healthily instead. We eat a lot of whole foods and whole grains – lots of fresh food, and brown rice, spelt pasta. If we make muffins they are spelt.

ST: What fragrances do you wear?

CD’O: I wear Eau de Campagne in the summer and on the weekends, and Eau du Soir every day. Many people have stopped me in the street asking what my fragrance is. It was created by my father for my mother. My mother however now wears Soir du Lune.


ST: Where do you go for cut and colour?

CD’O: The Josh Wood Atelier - they are the best.

ST: How do you wear your nails?

CD’O: Short with clear varnish or sometimes Essie’s California coral nail polish.


ST: Do you go for treatments?

CD’O: I go to the Sisley treatment rooms at Claridges. I have a monthly Supreme Anti-Ageing Facial - it includes a muscular facial massage which works each muscle individually leaving my skin toned and glowing.

All products are available at

Images by Kirstin Sinclair

Hair by The Josh Wood Atelier

Makeup by Caroline Barnes

Written in partnership with Sisley


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