From the new blusher that had the whole office talking, to the latest SPFs that make applying sunscreen exciting, meet the best new beauty and wellness buys loved by the GTG team, from just £4.50

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Oh, what a bumper week of beauty newness we have for you. Scroll down to discover the best and the brightest that have impressed the team but just to whet your appetite quickly, you will find out about some standout new season scents - there’s one for the rhubarb lovers out there. We also have a genius beauty gadget that doubles up as an LED mirror and a power pack, a prime example of the beauty world responding to modern-day living requirements. There are also hair defrizzers and style revivers, new makeup finds and seriously good skincare. Enjoy!

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Luminous Powder Blush in Cheer, £26

"Could Selena Gomez improve upon her Rare Beauty Soft Pink Liquid Blush, which we hailed as the best blush ever? As a superfan of the former, I’m saying say yes, as now I'm all about this slightly iridescent powder that feels like a cream. It’s easier to apply than the liquid, even with fingers, and adds instant glow that lasts. I’ve gone for a peachier shade than normal as it comes up pinker. It looks best on already glowing skin, which Gomez has naturally, but I have to wear it over a glowing base - my top pick being the new Naked Sundays Cabana Glow Mineral Glow Serum Drops SPF 50, £34, which are slightly tinted. Dream team!"


Mauli Rituals x Dishoom Hand and Body Wash,  £26

"What a great collab: the coolest and most vibrant Indian restaurant chain has teamed up with Ayurveda skincare experts Mauli Rituals to plant this hand and body wash not just in the bathrooms in Dishoom but in our own as well. I’m all in favour of making hand wash time a moment of pause, to take a few deep breaths in order to get out of your head and back into your body. Jasmine, bergamot, sandalwood and citrus make the perfect grounding and uplifting combo. By the way, if you haven’t tried Mauli Rituals best-selling Grow Strong Hair Oil, £35  (leave on for 20 mins), it’s working wonders for my dry scalp and feeding my weak follicles a treat."


Dermalogica Power Bright Dark Spot Peel, was £79.99 now £63.20

"If you have sun spots (me!), acne marks or melasma, this 15-minute, five-day peel (don’t worry, you won’t flake) is for you. It has a higher concentration of exfoliating acids and pigment inhibitors, such as tranexamic acid and niacinamide, than a leave-on serum. After the initial five days, you use it twice a week. It’s been clinically trialled to visibly reduce surface pigmentation after five daily uses and they’ve tested it on all skin tones and made sure to soothe the underlying inflammation that can lead to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The results are subtle, but it works. It made my skin dry (perhaps because I left it on for 30 minutes which you can do for a boost) so prepare to add extra moisturiser during that time. And remember your SPF; no skincare for pigmentation will work if you aren’t strict about this."


Indeed Labs Snoxin II Undereye Patches, £19.99

"I notice an immediate and visible difference in puffiness and wrinkles from these affordable eye patches (which work out as 66p a pair) to the extent that I’m always surprised when I take them off after 20 minutes, or after my morning yoga. We forget that fine lines are often to do with dry skin, not just with age or sun exposure. These push and seal the moisture in while adding collagen, the anti-wrinkle peptide Argireline, niacinamide and retinol. I make sure to wear SPF around the eyes anyway so that the retinol doesn’t degrade. There’s not much you can get in a jar that can soften  wrinkles instantly - but these do."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Innisfree Daily UV Defense Sunscreen SPF30, £22

"When an SPF lands on my desk from either an Australia or South Korean brand I know it’s going to be a winner thanks to their vigilance and dedication to sun protection. Innisfree is a K beauty brand just come to our UK shores. They use as many natural ingredients as possible and it's a brand that fits into a ‘clean’ beauty box if that’s your vibe. I like this as an easy-breezy daily SPF. It’s effortless to apply, it sinks in quickly without leaving a cast and feels light making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine, which we all know is the key to a great SPF."


Kylie Cosmetics Wisp Lash Mascara, £23

"I am the first to admit that I am not the target audience for Ms Jenner’s makeup range, but this is a good mascara and it’s as simple as that. It has a lovely inky black formula that didn’t flake or smudge on me. The wand is on the smaller size but I find that gives me more control and means you can brush through the lashes, coating each one and creating a separated and lengthened look rather than a fuller, thicker one and it makes light work ."


Umberto Giannini Blow Out Frizz Styling Cream, was £9.95 now £6.63

"Rest assured, anything that promises to reduce frizz and fluffiness from hair and I am testing it out. And I can confirm that this is an excellent - and very well priced - buy. A creamy serum type consistency that you apply through towel-dried hair, you can then leave it to air-dry but I prefer a blow-dried style and this responds well to heat allowing the ingredients to work its smoothing magic even further. I have fine hair and it didn’t weigh it down and the defrizzing results lasted until my next wash."


Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Resurfacing Dream Serum, £60

"If you’re on the hunt for a nighttime serum that gets rid of all the dead skin laying on the surface (that makes your complexion look dull) as well as gently breaking down pigmentation patches, step this way. Containing good old glycolic and citric acid which does the aforementioned alongside prickly pear extract which is rich in antioxidants and also soothes skin and prevents redness, means you wake up in the morning with skin that feels silky soft and looks brighter and fresher. Use every three days to begin with to see how your skin tolerates it and then you can increase the frequency. And it’s essential to wear SPF the next day."


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG Contributor

Omnilux Antioxidant Eye Cream, £37

"LED experts Omnilux are leaders in collagen boosting, wrinkle smoothing light therapy masks that you’ll have seen all over social media but did you know they do skincare too? It can be used with or without their masks but the LED does enhance results. They have partnered with aesthetic medical expert Dr Hany Abi Ghosn to ensure the formulations are spot on and I’m particularly enjoying the eye cream. It’s been created to revitalise, soothe and brighten the delicate skin around the eyes and contains green tea leaf to reduce inflammation and avocado and apricot kernel oil for lots of hydration."


Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Hydrasoft Glossing Treatment, £37.10

"If, like me, you have fine hair that you want to look swishy and shiny but can easily end up looking limp if you use anything too heavy, this is for you. It contains hyaluronic acid, a blend of nourishing oils and vegetable protein, all of which add shine and moisture without weighing it down. Apply after shampooing onto towel dried hair, leave for 15 minutes, rinse away and finish with your regular conditioner. I found my hair was quicker and easier to style afterwards and it looked like I’d had a salon treatment."


Hair Gain Peptide Puff Dry Shampoo, £15

"I used to wash my hair every other day, but thanks to dry shampoo I can now go for five days or so. However,  I have a sensitive scalp with a tendency to dandruff so the last thing I need is a dry shampoo that looks chalky and leaves residue. This new, handbag size powder puff dry shampoo from Hair Gain is a new favourite.  It’s easy to use and dermatologically tested to be kind to the scalp.  You tap it on your scalp to release puffs of the volumizing powder. Follow with a quick rub for fresher, fuller looking hair.  It’s backed by trichologists and contains an  array of scalp loving ingredients, advanced hair actives and complex peptides."


Perricone MD Instant Blur Priming Moisturiser, £48

"If you love the soft, buttery base a primer gives to your skin, but hate having to layer skincare on top, Perricone MD have come to the rescue with this natty new primer and moisturiser in one. It has a thick consistency so massage it in and leave it to settle and sink in. And then, wow the transformation - it leaves skin feeling like velvet and I promise whatever makeup you put on next will look better than normal. The formula contains ingredients to reduce redness, lines and wrinkles and helps make-up last longer. I just wish it had SPF in it, then it would be perfect."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Nudestix Nudescreen Blush Tint SPF30, £26.50

"This really solves a problem, apart from being a fresh-feeling, ultra-weightless serum blush in six shades. I have pigmentation patches on my cheekbones which I attribute to years of dabbing liquid blush over my sunscreen on the beach. Likely, the blush would’ve diluted or even wiped off some of the sun protection, leaving my skin vulnerable to damage. So to pack an SPF30 (it’s mineral and has antioxidants to boot for full-spectrum protection) in a rub-on blush is genius. The colours are extremely sheer, which may mean you want to apply plenty of product - but that’s a good thing when it comes to anything with SPF in it!"


Gisou Tinted Lip Oil in Strawberry Sorbet, £24

"This has the staying power and shine of a lip gloss but it feels mildly less tacky so I assume that’s why we have to call it a ‘lip oil’. It has nourishing seed oils (plenty of lip glosses do as well) and a dose of healing honey, so it feels silky and works as a pretty good treatment for parched lips. Now comes in three tinted versions, with this one leaving lips glossily stained with what indeed looks like strawberry jam."


Kate Moth Moth Deterrent Drawer Liners, £18

"I trap spiders and carry them outside to rescue them, but if there’s one creature I have no problem exterminating, it’s a clothes moth (go on, cancel me). The blurb for these gorgeous moth-deterring drawer liners is at pains to point out they won’t harm any moths but they should at least keep the blighters away from my cashmere with their perfume, a blend of cedarwood, bergamot, mint, lavender, rosemary and thyme that humans love and moths, for some unfathomable reason, hate. There are sachets you can hang in your cupboard too, to make it smell like an upmarket clothes boutique"


Ffern Spring 24 Organic Eau de Parfum, £89

"This is the smell of forced rhubarb. I love everything about forced rhubarb, but it doesn’t have a smell only a flavour, which is what has been wonderfully captured in this organic perfume (sold in freshly made batches) with the help of ginger root, grapefruit rind, timut pepper berries and narcissus. The result is sappy, zingy, zesty and herbaceous with some heat running through it; it’s very much like freshly made rhubarb compote as it really perks up your senses while making you feel cosy and comfortable."


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Stylpro Flip ‘n’ Charge Power Bank Compact LED Mirror, £29.99

"This is a portable LED mirror that also functions as a compact phone charger. Genius. The LED ring light provides ample illumination, while the 3x magnification allows for detailed close-ups. Simply charge the device with a USB cord and you’re ready to go - even if the battery runs low you can still use the mirror. This has been perfect on nights out, fits easily into my handbag and I will be packing it for my next holiday."


Louis Vuitton City of Stars Eau de Parfum, £255 for 100ml

"New season, new fragrance and this does not disappoint. It blends seasonal citrus notes with the warmth of sandalwood and musky undertones which gives it serious longevity - a few spritzes lasts all day. It feels, looks and smells luxurious and you can personalise the bottle, ideal for a seriously special present. As expected it does come with a higher price point (though in-store refills offer a more economical option) but this is a high-end scent from a luxury brand. For all those reasons I'm using this on special occasions only."


Make Waves Deodorant, £12 for a subscription or £20 for the starter pack

"Transitioning to a natural deodorant can seem daunting, especially as the temperature rises - cue sweating! This antiperspirant bridges the gap between conventional deodorants and natural alternatives, providing sweat-preventing benefits without unnecessary additives. With a reusable and recyclable applicator, you can purchase refills as needed making it convenient and eco-friendly. The antiperspirant balm is rich in vitamins, making it smooth to apply without feeling sticky or thick and  I’ve particularly enjoyed the subtle coconut scent. "


Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash, £4.50

"Almost 10 years in the making, meet Dove's latest body wash. It is sulphate and SLES (the ingredients which can dry out skin) free and promotes a healthier skin microbiome (the vital protective layer). It has the classic Dove 'clean' smell and lathers like a dream. I use a shower pouffe for application, focusing on areas prone to dryness. It feels really hydrating and you get a lot of product for a bargain price."