The groundbreaking formula has just been improved with up to 100% more wrinkle-busting results

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News just in: get your purses ready, ladies. No7 Protect & Perfect Serum has just got better. 80% better, in fact. And, compared with the current, groundbreaking Protect & Perfect serums, twice as effective on under-eye wrinkles.

Why the ripple of excitement here at GTG and among, I suspect, every British beauty editor? This is the story of a groundbreaking game changer in anti-ageing skincare. When No7 Protect & Perfect  first appeared on the beauty shelves in 2007, it was the first, over the counter, anti-ageing skincare product that had been independently, clinically tested and proven to work. A report by Horizon meant that the news was official: anti-ageing skincare works. Then, more tests came in that proved its benefits on lines and wrinkles (previously its benefits were on sun damage).

P&P’s star ingredient was Matrixyl 3000 - a blend of peptides that helps to restore skin proteins, which break down as we age. It also contained retinol, an ingredient with proven line-smoothing benefits. They’re still in there, but here’s the thing.

There is 30 times more Matrixyl 3000 in the new formula. Boots’ scientists have now learned that these particular peptides were driving its anti-ageing effects. So, they reasoned, by adding more, the benefits would be better. How did they know that 30 times was the sweet spot?

“Our research to date shows that with this blend at these concentrations, the serums provide the best reductions in wrinkle appearance we have seen,” says Mike Bell, Boots Skincare Scientific Advisor.

These improvements have been proven in various clinical and consumer trials. I asked Mike to talk me through the figures. How much more effective are the latest versions - P&P Advanced, which is for 25 to 35 year olds and P&P Intense Advanced, for those over 35?

Following the three month trial, P&P Advanced proved to be ‘over 60% more effective than the current on crows feet wrinkles,’ and, ‘over 100% (over double) more effective on under-eye wrinkles,’ he says.

It took longer for the Intense version. After six months, the new serum was ‘over 70% more effective on crows feet and again, 100% more effective on under-eye wrinkles,’ he says.

But, a six month wait?  Before you start yawning, it’s worth remembering that skin has a 28 day renewal process. So for the anti-ageing ingredients in the serums to kick in, it can only be a relatively slow, cumulative process.

And get this: the improvements witnessed by eight women after a four week test suggested that skin looks better faster. They were deprived of mirrors so couldn’t check their skin’s progress. During the test one said, ‘I really want to see my face because it does feel different.’  After the test?  ‘Glowy.’  ‘Really radiant.’  ‘The lines here [points to her forehead], heavily reduced.’ ‘The frown ones are incredible.’

The test and these comments are part of the new ad campaign, which previews on Wednesday, so you may want to retain a degree of scepticism.  et given its background and tight testing protocols, it’s one serum that at a cost of under £25 must be worth trying. Add that the Advanced version contains salicylic acid - great for those with occasional breakouts and fine lines - or, that the Intense version contains instant skin-plumping hyaluronic acid, and there really is a good deal of bang for your buck.

The reformulated No7 Protect & Perfect Serums are avialble from 14th May 2014 from  Boots and

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