The cult beauty brand’s first eau de parfum is now here in solid form to provide a more travel-friendly fragrance fix

When the launch of Glossier’s  first fragrance, Glossier You , £45, was announced in October, the anticipation was palpable (the teaser posted on the brand’s Instagram page accumulated more than 28,000 likes). And when it landed on our desks, it left a lasting impression. In a bit of a first at GTG HQ - everyone liked it. Considering how diverse our tastes are, that's a pretty impressive feat.

"It smells delicious, a lot classier and more expensive-smelling than I expected,” said the biggest Glossier fan in our office. “It's kind of masculine without smelling like a cologne. It's fresh.” Suffice to say, her Byredo habit is now under threat.

Its follow-up boasts the same formula, but a different format - a travel-friendly solid housed in a magnetized, flip-open, sculpted metal home designed to fit the curve of your thumb and palm that’s ideal for travelling. Cheaper than the original (coming in at a much more affordable £19), its composition still includes the same combination of notes that had us hooked at first sniff - a creamy and warm blend of ambrette, ambrox, musk, iris root and pink pepper.

It’s Glossier You, but newer, more portable and equipped with a texture that melts into skin (just like its scent).

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