Do you have dull skin, blocked pores, and inflammation? It could all be down to the pollution in the air. But don't worry, we have picked the best anti-pollution moisturisers and serums so you, and your skin, can live your best life

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We are all aware that pollution can make you ill, or worse, can kill. In heavily populated cities, such as London, pollution can cause a plethora of illnesses. But have you ever thought about what pollution might be doing to your skin?

According to Liberty, Londoners are finally waking up to the effects of pollution on their skin. The department store found that searches for anti-pollution skincare have soared to 75 per cent since this time last year. It also believes anti-pollution skincare products will become as commonplace as sun protection creams, which is great because who wants acne, dull skin and premature ageing?

Is your shelfie lacking anti-pollution products? Worry not; we have you covered with our round-up of the creme de la creme of moisturisers and serums to protect you from the environment's nasties.

NUXE Creme Prodigieuse Boost Energising Priming Concentrate, £23.50 for 100ml. 

The latest offering from French skincare brand NUXE offers an incredible blend of antioxidants; Jasmine Flower, Calendula Flower, and Cellular sugar. Together these ingredients are said to boost cellular activity to counteract effects of stress, sleep deprivation and pollution damage on the skin. The concentrate is a lightweight gel primer that glides easily across the skin and applying it feels as though you've splashed fresh water over your face, leaving it hydrated and moisturised without leaving any sticky residue. Stay clear if you have sensitive skin, but if you have oily or dry skin lather onto the skin nicely for a fully-hydrated complexion.

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Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate, £69 for 30ml

Being Shiseido's number one serum, and one of my all-time favourites, this silky-textured serum strengthens your skin's outer barrier, protecting it from external aggressors. Thanks to its concoction antioxidant-rich reishi mushroom and iris root extracts, Bulgarian rose water, and yeast to protect against daily damage and signs of ageing, the serum promotes healthy-looking skin and acts as the perfect booster to hydrate a dull complexion. It has been a personal favourite of mine for many years (and that of my mother's) simply because the Japanese get it right every time. It's pricy, but the beautiful red ombre glass bottle looks beautiful on any bathroom shelf.

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Eve Lom Moisture Cream, £105 for 50ml

Again, pricey but the clinical trials for this luxurious cream suggests it really is worth splashing out on. This new launch from Eve Lom is a weightless, luxurious and all-in-one moisturising cream. It combines peach flower and white horehound extracts to provide powerful antioxidants to defend skin from cell damage. Its super hydrating formula also keeps the skin hydrated for up to 75 hours as well as protecting the skin from pollution.

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Allies of Skin 1A All Day Anti Pollution Repair Mask, £87 for 50ml

This brand has a really interesting story. Its founder, Nicolas Travis, couldn't find a product he could wear all day without feeling all greasy. So he created the All Day Anti Pollution Repair Mask which has 35 different nourishing actives including 7 brighteners, 9 antioxidants, and a 16.5 per cent Repair Complex designed to reduce and combat inflammation. Its texture is lightweight which means it won't feel as though you've layered a whole load of product on your face, even though you have. Its designed to last all day, leaving your skin feeling hydrated and moisturised as well as protecting the skin from external aggressors such as pollution. This is suitable for all skin types, but especially oily and acne prone skin.

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Vichy Normaderm Phytosolution Double-Correction Daily Care, £18 for 50ml

This is a moisturiser but you really wouldn't think it thanks to its lightweight formula. Its texture is watery and on application actually feels like a serum. Designed for acne and blemish-prone skin, its uses are twofold: a day cream and night cream. It contains salicylic acid (great for spot-busting), hyaluronic acid (to hydrate) and 15 different minerals to boost antioxidant defences. It does contain fragrance so not suitable for sensitive skin, but absolutely perfect for anyone with oily skin.

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SisleYouth Anti-Pollution moisturiser, £117 for 40ml

Slightly on the pricier scale, SisleYouth's Anti-Pollution moisturiser contains a strong cocktail of potent anti-oxidant, anti-free radical and protective active ingredients (buckwheat seed, ginkgo biloba, and pea extracts, as well as vitamin E acetate) to protect the skin from all types of pollution. It has a velvety matte finish that dries really quickly on the skin without feeling sticky. At GTG we adore this sweet-smelling moisturiser - it is firmly in our handbags. If you do have sensitive skin however I would tread lightly - we suggest testing behind your ear in case you have a sensitivity to essential oils.

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Dr Roebucks's TASSIE Anti-Pollution Serum, £46 for 30ml

If you are looking for a product that not only says what it says on the tin but also makes your skincare routine less faffy, you need Dr Roebuck's TASSIE. Ok, I'll grab my coat. But seriously, listen up. This Australian brand doesn't mess about. This gel-like serum is packed full of antioxidants and is formulated with myramaze, which is an ingredient that deeply strengthens and moisturises the skin. This serum does contain a small amount of retinol, so I would suggest wearing an SPF over it (you should be wearing an SPF all day every day anyway!), but the upside is: there are no fragrances so suitable for sensitive skin.

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Neutrogena Hydro Boost City Shield SPF moisturiser, £12.99 for 50ml

Looking for a moisturiser that protects you against free-radicals, pollution AND harmful rays from the sun? Well, this covers all bases. We love this product at GTG simply for its all-in-one capabilities, because let's be real: when you live in the city, you are time poor and when you are time poor, you want something that makes your life easier. This oil-free, water-gel moisturiser has a broad spectrum SPF25 as well as hyaluronic acid to keep your skin looking plump, dewy and hydrated throughout the day. It also contains antioxidants to strengthen your skin against pollution.

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No.7 HydraLuminous Water Surge Gel, £10 for 50ml

The latest launch from high-street retailer Boots is a wonderfully light and hydrating. The HydraLuminous range is designed for anyone wanting to glow from within. The formula contains a firm favourite ingredient, hyaluronic acid. And more importantly, it features a pollution shield technology, a disaccharide gum that creates a film on the skin’s surface to keep out pollution particles which can damage the skin barrier and cause pigmentation, breakouts, and dullness. This is a fantastic product for hydration and protecting the skin against pollution, especially because the price point is so affordable and accessible to all. The rest of the collection is pretty impressive too .

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Chanel UV Essentiel Gel Creme SPF50, £46 for 30ml

This latest offering from Chanel is a lightweight SPF product that protects against both UVA and UVA rays. The formula contains a new and cutting-edge desert yeast extract which works to deactivate the stress receptors that are overstimulated by exterior pollutants. It also stimulates the skin's natural defences to reinforce its barrier function. The texture is gel-like so easily glides across the skin without feeling sticky or leaving white residue. Rather than leaving the skin feeling dry like some SPFs, this gel creme leaves the skin feeling moisturised, hydrated and protected at all times.

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