The celebrity yoga teacher and wellbeing pioneer let us into their bathroom cabinets. Here’s what we found when we had a nose…

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Authors of  Self-Care for the Real World  Nadia Narain  and Katia Narain Philips know a thing or two about looking after themselves, and others for that matter. With fans and clients including Kate Moss, Reese Witherspoon and Lily Cole (and a whole constellation of stars beyond this), the sisters make self-acceptance, emotional resilience and extricating yourself from your phone to find a bit of actual peace a down to earth and ‘real’ process, rather than an airy fairy exercise.

One of the UK’s tip yoga teachers, Nadia started out teaching yoga on the road with bands before becoming one of Triyoga’s first yoga instructors and going on to make her own yoga DVDs and wellbeing products, from aromatherapeutic candles to affordable tank tops. Katia meanwhile is a reiki master, masseuse and founder of Triyoga’s Nectar Café.  Both are cool, calm and collected (most of the time) and have learned some enlightening nuggets of wisdom throughout their decades long careers through personal development and working with a diverse range of clients. Case in point: “think of self-care like a savings account. When we are saving we try to put a small amount away every month for a rainy day or an emergency. In the same way, doing a little bit of self-care regularly will add up.”

Speaking of which, Nadia’s and Katia’s beauty essentials have more than a hint of the holistic about them- from mood boosting body butters to hair masks that work in three minutes flat, even a quick window to check in with yourself while achieving GREAT hair at the same time can make all the difference in a hectic day. Here are the ten picks at the top of the sisters’ lists…


Root and Flowers Coconut and Cardamom Body Butter, £30 for 250ml

“I love the smell and texture of this body butter. All of the brand’s products are raw, organic and handmade. I could fill my list with five of their products alone."

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Lumity Facial Oil, £60 for 30ml

“A few drops of this oil feels so nourishing under moisturiser, especially in the winter or after being in the sun.”

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Sunday Riley C.E.O Moisturiser, £60 for 50ml

“My everyday moisturiser. I’m really funny about how things smell- I don’t like face creams with a strong scent, yet this one really appeals- it smells great. It’s the perfect texture for my skin and I always feel glowing and radiant whenever I use it."

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Nashi Deep Infusion Hair Mask, £28.45 for 500ml

“This product has been a game changer for my hair. It makes it look and smell amazing. I use it two times a week in the bath, and I only keep it on for around three minutes. I use all of Nashi’s hair products- the brand is a new discovery for me and seems to be a well-kept secret so far.”

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Lua Perfume, £58 for 10ml

“I’m not sure if I’m allowed to put one of my own products in, but it’s the only scent I use. Full of rose, sandalwood, geranium and orange, I created this with the famed aromatherapist Michelle Roque O’Neill. It’s an all-natural perfume, made from organic and wildcrafted oils. I sometimes add a few drops to my hair too.”

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Bjork & Berries Botanist Body Wash, £19 for 250ml

“I really love this body wash- it seems to last forever and there's something about the rain-like smell that’s so refreshing. It’s also not an overtly male or a female scent which I quite like.”

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Kjaer Weis Foundation, £51

“This feels light but also gives great coverage where I need it. Also it’s hard not to love the silver compact it’s packaged in. The brand is really committed to being environmentally friendly which is important for me but it does not compromise on performance which is key too. I am saving up for the brand’s The Beautiful Oil, £180, as a makeup artist friend told me it acts like an oil primer, which would be perfect for my skin type.”

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Nadia Narain Candles, £28 each

“An absolute necessity. I have at least two of my sister’s candles on the go at a time. Not only is the packaging very cute, but they smell so amazing. I usually get a headache when scents are synthetic but these are natural aromatherapy candles- so calming and beautiful.”

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Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel, £31

“I adore this melting cleanser with vitamins A, C and E, omega 6, chamomile and rose. It has a lovely oil gel texture that feels like it's really sinking into the skin and removing all of the dirt. You can just wash it off with water and it doesn't make your face feeling greasy, plus it really does leave skin glowing.”

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Davines Oi All In One Milk, £19.40

“I use this after I towel dry my hair as it stops it frizzling and helps my natural waves take shape. It also keeps my hair super moisturised and shiny.”

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Self-Care for the Real World  by Nadia Narain and Katia Narain Phillips is published by Hutchinson, priced £16.99

Nadia and Katia will be hosting a self-care workshop at Triyoga Camden on Saturday 27th January 2018 5pm-7pm.  Buy tickets here for £25 .

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