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Feeling fatigued with the clocks going back? From budget to blowout, meet the alarm clocks that are worth getting out of bed for in the morning

We don’t know about you, but with the clocks going back last weekend, our get up and go has pretty much gotten up and gone under the duvet. Staying within the boundaries of our bedrooms is proving to be the extent of our current comfort zones, but with work, school runs and commutes on the horizon, we’re in need of a helping hand to go from bed to beyond.

Checking our phone alarms first thing can often result in our stress levels going sky high without even having stepped out of bed, (the temptation to check emails and social media can sometimes prove a little too hard to resist), so we’re banking on more traditional alarm clocks going forward to provide the kick-start we need for starting our days right. Far from old-fashioned, today’s offerings are much more modern in their make ups - and much more pleasant in their sound effects too. Available at a range of price points, here are three save, spend and splurge options purpose-built to help get your day started on the right foot.



Homedics Soundspa White Noise Machine, £19.99

A great balance between old and new school, this particular pick provides a versatile dose of illumination to help light up the gloomiest of winter mornings. Featuring a digital FM clock radio and time projection to help clear the foggiest of pre-coffee fugs, choose between its eight relaxation sounds, radio and less adventurous beeps to make mornings more manageable. Plus, it comes in at a purse-friendly £19.99 instead of £29.99 at the moment, for a well-timed seasonal saving too.

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Gingko Maple Cube Click Clock, £29.99

The perfect pick for those who hate bright lights in their bedrooms, this clever little cube provides both style and substance in equal measure. Designed to show the time, date and temperature when you tap either the clock itself or your bedside table, its display only lights up when you want it to, plus its maple wood effect exterior adds an elegant touch to all manner of interiors.

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Lumie Bodyclock Luxe, £170

If the darker mornings are putting a dampener on both energy levels and mood, this high tech wake-up alarm clock makes the transition from dream to reality smoother and less shocking. Its low blue lighting is of particular note as it makes it non-alerting, (standard lighting with blue light has been shown to have the opposite effect), gradually reducing in intensity in the evenings so as not to hinder night time drift offs. In the mornings, its sunrise setting (you can choose its intensity and length) helps to gently but effectively wake you up, to aid both a better night’s sleep and greater productivity during the day. It also comes with Bluetooth compatibility for music streaming and with 20 sleep and wake up sounds to choose from, it'll make even the least likely morning person into a lover of the light.

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