Marc Jacobs has just launched eco-friendly perfume pods to make travelling with fragrance easier and kinder to the planet. Could these little capsules change the way we spritz? We tried them

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While there are many aspects of the beauty world that have fully embraced sustainability, the fragrance sector has always been a few steps behind. But the arrival of the 'perfume pod' could change that. Marc Jacobs has launched biodegradable perfume capsules called Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops, £28, in all three of the Daisy fragrances. And where this mega brand leads, others will surely follow. 

There have been many eco strides in perfume, as fragrance expert, Alice Du Parcq explains, but it's not without its challenges. 

“The perfume industry has been doing really well for a long time in ingredient regulations and ingredient sustainability, transparency, fair trade and choosing high-quality synthetics in lieu of unsustainable naturals.” 

The hurdles, however, are, "things like cellophane and complex spray dispensers are really hard and expensive to make green. It’s alcohol at the end of the day, and when it’s traveling in cargo you need a level of security and protection around it. But things are getting better.”

Indeed, they are and that's where Marc Jacobs Daisy Drops, £28 for 30, come in. Housed in a metal tin, the capsules are derived from natural ingredients and are biodegradable, just like skincare capsules which have been around for many years. There is zero plastic wrap around the outer packaging and the tin is made from aluminium, which is recyclable. One may also assume that the smaller-sized boxes would mean more can be packed into shipping containers potentially reducing the level of carbon footprint, although this isn't something the brand could comment on.

The fragrance is formulated without alcohol and has a gel-serum texture. When you open it, it doesn't spurt everywhere and it's easy to can control the dispensing.  

All three of the Daisy franchises: the classic Daisy, Daisy Love and Daisy Eau So Fresh, now come in capsule format, alongside the usual bottles too. Perhaps this marks the start of either more Marc Jacobs scents becoming capsules too, or other brands taking note and doing similar. 

My verdict

I’m not the biggest fan of Daisy when it’s in its usual bottle but somehow the scent in the capsules appealed more to me - Daisy Love, in particular, which is a slightly more musky version of the classic Daisy, which is quite a classic floral fragrance and the Daisy Eau So Fresh, which has a lighter slightly fruitier edge to it.

Whether this was the novelty of applying it from a pod or perhaps the absence of alcohol, which mellows the juice slightly, I don’t know. One thing I do know is, these are utter genius for travelling. No more wasting suitcase space and weight on a hefty perfume bottle when you can pop these in your wash bag. They’re convenient for a gym bag or for keeping in your handbag for on-the-go fragrance top-ups. Each pod is the perfect dose. There is enough to rub on your wrists, behind your ears and top tip, along your collarbones as I like to do. And as it has an almost silicone-like consistency it's easy to transfer from one part of your skin to another with no risk of it dribbling down your arms.

As for cost, you are paying a premium. Each 'pod' works out at 94p. The smallest bottle of Marc Jacobs Daisy is, by contrast, £50 (however it can easily be found on a deal for cheaper).

I don’t believe we’re all suddenly going to be using perfume pods in place of bottles. There is still something very pleasing about having your scents out on display and the pleasure of spritzing not just your skin but your clothes or your hair. However, this is a positive step and I hope that perfume pods become an affordable option for every scent.