Lifestyle blogger, jewellery designer, beauty maven (she has a nail polish brand) and actress, Made in Chelsea’s Rosie Fortescue crams a whole lot into 24 hours. Here’s a taster of her life and how she manages to stay sane and healthy amidst the craziness

7.30am I normally wake up at this time if I am not filming early. I will publish a blog post, and Instagram promoting the post or maybe something for my jewellery brand, Rosie Fortescue Jewellery.

8.30am  I have breakfast. I am really into making porridge at the moment, with cinnamon and fruit. I have breakfast obsessions and then get sick of my choices. Sometimes I am addicted to peanut butter on toast, and sometimes it's scrambled eggs with avocado and smoked salmon.

9.00am  I will package up orders for my jewellery brand (I am currently doing all the fulfilment from home!)

9.30am I will go to the Post Office to drop off the orders

10.30am I head to the gym if I don't have any morning meetings. I have just discovered Kobox on the Kings Road which has recently opened and I am obsessed. I haven't really got into boxing before but now I'm addicted!

1pm I will make lunch at home if I don't have filming or a lunch meeting. I absolutely love cooking so will maybe fry chicken and make a chicken and avocado salad.

Most afternoons I have a few meetings. It can either be going to a PR company, meeting a brand or working on projects.

Depending on how busy I am in the day or if I have the energy I sometimes go to events in the evenings. At the moment there seems to be so much on which is fun but also super tiring!

6/7pm If I haven't got events or dinners in the evening around 6/7pm when I get home I will start cooking dinner and catching up on emails. I find cooking really therapeutic and adore food so may cook a steak with vegetables and sweet potato wedges. If I have time I might also make my healthy coconut balls so I can have them for snacks during the week.

9pm I like to wind down, writing a blog post ready to start the next day.

10pm I will go up to my bedroom and get ready for bed. I like doing a face mask and painting my nails with my brand Nailed London.

Check out Rosie’s blog at , her  jewellery line  and also her nail varnish which is stocked at  Harvey Nichols  and  Feel Unique