Susannah Taylor pays a visit to John Frieda to trial the new hair treatment everyone is talking about...

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You know a treatment is really good when you hear lots of professional hairdressers literally cooing over it. When I walked into John Frieda last week and told my hairdresser friends that I was having the new Olaplex treatment, I was met with cries of enthusiasm. ‘Ohh it’s INCREDIBLE,’ said one. ‘It’s literally REVOLUTIONARY,’ said another. Everywhere I turn, a hairdresser is talking about this new miracle hair transformer.

What is it? Well, it’s a new treatment for damaged or brittle hair. Hugely popular in the States, it is said to actually rebond damaged follicles, leaving hair smoother, silkier and a whole lot more manageable, allowing you to go blonder for example or to have your hair straightened without leaving it feeling like straw. With a head full of bleached ends, naturally frizzy texture and a love of powerful hairdryers, I was the perfect candidate to put it to the test.

So off I trotted to the John Frieda in London, where the hair stylist explained how it works. Olaplex was created originally so that multiple processes could be used on the hair at the same time, on the same day without hair snapping in two. It can either be mixed in with your hair colour by your colourist or afterwards to ‘mend’ the hair. What does the process involve? For me it was nothing more than applying the product, leaving it on for 15 minutes and having it washed out.

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And you know what? It really does work. It’s not like a Keratin blow dry, which will smooth out and slightly straighten the hair, but it tranforms the texture. Afterwards my hair felt more silk, less straw-like to touch. And what’s more, the Rapunzel-like texture remains until your next chemical process (mine still feels amazing two weeks and many washes on).

It’s becoming so popular so fast, they told me in the salon, that some women are coming in two days in a row to maximise the effects. If you don’t live in London or you can’t get to John Frieda, I bet my bottom blow dry that Olaplex will be in a salon near you very soon. Watch this space.

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