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Why all girls with curly hair need to know about “plopping”

June 28th 2015 / Ayesha Muttucumaru Google+ Why all girls with curly hair need to know about “plopping” / 1 comment


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Curly haired girls in-the-know are getting gorgeous waves thanks to this new technique - but what exactly is hair plopping? The team at Layered Online give us the inside scoop

“Plopping” - okay, so the name is weird, but hear us out. It's the latest trend for curling hair, and delivers gorgeously defined, non-frizzy waves without the use of heat. All you need is a Boucléme Curl Towel and this simple set of instructions. Ready to plop?

1. Place the Boucléme Curl Towel on a flat surface.

2. Gather your curls and lower into the middle of the towel.

3. Fold the towel over the back of your head.

4. Twist both sides tightly and then tie the two ends at the back of your head.

5. Leave the towel on until you are happy with the formation of your curls.

6. If you have very thick or porous hair, you can finish off your style using a diffuser or hooded dryer.

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Can you use any towel, we hear you ask. Apparently this Boucléme towel does a very specific job; founder Michele Scott-Lynch explains: “most towels draw moisture from the hair, ruffle the cuticle and mess up the curl pattern. Our super soft jersey towel is made from 46% organic cotton, 46% bamboo and 8% elasthene. The towel absorbs excess water so curls can retain maximum hydration.”

Still need convincing? Have a watch of this video to see the technique in action. Bizarre, yes, but it looks like “plopping” might just work.

Boucléme Curl Towel, £19. Buy online.

Originally posted on www.layeredonline.com.

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