From the £2 face cream she always buys to the cult body oil she uses every day, Maya's beauty routine is surprisingly relatable

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All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

Whether you’re hooked on the new series of Love Island or haven’t watched a single episode, one thing can’t have escaped your attention, just how amazing the new host, Maya Jama looks.

We were lucky enough to speak with Maya when she was launching the Hydrogel Eye Patches, £7.99, to her face mask range, Mij, to discover her ultimate beauty secrets. She shared her love of the £9.99 body oil she relies on to keep her skin supple, the £2 face cream and the most budget-friendly cleanser out there that she thinks works a treat.

We also took a look at the products her makeup artist, Letitia Sophia keeps in her kit bag to use on Maya for her photoshoots and TV work. Some of them have stayed exactly the same, testament to how loyal we are when we find the best concealers or the best eyeshadow palette.

But for Love Island, some new products have made the cut. We look at what Maya and her glam squad are reaching for to be Love Island ready as well as the treatments she relies on before jetting out to Such Africa for filming. The Silver Hydrogel Eye Patches, £15.99 for two sets, land today, 25 June.

The silver patches are here to brighten and balance the skin, plus strengthen and smooth with niacinamide. They join the Hydrogel Eye Patches , £13.99 for two sets, and the new  Bio-Cellulose Purify & Glow Face Mask , £15.99 for two.

We caught up with Maya at the launch of the Silver Hydrogel Eye Patches to talk all things skincare and makeup. Here's she shares her down to earth beauty routine and the luxury treatments she indulges in. Plus we took a deep dive into Maya's most iconic makeup looks to find out what her glam team use to keep her looking gorgeous.

Maya Jama’s hair regime

Maya regularly visits hair extension specialist, Inanch Emir at her London salon, Inanch. Inanch, who is regarded as the doyenne of hair extensions and has been doing Maya’s hair for over five years using her own brand of ethically sourced hair extensions, Gold Class. She adds two shades of dark brown to give her hair more dimension and movement.

When filming in South Africa, Maya relies on her go-to hair stylist, Jay Birmingham who creates her amazing looks. We’re not sure what products he uses but he is about to launch his own range so we’re assuming that Maya may have been wearing some of them on Love Island.

When it comes to doing her own hair Maya keeps it simple and uses everyone’s favourite budget dry shampoo, Batiste Dry Shampoo, £2.44. “I can’t be without it”, she says of the greasy hair saviour. And when it comes to her hairbrush of choice Maya told us that she always has a Tangle Teezer The Original Detangling Hair Brush, £13 on her.

Maya’s favourite facial

The man behind Maya’s glowing skin is celebrity facialist, Shane Cooper who Maya has been having treatments with for the last five years. She has experienced a number of different treatments including the Aqua-Tight facial, £350 (it’s £450 for the face and neck), which he demonstrated on Maya on his Instagram page. “The Aqua Tight Facial involves the use of three individual handpieces and a combination of acids," Shane wrote on Instagram. "The first is a water-based peel with sequential acids, used with a vacuum to remove all those impurities including dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads. The second piece of equipment is the mesoporation handpiece, which uses hyaluronic acid and serums to restructure and oxygenate your skins tissue ensuring it’s fully moisturised. Finally, the Diamond-Grain handpiece is used to exfoliate and polish the skin.”

However, when it comes to big TV moments aka hosting Love Island, Maya has Shane’s Exclusive Face Treatment, £600 (it’s £900 for the face, neck and décolletage). As the name suggests, this is a bespoke treatment that Shane tweaks to suit all his client’s skin needs so no treatment is ever the same. He combines exfoliation, micro-currents, Tri-polar radiofrequency, LED phototherapy, lymphatic drainage and high-pressure cold CO2 mixed with active ingredients with the end result always being hydrated, plumper, firmer and glowier-looking skin.

The body toning treatment: Shane Cooper Body Defining Treatment, POA

Maya also has Shane's Body Defining Treatment on her thighs and stomach, to tighten and tone her muscles. "This treatment simultaneously addresses both muscle and fat," Shane wrote on his Instagram. "It does this by using electromagnetic waves, to induce up to 36,000 supra-maximal forced muscle contractions during each session."

Maya told us she 'hates' exercise when we caught up with her, so this is one way to get around squats and lunges!

What’s in Maya Jama’s makeup bag?

When she does her own makeup, Maya said double concealer is the one makeup step she never skips. "Double concealer, sorts me out when I’m knackered. Concealer is most important," she said. "I can go without mascara but concealer makes for a no-makeup makeup look.” Maya’s makeup artist, Letitia uses a few different concealers but on recent Love Island appearances, she used Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Caramel, £25 and also in shade Sucre D’Orge, £25 layered over Bobbi Brown Vitamin Enriched Face Base, £16. She sets it all in place with Huda Beauty Easy Bake Loose Baking & Setting Powder in Blondie, £31. Adds some colour to the cheeks with Kylie Cosmetics Pressed Blush Powder in Winter Kissed, £19 and creates some glow with Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette, £36.

For the eyes, Letitia relies on a few different eyeshadow palettes: Pat McGrath Labs Mothership x Moonlit Seduction, £118 and Makeup By Mario Master Mattes Eye Palette, £54 feature heavily when she credits the products she’s used on Maya.

On her brows, she regularly uses Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Powder Duo in Dark Brown, £22 and sets the shape with iconic Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Freeze, £23

Maya tends to favour a fairly natural toned lip and the products Letitia reaches for on a regular basis are Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Foxy Brown, £20 and then Charlotte Tilbury The Super Nudes Lipstick in Supermodel, £27

For her Love Island appearances, Letitia has also been using Huda Beauty Shimmering Dry Oil, £42 on Maya’s skin for some extra glow factor.

Maya’s low-key but effective body care must-haves

It’s refreshing to know that when it comes to body care and daily skincare, Maya keeps it simple and affordable. "I’m quite basic with my face wash at the moment, I'm just using Dove Beauty Bar Soap, £1.10," Maya shared. "I go in and out depending on if my skin is behaving and at the moment this plain soap is working for me.” And put all thoughts of her slathering on a super spenny face cream on top. Maya prefers budget-friendly Nivea Soft Moisturising Cream, £2 instead. Maya told us that you'll always find a tube of hair removal cream in her bathroom and that once a month she uses it on her top lip.

On her body she loves cult body oil Bio Oil, £9.99 saying, "I use this all over my body after the shower to feel soft for days afterwards" she told us. And when she wants to give herself a moment of self-care and guarantee a good night’s sleep she reaches for Kloris Uplifting CBD Body Oil, £26.25. “"When I have something really important on the next day I have a really hot bath before bed with CBD oil in the bath so it's really steamy," Maya told us.

Maya's wellness vitamin injection: White Night vitamin drips, from £40

Instagram @mayajama

Maya shared a photo of herself on Instagram Stories this week hooked up to a vitamin drip, writing that she "10/10 recommends" it. White Night offer drips promising everything from a dose of vitamin B12 to a hit of hydration, which they say provide the body and cells with the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it needs with 100 per cent absorption.