Dental treatments to create a wider smile are soaring in popularity, according to this dentist. But what makes big smiles so appealing and what can you do to make your smile wider?

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What do actors  Margot Robbie , Julia Roberts and Angelina Jolie all have in common? Aside from starring in some of our favourite films, they all have exceptionally wide smiles showing an almost unfeasible number of teeth. Looking at Julia Roberts, I've always wondered whether she actually had more teeth than any other human - they seem to gleam like piano keys every time she flashes a smile.

It turns out that there's a magic number of upper teeth to have on show for an appealing and youthful smile and that's at least eight, says dentist Dr Rhona Eskander, who is increasingly helping her clients achieve that coveted wider smile.

"If you have a broad smile, for example, eight to ten [upper] teeth showing, we describe this as having 'full buccal corridors','' she says.

Think about celebrities you're drawn to, from Sara Ramirez's charismatic Che Diaz in And Just Like That to the impossibly attractive Ryan Gosling, and you'll notice they all show off eight or more teeth when they smile. That's the reason Dr Rhona refers to 'the power of eight' when describing a perfect smile.

Who knew that having 'full buccal corridors' is one of nature's natural attractiveness signals. Never mind pouting, or smizing (smiling with just your eyes as coined by model Tyra Banks) grinning is in.

Why are full buccal corridors considered attractive?

Firstly says Dr Rhona, nature loves symmetry and a symmetrical face with a wide smile is deemed more inviting. Secondly, when you have wide teeth they provide support for your cheeks from underneath, almost like filler.  "If you have a broad smile it provides support to the soft tissues such as the buccal areas (ie the cheeks) and lips," says Dr Rhona.

One thing we notice as we age is that the space between the nose and the lip becomes longer. This is due to collagen and elastin loss and the effects of gravity, which causes our faces to start to drop. Our longer top lip can completely cover our top teeth, leaving only the bottom ones visible when we speak or smile. "By broadening the smile it also provides lip support which is very youthful, says Dr Rhona.

Dr Rhona's recent video on Tiktok explains how Angelina Jolie and others have full buccal corridors; it has received 2.5 million views. “Since the video everyone has been coming into my clinic and asking for this specifically,” Rhona tells us.

How to get full buccal corridors – a wider 'toothier' smile

If you’re not blessed with full buccal corridors, there are ways to widen your smile. Dr Rhona starts with a consultation to investigate the reason for a narrow smile. "Narrow smiles can be caused by the width of the top jaw, misalignment of the upper teeth and/or missing teeth," she explains. "This can lead to unsupported muscles of the cheeks and lips, eventually giving a more aged appearance and hence a less attractive smile. A narrow smile can also mean that the front teeth look too prominent or they stick out, taking prominence in your smile."

She commonly recommends usually one of two treatments:

1. Braces or Invisalign to expand the dental arch

Both Invisalign and fixed braces can create 'arch expansion', where space is created for your teeth, allowing for wider buccal corridors. The devices gradually move your teeth move outwards, so more of them are on show when you smile.

“When there isn’t enough space for your teeth to align next to each other they become crowded or crooked,” explains Dr Rhona. “During arch expansion, all the visible teeth in your smile move outwards in small increments, giving your teeth extra arch room to align.”

2. Composite bonding and veneers to make more teeth visible

Veneers and composite bonding can even out your teeth, but they can also give you a wider smile. If you have ever signed up for cosmetic bonding or minimal-prep veneers you'd normally have only four to six top teeth treated. But by treating eight to ten teeth, thereby taking in some of the back teeth as well, Dr Rhona is able to widen the buccal corridors. How? "Veneers thicken the teeth making them protrude more, giving the appearance of a wider smile," she says. "The back teeth are just as important as the front when creating a big bright and perfect smile."

Grinning like the Cheshire Cat demands a certain degree of confidence and is not everyone's cup of tea. However, Dr Rhona says she is noticing a definite movement towards people investing in their smiles after seeing themselves more often on Zoom as well as a 'you only live once' attitude of not wanting to put up with a smile that makes you feel self-conscious.

Plus there are other upsides to smiling, not just as a reason to show off your new tooth gem. The action of smiling itself, even if it's forced, can make you feel happier, s ays a study.   Pouting, meanwhile, is a fast track to lip wrinkles . I know which one I'm choosing!

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