There are skincare launches from Glossier and Trinny London as well as celebrity beauty collabs galore - here's everything we have tried and loved this week

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We have been inundated with some really brilliant beauty newness this week. From the new Glossier SPF, which our beauty editor thinks oilier skin types will adore, to a body care range formulated by one of the UK’s leading dermatologists. There’s also a brilliant budget mascara that costs less than a posh coffee plus heaps of very impressive skincare that will protect, hydrate, plump and rejuvenate your skin. Discover all the new beauty buys that excited us in the office this week. 

Victoria Woodhall, GTG Editorial Director

Emma Lewisham Vitale Face Elixir, £85

"I’m always excited for a new Emma Lewisham launch as I know the refillable New Zealand cosmeceutical-grade skincare will have independent trials to back up its claims. And this is a biggie: it’s a ‘natural-looking alternative to Botox,’ says founder Emma. There’s neuropeptide technology that relaxes the muscles that cause fine expression lines (for deep ones it won’t replace Botox or filler) as well as proven fibroblast (collagen) stimulating capability. If you are being sparing you can just use it to target crow’s feet, for example. Use it twice a day for three months to see results – it’s so deliciously indulgent, you’re not going to forget. Is Emma Lewisham worth the money? I’d say a resounding yes."


Babyliss Air Wand, £120

"This very clever new tool replaces your brush, straightener and hairdryer with a single lightweight wand. The drying (three speeds, three temperatures) is as quick as my Dyson Supersonic. It has two attachments – a curved brush head for volume plus a toothed straightener that smooths your hair between ceramic plates and claims to iron out even dense 4c curls. The volumising brush is smaller than many hot styling brushes but I found that a good thing as I could really get into the roots. No need for a nozzle as the blow hole (technical term there) is pretty directional, nice long cable, cool shot, not too noisy – get one!"


Bloom & Blossom Booty Gains Firming Cream, £32

"Do firming creams really work? They can help boost your circulation with things like caffeine and guarana, and they can smooth your skin with a rich moisturising ingredient such as cupuacu butter, all of which are in Booty Gains. No one’s claiming that they can have the same effects dry body brushing, cold showers or a lymphatic drainage massage, but if you’re pushed for time – as the two mums behind this British natural brand are – you want something quick in a pot that leaves your skin feeling smooth and your senses uplifted. The round jar is a nod to Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream, but what’s inside is much lighter in texture and scent and I happily apply it all over."


Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Therapies Limited Edition Sicilian Lemon and Bergamot 1l pouch, £58 (normally £108)

"Why did I ever go on a break from Elasticizer, the cult pre-wash protein treatment created for Audrey Hepburn that sells one every 16 seconds? Testing this limited edition lemon and bergamot scent reminded me just how good it is – my hair is softer, smoother, stronger and the style holds better. This absolute bargain of a 1litre recyclable refill pouch (normally £108) means you won’t save it for best. Trichologist Anabel Kingsley (who gave all her wedding guests a personalised Elasticizer) uses it twice a week religiously. And now, so do I."


SJ Corfield-Smith, GTG Beauty Director

Glossier Invisible Shield SPF 50, £32

"As someone with oily skin that can easily morph from looking glowy to greasy, I appreciate an SPF that mattifies as this does. With a powdery silicone texture, it's a great makeup primer with broad-spectrum sun protection. It is completely invisible and feels totally weightless. If you’re still struggling to incorporate a daily SPF into your routine please give this a go."


Dr Sam Bunting Flawless vitamin C NAD+ Serum, £62

"Dr Sam’s skincare range is a hit with the entire GTG team as there is something that suits everyone. This creamy vitamin C serum is sure to be another crowd pleaser. Unlike many vitamin C serums, it’s not oily or greasy. Instead, it’s a silky cream that contains a 15 per cent vitamin C complex, which brightens the complexion and reduces pigmentation. Here it has been paired with the buzz ingredient NAD+, most commonly found in supplements, but here revving up skin cells’ ability to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin barrier. Layer underneath SPF and that’s your skincare sorted for the day."


Augustinus Bader x Sofia Coppola The Tinted Balm with ​​TFC8, £33

"I wouldn’t have predicted a beauty collab between filmmaker Sofia Coppola and luxe skincare brand Augustinus Bader, but I am here for it. Coppola is a fan of the original and untinted balm and requested a tinted version. Bader agreed and the result is three shades - a sheer pink, a bright red and an earthy plum - that are as effortlessly chic as Ms Coppola’s personal style and contain Bader’s TFC8, a blend of 40 ingredients to rejuvenate skin. I have perpetually chapped lips and this smoothed and softened them in two applications. Ideal for low-key days. It comes with a spenny price tag but if your budget stretches, you won’t be disappointed."


Yensa Silk Bounce Cream Blush, £24.96

"Yensa is a Korean beauty brand that’s still slightly under the radar, but should be in everyone’s makeup bag. I’ve previously waxed lyrical about the Skin on Skin BC Foundation SPF40, £40.95, but this creamy blush is coming in at a close second as my top pick. Why? With skincare ingredients, the consistency feels like a serum and requires little to no blending in. It's available in eight shades; I have been enjoying dusky pink, Radiant Rose, for both cheeks and lips"


Isla Huffadine, GTG Content Coordinator

Tan Luxe x Paris Hilton The Future Airbrush Self Tan Mist, £39

"This iconic collab (genuine Paris Hilton fan over here) has only just hit the shelves but has quickly become my tanning staple. The pink packaging and Paris Hilton’s involvement might not be for everyone, but the product inside should be. It comes out as a clear mist with a delightful scent and develops within a few hours - no need to spend the entire night marinating! The mist feels nourishing and boasts a longer-lasting effect than I have experienced previously, plus the resulting colour looks natural and glowy."


Joonbyrd Violet Haze Body Scrub, £56

"Meet Joonbyrd, the new bodycare range from brilliant dermatologist, Dr Alexis Granite. As you'd expect from a doctor-led brand, all the products (there are currently five) are clinically-backed but, as the fun packaging suggests, are enjoyable too. The body scrub is enriched with chia seed oil, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It’s not overly grainy, making it smoother to apply, plus, it’s a dream at removing fake tan. The scent is a delicious mix of vanilla, chocolate and florals and it makes me feel happy when I use it."


Essence Call Me Queen Mascara, £3.95

"Who doesn't appreciate a beauty gem that doesn’t break the bank? This mascara promises false lash results, and I confirm it delivers! The slim wand allows for precise application, effortlessly reaching the base of each lash. For an everyday look one coat does the trick, but the buildibility of the formula means you can layer it on for a more dramatic appearance. It didn't flake or clump, even with multiple layers -  an absolute winner for well under a fiver."


This Works Perfect Body Vit C Glow, £38

"As summer nears, I notice my skin becoming drier so I've swapped out my usual body cream (that feels too heavy for the warmer weather) for this silky lotion. While it is lighter in texture it contains some hard-hitting skin hydrators;  hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and vitamin B12. The vitamin C also helps brighten and balance skin tone. It comes in a convenient pump bottle making it a great addition to your gym bag or for travelling."


Marie Louise Pumfrey, GTG Contributor

Aurelia London Hydrate and Protect Anti-Aging Moisturiser SPF 50, £65

"Skin cancer is now the fifth most common cancer so we all need to take our SPF really seriously. If you are not a fan of complicated routines, you will love the new Aurelia London SPF 50 moisturiser. It’s your one-and-done product, a  brilliant moisturiser with the brand's signature probiotics to help repair the skin barrier. It’s lightweight, fragrance-free and quick to absorb and I found it great under foundation with no pilling or white cast."


Weleda Firming Night Cream, £25.95

"When it comes to eco beauty brands, Weleda is a gem. The prices are not crazy, and you always get high-performance skincare with no nasties. My latest love is this nourishing firming peptide night cream aimed at mature skin with pomegranate seed oil. It’s been clinically tested too, with impressive results over four weeks use showing increased elasticity and reduction in deep wrinkles."


Iconic London Radiant Concealer, £24

"At almost sixty, I find most concealers either highlight winkles or don't do enough for dark circles, but this two-pronged approach from Iconic London, has solved my problems. One end has a clever brightening crayon for dark circles, and the other has a liquid concealer with a brush that you can blend over the top or apply directly to other areas of the face where you have something to cover up. The result looks bright, refreshed and natural and there are with 18 shades to choose from."


Revitalash Volumising Foam, £125

"Eyelash growth serum pioneer Revitalash also has a thickening hair-care range and its newly re-formulated volumising foam is brilliant. After one use, it transformed my fine and floppy hair into a wondrous, swishy mane. You massage a couple of big squirts into your scalp, comb it through and style as normal. It has the same formula as the eyelash growth product. They recommend using it for a month to see improvements in thinning. I can vouch for the volume it gives, which is epic."


Ingeborg van Lotringen, GTG Contributing Beauty Editor

Trinny London The Elevator, £68 

"I’m not convinced by the need for dedicated neck creams but consummate brand CEO and skincare freak Trinny has talked me into using hers. A velvety, thick-yet-light cream with a lovely fig scent, it sheaths paper-thin neck skin in a supportive film that instantly gets rid of crepiness – but unlike many other neck creams, there are long-term benefits as well. It has isodonis japonicus extract (previously only found in luxury Japanese skincare by Décorté and Shiseido) because it seems to help strengthen the junction between the upper and lower skin layers keeping it from collapsing and sagging. There’s a really good dose of collagen-boosting peptides alongside pigmentation-interrupting alpha arbutin. The brand’s own clinical trial shows pretty spectacular firming and smoothing results in 12 weeks, so it’s high-fives all around."


Gallinée Calming Serum, £35

"Gallinée is a brand that knows how to respect skin and all who sail in it (i.e. the billions of bacteria that keep it healthy and balanced). This new milky, unscented calming serum goes one step further by actively settling inflamed flare-ups, and it really works. Powered by fermented oats and marine algae prebiotic complex, it keeps skin hydrated for hours, calms redness and blotches, and makes skin more resilient to the stuff that usually sets it off. It can be teamed with the clever Calm and Microbiome supplement, £35 that calms the mind through cortisol-regulating ‘psychobiotics’. Whatever next?"


Ipsum Spa Hammam Soap, £40

"When is a soap not a soap? When it’s a marmalade-textured, olive oil and glycerine-based jelly that goes milky then slightly sudsy on the skin before leaving it feeling clean and almost velvety, with the added benefit of mild exfoliation thanks to enzymes present in the olives. Scoop some out of the pot, rub into dry or damp skin until you’re coated in what seems like silky honey, and rinse. It’s a whole new cleansing experience!"


Dose by VH Ergothioneine Serum, £26

"I’ve long been a big fan of Victoria Health’s affordable ingredient-led Garden of Wisdom skincare, and Dose by VH is the new and improved version of the range. The old faves (like the brilliant 2% Salicylic Acid) are still there, but the line-up has been joined by newcomers such as this Ergothioneine Serum (Nigella Lawson raves about it).  It's a mushroom-derived antioxidant more powerful than much-lauded CoQ10 and is teamed with ‘master’ antioxidant superoxide dismutase to improve collagen production and soften all the signs of ageing. Light and hydrating, it will calm inflammation at a very reasonable price."