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The baby skin and hair products that you'll want to steal for yourself

May 7th 2019 / Anna Hunter / 0 comment


Ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin and brittle hair, baby skin and hair products are the underrated staples that can make all of the difference. Here’s what to borrow from the baby aisle

Don’t be put off by the cutesy packaging or proximity to the nappies in the supermarket: skin, bath and body products designed for babies and children can bring benefits for adults too, particularly if you have delicate skin, fine, tangle-prone hair or suffer from inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema. Given that everything from the menopause to colder weather can trigger skin and hair to become drier and more sensitised, swapping out some of your more pungent, active products for barrier-strengthening, softening and pH balanced baby ranges can pay off, and they often come in cheaper than full-grown equivalents too. Here are some of our favourite finds to steal from the youth, some of which may even help you sleep like a baby too…

The no-rinse hand and face wash

Mustela No Rinse Cleansing Water, £9.36 for 300ml


Mustela is one of the few baby brands that are suitable to be used from birth making it a perfect choice for the ultra-sensitive. This no-rinse cleanser is perfect for on the go, when you haven't got access to soap and water and don't want to use a wipe. One beauty insider even uses it to freshen up her face. It's an alternative for handwashing for those that find alcohol-based gels too harsh or suffer from conditions such as eczema on the hands - perfect for keeping in the car or for a festival (and it's on Amazon Prime!). The entire avocado-based range is backed by paediatric dermatologists and we think not just babies should benefit.

The 100% natural body lotion

Freshly Cosmetics Sweet Apple Body Cream, £14, 200ml


The kids' range from Freshly Cosmetics is a new arrival in the UK. With the cutest packaging ever, 100 per cent naturally derived ingredients and none of the nasties (think parabens, sulphates, petroleum, synthetic fragrance) this baby brand is worthy of any grown adult's bathroom shelf. It's completely vegan and suitable for the whole family. Our favourite of the range is definitely the Sweet Apple Body Cream, £14 a light, hydrating, rather sophisticated green apple scented lotion.

The cult skin salve

Moo Goo Irritable Skin Balm, £12.50 for 120g


Before this was intended to treat little ones’ skin, it was used to alleviate soreness in cows’ udders. I’m serious. While often sold on children’s skincare shelves, this squalene, centella asiatica, aloe vera and sweet almond oil rich ointment is hailed as incredibly reparative by eczema and psoriasis sufferers around the world. It’s not a cure, but many with dry, flaky and inflamed skin find it soothing and effective when it comes to conserving moisture and relieving the pain of chapped skin.

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The body buffer

Petit Pai Apple & Mallow Blossom Hair & Body Wash with Konjac Sponge, £20 for 200ml


Our sensitive skin columnist Judy is a long-term Pai fan and the brand’s baby range caters for sensitive skin too. This fragrance and SLS-free shower gel moisturises as it cleanses thanks to fatty acid-rich apple seed oil and it’s as adept at gently washing acne prone skin as it is for cleaning delicate, dry skin and babies’ bums. It’s basically a brilliant all-rounder, with certified organic ingredients. This is probably reflective in the price (admittedly steep for a shower gel) but the natural konjac sponge that’s thrown in will leave skin soft, smooth and thoroughly exfoliated, so you’re getting extra bang for your buck in that regard.

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The probiotic body cream

Little Aurelia Sleep Time Top to Toe Cream, £26 for 240ml


Another definitely not-cheap baby body product, but a little goes a long way where this buttery body lotion is concerned and the vegan, bioorganic ingredients tick multiple boxes. Rosehip oil, shea butter, oat kernel oil and aloe vera provide immediate and intense hydration while lavender, chamomile and linden blossom are added to promote relaxation and deep sleep at the end of the day. It feels velvety and rich yet sinks in quick - it’s about as far from a basic as it gets, but it defies the typical strawberry scented baby goo.

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The glossy body oil

Burt’s Bees Baby Oil, £11.49 for 115ml


Not only does this softening apricot and grape seed oil based unction give limbs a nice sheen but you can also add a capful to your bath to make your money (and moisturising regime) go further. It smells fresh and non-sickly and makes for a brilliant baby/ adult massage as part of a wind-down routine too. Speaking of which…

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The ‘book and bedtime’ collection

Bloom & Blossom Matilda Bath and Bedtime range, from £4.99


In these tech-facing times, most of us are aware of the importance of taking a break from the blue light and establishing a healthy sleep pattern in the face of a 24/7, ‘always on’ culture. Taking a bath before bed has been shown to promote sleep thanks to the post-soak body temperature lowering effects that encourage your system to switch off, and taking a book in with you will provide some non-screen based stimulation and help you to destress. Which is essentially what this Roald Dahl inspired bath, book and bedtime range is all about. Whether or not you’re reading Matilda (she’s just turned 30 FYI), there’s a gentle bubble bath, shampoo, conditioner, hair and body wash, detangler and soporific pillow spray to cleanse away the day and lull you into a calm state of mind, and everything in the range is suitable for sensitive skin (although the bath products are every slightly scented) and affordable.

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The super-rich moisturiser

Weleda White Mallow Mother & Baby Face Cream, £10.95 for 50ml


Designed to treat extremely dry, atopic skin, this balm/ cream helps to alleviate rough, tender skin while keeping hydration in. With beeswax and coconut oil, it’s extremely emollient so not the one for oily or combination skin, but if your skin becomes sore and chapped with the mere hint of an autumn wind, this mild yet effective fragrance-free lotion will take the edge off.

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The shiny hair spray

Childs Farm Hair Detangler, £4.79 for 100ml


Fine, knot-prone strands? This award-winning grapefruit and tea-tree based detangler will help you to smooth a brush through your lengths and add shine while glycerin and sunflower seed oil help to revive parched ends in particular (although it’s no substitute for a split end trim). The accessible price point means that you can douse it on all the family. The shampoo is a winner too.

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The full sensitive skin package

Green People Newborn Essentials, £35


Not just for new mums and babies, this fragrance, alcohol and detergent free edit mainlines on strengthening the skin barrier, as babies have thinner skin than adults. Hence, if your skin barrier is in any way compromised, due to a reaction, skin condition flare-up or simply because your skin is thinning with age (a thing, unfortunately), these all serve to make bathtime and beyond far more comfortable. There’s a body wash that doubles up as a clarifying shampoo, a calming nappy cream that makes for a restorative hand cream (although perhaps not one to keep at your desk), a soothing nipple balm to protect any chapped skin and a nurturing baby oil that leaves skin like silk. It’s all a goer if you’ve got eczema too.

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