From blow-dries to Boots basics, here’s where a top beauty boss puts her cash, and where she makes savings…

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DECIEM are on a mission to change the world of beauty based on one simple principle - they aim to do everything others don't do. They took the beauty world by storm with their unique creation of an umbrella of beauty brands boasting a promise of being 'authentic, different, functional, beautiful and sensibly priced'.

Co-CEO Nicola truly knows the beauty industry inside out, allowing her to put a unique stamp on DECIEM's innovation. Having recently been awarded a CEW Acheiver Award for her contribution to the industry, Nicola is fully immersed in every aspect of the DECIEM story. Here’s a glimpse into her beauty routine…

GTG: Do you prefer to shop on or offline for beauty, and why?

NK: "For haircare and makeup I love to shop online as I really like to seek information about ingredients and how they work, as well as read reviews to see what others think. For fragrance it has to be offline as it is so important to me to understand the brand story as the connection to me is far greater than the scent alone."

GTG: Which shops or sites do you buy your beauty products from?

NK: "I love the brands Cult Beauty  have curated, and as someone who already shops from ASOS  regularly, the fact you can now add some amazing beauty products into your delivery is super convenient — especially if it's the evening and you want something the next day with no time to go to a store!"

GTG: What is the last makeup item you bought and why do you like it?

NK: "A slight extension of makeup, but I am obsessed with Tan-Luxe The Water in Medium/Dark , £33. It gives the most divine colour and has none of the downsides that traditional fake tans do. I also recently bought a new Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner pot , £25 (I usually get the duo set from British Airways duty free on board)."

GTG: And your most recent skincare purchase?

NK: "It's actually been so long since I purchased skincare since I am nearly always using our lab samples of latest formulas. My core regimen is always NIOD Copper Amino Isolate Serum , £38, and Multi Molecular Hyaluronic Complex , £25.

I have recently started using our Azelaic Acid from The Ordinary , £5.50, and loving the results I can see in my skin. On Facebook there is actually a fan club now for The Ordinary which has over 20k members, they are always sharing amazing results and stories, so quite often when I am reading the comments it reminds to me revisit one of our products I might not have used for a while!"

GTG: Have you ever had your makeup done at a makeup counter? Which brand/why and what did you think of it?

NK: "I usually get my makeup done at my hotel before big events. I recently had my makeup done by the super talented Maria Asadi for the CEW Awards and she did the most incredible job and was so lovely (I love the experience of being pampered so being a super nice human is a big part for me!) She really listened to what I wanted and created the perfect look I was after. I love a natural looking brow, so I always make sure to say this to the artist as it has been the thing I have been unhappy with in the past."

GTG: What would be in your Boots shopping basket?

NK: Accessories! I seem to spend my life buying new hair brushes and hair bobbles!

GTG: What is your favourite budget beauty buy?

NK: I’m going to have to be biased here and say The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 , £5.90.

GTG: And the most expensive?

NK: "I adore Le Labo Lys 41 , £120. Their scents not only tell stories about, and evoke memories of the person wearing them, but also of the people behind the creation of the scents themselves."

GTG: What beauty products do you stock up on in your supermarket shop?

NK: "I think the best things to stock up on at the supermarket are basics like toothpaste, deodorant and the occasional nail varnish. They’re always on offer!"

GTG: Where do you get your hair done?

NK: "I always go to an amazing lady called Alice Flewitt at Henfrey's in Nottingham . I have been going to her for many years and trust in a hairdresser is so important for the long-term health and look of your hair. She does freehand highlights using no bleach which I find gives the most natural colour for me."

GTG: Any other beauty services you regularly book in for?

NK: "I do love a good blow-dry, and will usually go to Percy & Reed . They’re absolutely amazing!"