GTG's resident curly-haired writer Kiran Branch on the product that could change your (hair's) life

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Maintaining a big barnet of curls can be a tricky business; for anyone with naturally tousled tresses this will come as no surprise. While the correct combination of products and tools can lead to perfectly conditioned, frizz-free curls, we've searched high and low for one wonder product that does it all. Cue SKIMDO.

Newly launched SKIMDO , £45, is a revolutionary new conditioning hair styling cream designed by Kimberley Cowans. Kimberley, who is of Jamaican and Russian descent, spent years looking for a product that would both tame and restore her curly tresses, and when product after product failed to tick all the boxes (we know the feeling) she concocted her very own magic formula.

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Yes, magic. In all our years of testing supposed frizz-fighting products (that’s well over a decade) we've never come across anything quite like it. Not only does SKIMDO almost completely eradicate frizz but its also leaves hair incredibly shiny and deeply conditioned - which for dry, curly hair is no mean feat. Better still, the formula contains zero parabens, sulphates or formaldehyde, is non-greasy, doesn't leave any residue and lasts between washes. Hello hair heaven.

SKIMDO is designed to be applied to wet hair, which should then be styled, dried and sealed with straighteners (check out the video here ), but we've found this product is so versatile that it creates beachy tresses when applied to hair that is left to air dry too. It’s also great for pre-blow-drying.

But that is the beauty of this product - it’s truly multi-tasking and will allow all those with curly hair the freedom to experiment without the fear of frizz. Don't let the price tag scare you either; a little goes a long, long way and one pot may be your saving grace for several months. Finally, we may have just found The One...

To have your hair styled by founder Kimberley using SKIMDO, you can book an appointment at  Foster London Hair & Beauty . The introductory price of £60 includes a 250ml pot of SKIMDO Original Cream.