Firmer, sculpted face and relaxed body in mere minutes? Here are the gua sha facial and body tutorials to follow to get the best from your gua sha massage tool

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If you've ever seen a gua sha before and after picture you'll understand why the gua sha facial - a Chinese massage technique using a crystal or stone tool - has taken off in such a big way. It combines serious face sculpting results, thanks to lymphatic drainage and its ability to bring fresh blood flow to the skin, with a self-care ritual combining crystals and facial oils. What's not to like? It's also a powerful way to relieve tension in the jaw and neck. It can also be used on the body too to relieve tension and promote sleep.

Gua sha before (L) and after (R), courtesy of 001 Skin

Model and founder of beauty brand Kora Organics Miranda Kerr shared a video of herself using  Kora Organics' Gua Sha Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor  on her face this week, working on her face and jaw with the stone, saying she credits the rituals for her glowing skin. Those who are new to gua sha massage might wonder where to start or how to use a gua sha stone. There is a host of online tutorials and gua sha how-to videos to follow.

The comprehensive introduction to gua sha

If you're completely new to gua sha, we can't think of a better place to start than with gua sha facialist Katie Blake aka The Skin Whisperer. She also runs virtual sessions for £25   for gua sha experts Hayo'u, for a more personal introduction to the practice too). In this video, OIn this 25-minute video, Katie explains the difference between gua sha tool crystals such as rose quartz and jade and explains why you use a different one at different times of the day. Which gua sha tool should you use for sensitive skin? Katie has the answer. She talks through gua sha sequence for brighter eyes and explains how to do the ritual on the neck, chest, chin, cheeks, forehead.

The 10-minute simple 5-step guide to gua sha

Massage therapist Sophie Lonsinger teamed up with Kourtney Kardashian's wellness website Poosh to film this simple five-step guide to gua sha. It describes gua sha benefits, which include lifting and depuffing and promoting healthy lymph flow to allow better circulation. During the ten-minute tutorial, she reminds you to drink plenty of water while performing gua sha to keep the fluids and toxins moving.

Sophie opts for a jade gua sha stone and explains the importance of starting with the neck, not the face when practising gua sha. "If you're moving fluids around your face and you're not opening up your neck first you're really not allowing the fluids tp have anywhere to flush out and could cause a breakout." Sophie moves onto her chin, cheeks, brows and finally the forehead: All bases covered.

Gua sha tutorial for hands and arms

If you're feeling tension in your arms and hands from too much mouse or phone gripping, 001 Skincare founder Ada Ooi has the perfect remedy with this hand and arm gua sha. She shows how the method is good for the whole body. Ada recommends performing this ritual after moisturising your hands claiming it will loosen tension around tired muscles, stimulate blood circulation and mildly exfoliate the skin too, leading to more effective moisturising. She uses the  001 Skin MicroSculptor Number 3 , £112, a traditional shaped gua sha tool made from ancient Chinese stone bian stone.

Gua sha 3-step massage for eye bags and dark circles

Ada has an equally effective nine-minute session for gua sha on the eye area to alleviate the appearance of dark circles and frown lines. Her three-step technique eases tension between the eyes. She begins by using the hands to massage the area to loosen the area before drafting in the gua sha tools. She uses the 001 Skin tool called The Pick for a technique called brow picking. The Pick looks similar to a shoehorn with a rounded point on one end and a more traditional gua sha shaped tool on the other. She uses the pointed end for most of the session, before smoothing her face at the end with the flat side.

A 20-minute advanced gua sha massage

This session is hosted by Katie Brindle, gua sha expert and founder of the Hayo'u Method, who wants us all to make gua sha a daily one-minute ritual, just like brushing your teeth. However, if you have a little more time this tutorial is your deep dive into the world of gua sha facials with advanced gua sha, spending more time on specific areas. You'll see that Katie's technique brings up redness in the skin when doing the deeper gua sha. This is nothing to worry about – the word 'sha' actually means redness and this will go down. The longer session works on sagging eyelids and fine lines; watch and learn with this master class!

Gua sha tension release for the neck

Acupuncturist Sandra Lanshin specialises in gua sha is the founder of Lanshin is a holistic healing studio in Brooklyn NY. In this 15-minute session, Sandra uses gua sha to release neck tension. "The condition of your neck directly impacts the condition of your face," she says. "I always start gua sha facials with the neck as it opens up the passage for nutrients to travel up [to the face] and waste to travel down." This video has in-depth neck techniques for the back, front and side of the neck which left us feeling airy and light after.

Gua sha tutorial for beginners

For this five-minute tutorial, Katie Brindle teams up with influencer and gua sha convert Roxie Nafousi to explain the concept of gua sha. Katie talks through sweeps on the neck and the upper portion of the face to sculpt the cheekbones using a jade tool before swapping to rose quartz and clear quartz; clear for clearing mental noise for stress-free skin to use at the night and rose quartz for morning use as it aids with circulation which is what your skin needs first thing.

Gua sha tutorial for plump lips

Forget fillers, gua sha has its own powers for plumping the lips, as shown by Ada Ooi in this eight-minute video. She begins with a manual massage before moving onto using her own 001 Skin The Pick tool (go to three minutes 42 seconds) to lift the facial contours and smooth the barcode lines around the lips.

Body gua sha for sleep

Katie Brindle talks us through a relaxing gua sha sessions to encourage sleep by reducing inflammation, relaxing tight muscles, ease out tension, soothe stress and improve circulation. She focuses on the chest, neck, shoulders and feet to engage the parasympathetic system for regenerative sleep.

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