Promising the modern no-makeup look that Bobbi's known for with easy to use products, we put the collection to the test

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Bobbi Brown’s first new makeup collection in five years is here as  Jones Road Beauty  finally launches in the UK after rave reviews in the US. It's a 20-piece collection of 'clean' makeup and skincare staples from £20 for an eyeliner pencil to £34 for a moisturiser. It's designed to create a no-makeup makeup look with simple products - eyeliner, lip gloss, eyeshadow - that suit every age, skin type and tone. Bobbi says she wanted to create "the makeup equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife: easy, cool, multi-purpose products that could be used to nail any look, whether it be no-makeup makeup or something with more drama," and we think she's succeeded.

A clean beauty brand (free from phthalates, sulfates and cyclic silicones) is a logical step for Bobbi, who last year debuted  her supplement brand Evolution18 , after training as a health coach. Jones Road Beauty is her venture back into cosmetics since she left her hugely successful namesake brand Bobbi Brown in 2016 (she sold the brand to Estee Lauder in 1995 but remained as creative director until six years ago).

Back in the high-shine power-suited 1990s, Bobbi stood out as pioneer for 'nude' makeup that looked like skin only better. Her first launch was the now-iconic nude lipstick, Lip Color in Brown, designed to look like lips rather than masking them. Suddenly everyone was ditching their power red and asking for it.

Jones Road Beauty has a similar vibe to those early days with signature Bobbi elements we know and love such as nude eyeshadows and barely-there lip shades, but with a 2021 twist. “I created my original brand in the 90s. Things are different today,” Bobbi says. "There is a new definition of what beauty is. Imperfect is beautiful. Jones Road celebrates that. It’s the ultimate no-makeup makeup.” When she left Lauder, Bobbi said in an essay that she'd become disillusioned by the trend for heavier makeup, especially contouring. "It's also a bit disheartening to see trends like contouring, which make young women feel like they need to be something other than who they are."

At present you won't find foundation as such in the Jones Road Beauty collection, although there is a colour-correcting Face Pencil in 25 shades to lighten dark circles, redness and dark spots. Bobbi describes the collection as 'evolving' so never say never.

As with the Bobbi Brown brand, Jones Road Beauty has minimalist packaging; it's white and black in millennial pink boxes, with functional product names such as The Mascara and The Face Pencil.

As for the name of the brand itself, the inspiration came from an unlikely place – the sat nav app Waze. “In the car, it’s my job to look at Waze, and tell my husband which way to go,” Bobbi tells us. “On one trip I looked at the map and saw 'Jones Road’ and thought ‘what about Jones Road Beauty?’ I called the team and they loved it, I asked my husband and he loved it. And that is where it was born. I also thought it sounded a little British.” Bobbi explained on Instagram that she was unable to use her surname in the brand moniker, writing: "Since I couldn’t use Brown, Jones was a nice name."

What to buy from Jones Road Beauty

Jones Road Beauty Miracle Balm, £34

Available in four shades, this delivers a wash of soft-focus moisture to perfect the skin and make you look extra glossy. It reflects the light for a healthy sheen and can be worn alone, or on top of foundation for an instant refresh. You apply it with your fingertips (or a brush if you prefer) to your cheeks, lips, eyelids or anywhere you want a hint of colour.

It’s made with jojoba seed oil, argan oil and vitamin E to nourish the skin as well as give a healthy vibe. "If you wear foundation, use Miracle Balm on top to make it look less like foundation and more like skin," suggests Bobbi. If you're not sure which shade to buy, there's a  quiz  on-site to help determine which is best suited for you.

Bobbi took to Instagram to answer frequently asked questions about the Miracle Balm, which is fast becoming the best-seller from the brand in the US.

Known for perfectly imperfect smokey eyes, no makeup collection conceived by Bobbi would be complete without an inky mascara. This one has a curved wand to build dramatic lashes that are lifted and volumised. Layer it up for extra definition, or just coat one lash for a more laid-back look.

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Jones Road Beauty Cool Gloss, £20

With a subtle peppermint taste, these non-sticky glosses gently plump your lips whether you wear them on their own for a barely-there tint or on top of lipstick to amp up the glamour. The gloss comes in seven shades, from natural brown Mocha to bold Poppy Red. It’s so non-sticky that Bobbi recommends tapping it onto your cheeks too for a flushed tint.

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Jones Road Beauty Just A Sec Eyeshadow, £24

This cushion texture eyeshadow is crease-proof and weightless; even a total makeup novice can create a pro-worthy look with it. It comes in six shades and our favourite is the signature Bobbi shade Bronze. Layer it for a bold look or pat on lightly for a gentle wash of colour. If you prefer a statement-making look, try  Sparkle Wash , £22, a shimmering liquid eyeshadow with serious sparkle.

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Jones Road Beauty The Best Eyeshadow

, £23

For something comfortingly familiar, go for this velvety powder eyeshadow. Available in nine matte and shimmer shades, these are the neutral hues Bobbi is best known for.

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Jones Road Beauty The Face Pencil, £23

Easy-peasy to use, this crayon covers redness, corrects discolouration and lightens dark circles. It’s almost undetected and glides on with zero pulling for a ‘your-skin-but-better’ feel. It comes in 25 shades.

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Jones Road Beauty The Best Pencil, £20

Another buy for that iconic Bobbi Brown smokey eye, this back-to-basic eyeliner doesn’t smear or drag when you apply it. It creates a crisp line that can be blended for the lived-in look. It comes in black, brown, navy and silver.

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Jones Road Beauty Miracle Cream, £34

Similar to the  Bobbi Brown Face Base , £45, which is loved by makeup artists, this fuses skincare and makeup in one for nourishing moisture that also works as a primer, allowing makeup to sit perfectly on top. It plumps and refreshes the face with shea butter, sunflower seed oil and avocado oil.

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Jones Road Beauty Hippie Stick, £29

This universal balm can be applied to your face, body or hair to create a moisture barrier. It’s buttery and just like the eyeliner, doesn’t drag when you apply it. Bobbi recommends applying it to your elbows and heels for a moisture hit. It has that unmistakable shea butter scent for a summery feel and also uses coconut oil for nourishing. There also the Jones Road Beauty  Oil Stick , £24, in the collection which makes applying face oil an on-the-go job. It glides on with apricot, jojoba, rosehip and sunflower oil for a shortcut to supple skin.

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Jones Road Beauty The Brushes, from £20

No range created by a makeup artist is complete without makeup brushes. There are six in the set, including the Eye Blending Brush for depth, £24, the Eye Fluffy Brush, £23 for straightforward eye makeup application, the Eye Detail Brush, £20, and Detail Brush, £24, both for precise makeup, The Skin Brush, £32 for blending foundation, and The Eyebrow Brush, £22 a one and done tool for taming brows.

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