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The Gloss Report: Hand creams

April 26th 2013 / Judy Johnson Google+ Judy Johnson / 0 comment


The super long and cold winter has left us with dry hands that have given up any hope of ever seeing the sunshine. Team Gloss test out the best hand creams to get them back into shape

Jo Malone Vitamin E Nourishing Hand Treatment


Price £38

Buy online

Feedback “This is a rich, nourishing hand cream that absorbed into the skin really easily, instantly soothing my dry hands. My skin was left hydrated and not at all greasy so I could put it on and get straight back to what I was doing, so it’s practical as well as moisturising. It has a lovely fresh scent that’s not at all over overpowering, and after just a couple of days of regular use my hands feel notably softer and look healthier. Naturally, the packaging is classic Jo Malone elegance; it’s quite a large tube so not ideal for popping in your handbag, but it works wonders so I’ll make sure I find a spot to squeeze it in!”

Reviewer SM

Score 8/10

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream


Price £20

Buy online

Feedback “This professional treatment cream is designed to shield the hands from the elements, minimise signs of ageing and also strengthen and condition nails.

The cream itself is very rich yet absorbed into the skin very quickly, which is always a bonus as I've found that many cheaper hand creams can be quite greasy. My hands (and nails) can be very dry and so I was impressed that they were left super soft and hydrated after just a couple of uses. This product has quickly become a firm favourite and considering its size and multi-tasking properties, I would most definitely consider it a bargain buy.”

Reviewer KB

Score 9/10

Paul & Joe Hand Cream


Price £11.50

Buy online

Feedback “Paul & Joe’s pretty packaging and dainty vintage tin makes this hand cream the perfect addition to your dressing table. And it doesn’t just look good... the scent is lovely and light and not too heavily perfumed, with just a hint of mandarin/ orange blossom to leave you feeling freshly fragranced and ready for spring. The cream boasts an indulgently thick texture which sinks into your skin like a dream without leaving a trace of greasiness - after applying a layer before bed my hands felt soft and nourished for hours over the following day, making Paul & Joe’s very affordable little tin of luxury the perfect bedtime treat.”

Reviewer RM

Score 8/10

Omorovicza Nourishing Hand Treatment


Price £38.25 (RRP £45)

Buy online

Feedback “Featuring MINERAL COSMETOLOGY™ (in caps and patented - Omorovicza aren’t beating around the bush here), this lovely lotion enables minerals to be absorbed by the epidermis at an unprecedented level. I have to say that this bit passed me by, but this luxe hand cream turns dry, slightly grey looking mitts into silky, healthy looking hands in a flash. Many products promise to ‘brighten’ as this one does (often with sparkly particles or iridescence) but this potion actually does just that without any shimmer or glimmer to speak of - I can’t quite put my silky smooth finger on it but my hands definitely look more dewy and youthful.

"With high levels of vitamin C, if I continued to use this nourishing treatment I think it really would hold back the ravages of time and reduce the appearance of age spots as it promises to, as the cream acted as a barrier all day, keeping my hands soft while seemingly resisting the drying effects of water and air conditioning. All in all a marvel, and if you buy from the brand’s website you will find that it’s a bit cheaper than other stockists. While it may still seem a tad on the dear side, the chic bottle holds a generous 100ml of product and will last you for months, given that you don’t need to reapply throughout the day. This is one Hungarian to hanker after.”

Reviewer: AH

Score: 10/10

Bobbi Brown Extra Hand Cream


Price £21

Buy online

Feedback "This hand cream contains a dream combination of Shea butter and avocado oil so it's incredibly nourishing. It smoothes onto the skin beautifully and has a very rich and creamy texture, with a natural scent that has notes of citrus and rosemary - it's a little like a mini aromatherapy session for your hands. It claims to create a protective barrier for dehydrated skin and I have to say it lives up to its promise; it feels much like a primer for your hands. My dry and dull skin was left silky smooth but not greasy or oily - all that was left was a healthy sheen. It's perhaps a little big for my handbag but other than that, perfection."

Reviewer CT

Score 9/10

Aerin Rose Hand and Body Cream


Price £36

Buy online

Feedback "I absolutely love the packaging for this cream; it's beautifully stylish and definitely one I'd be proud to have on the shelf (being for the body too, it's a tad too hefty for my small tote). It has a very rich, luxurious texture so it does require a fair bit of rubbing in, but once it sinks into the skin it leaves no residue and my hands were left softer than they've been in months. Incredibly indulgent and with that refreshing rose fragrance - which didn't irk my sensitive skin - this one is a keeper. Having never liked wearing hand cream because of the way it feels once it’s sunk in, Aerin has made me realise I was just using the wrong product."

Reviewer JJ

Score 10/10

Clinique Deep Comfort Hand and Cuticle Cream


Price £17

Buy online

Feedback “I have to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of hand cream like many people are. I find I don’t really like the cloying or tacky feel that is often left on your hands afterwards - it can make my hands feel a bit dirty! However I do like this Clinique one. The cream feels almost balmy in texture and leaves skin deeply nourished (i think it would be good for very parched skin). Initially my hands felt slightly ‘coated’ but within a few minutes this disappears to leave hands very soft and smooth. Forever doing my own nails (no time for manicures) it’s also great for applying to cuticles to soften them before pushing them back.”

Reviewer ST

Score 8/10

Guerlain Super Aqua-Hands Anti-Ageing Hand Cream


Price £32.40

Buy online

Feedback "Gorgeous-smelling, nicely packaged and all importantly extremely moisturising, I think it’s safe to say that I really liked this hand cream.

"I loved its silky, velvet-like texture and how easily it absorbed into my skin ensuring that greasy, slippery hands were something that I didn’t need to worry about. The only thing that stopped it from receiving full marks is the price which I feel is a little too expensive for a hand cream. However, if anyone would like to give this to me as a Christmas present instead perhaps, volunteers are most welcome!"

Reviewer AM

Score 9/10

Sensai Cellular Performance Intensive Hand Treatment SPF 8


Price £70

Buy online

Feedback "This hand cream is, actually, more than a hand cream. The treatment is supposed to be an anti-ageing remedy for the hands, reducing uneven pigmentation and dryness and of course offering sun protection to help protect from the sun's ageing ways. For this reason you'd think it might have a higher SPF given how exposed our hands are at all times - it surprised me that it was so low. Despite its intensive name and nature, it is a lovely lightweight lotion, with a barely-there fragrance that's fresh and almost baby-like. A little goes a long way as it's quite fluid, so although it has a seriously high price tag this 100ml tube would last you a very long time.

“The treatment hydrates even the driest of knuckles, a godsend after such a long and harsh winter, but it does take some time to sink in; initially I could feel it on my hands which is one of my pet hates when it comes to using hand cream. However, after a few minutes my skin simply looked and felt more supple and smooth, with no tell-tale residue. The fact that it takes time to work its magic and that such a small amount goes far would be make it a great product for finishing off a manicure with a quick hand massage. Probably not best for on-the-go but lovely for intense pampering before bedtime."

Reviewer JJ

Score 7/10

Shiseido Benefiance Protective Hand Revitalizer


Price £36.90 (RRP £41)

Buy online

Feedback “I loved the scent of this hand cream – a fresh, floral fragrance. It actually reminded me a little of sun cream, which makes me happy as it reminds me of summer! The cream has a soft and silky texture that quickly sinks into the skin, and though it’s quite expensive for a hand cream I would definitely repurchase purely for the luxurious texture and gorgeous scent. It has a sun protection factor of 8 which is handy for the early summer sun too. I’d say it’s more protective than it is nourishing though; for very dry hands, go for something a little richer.”

Reviewer SM

Score 9/10

Orico Jazzy Ultra Moisturising Hand Lotion


Price £11

Buy online

Feedback “The good points about this hand cream are definitely the handy pump dispenser and the fact that my skin did feel extremely well hydrated afterwards. However the bad points are that I found it dispensed too large a quantity for what was actually needed and even when a little was used, it didn’t absorb into my skin very well, leaving my hands feeling quite oily for a while afterwards.

"For £11, it’s good value for money as you definitely get a good amount to see you through for perhaps a couple of months or so. The fragrance was citrusy and zesty - great if you’re in need of a bit of an energy-boost, however I did find it a bit overpowering at times. All in all, I would probably reserve using this particular hand cream for the winter months, for when skin is significantly drier.”

Reviewer AM
Score 5/10

La Prairie White Caviar Illuminating Hand Cream


Price £84.60

Buy online

Feedback “This cream was light, but with substance. It sank in well and had a lovely fragrance which wasn’t overpowering at all. However, I don’t believe it’s worth the incredibly high £85 price tag as it didn’t really have any extra benefits other than being very moisturising. The packaging was a little fussy for a hand cream too and quite a lot was needed for a thorough application.”

Reviewer DT

Score 7/10

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