Keep skin looking smooth and silky this summer with our pick of hydrating skincare

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With warmer weather comes the necessity for a few tweaks to our regular beauty regimes, the main one being that hydrating skincare is an absolute essential and must-have. As the temperature heats up we can lose more moisture from our skin so it’s important to not only be using products that deliver hydration to the skin but lock it in as well.

And this is key not only for our faces but for every part of our body, especially as there will be more skin on show. That’s why we’ve curated an edit of some of our favourite hydrating skincare products. From the cleanser that keeps skin perfectly balances to the body products that not only get skin feeling soft and smooth but will plump and tone too. Not to mention a genius new lip balm to ensure that your pout remains crack free this summer.

Best for toning and cooling legs: Legology Jelly-Lite Cool Hydrating Mask, £48*

If your legs are going to be on show a bit more in the summer months, and they definitely should be, then chances are you’re going to want them to look soft and supple. You may even want your body lotion to come with a side of cooling and de-puffing, which feels heavenly on hot days then look no further. This light cream (it’s called a mask but that is really in reference more to how intensely hydrating it is) does all of that and does it magnificently. It has a light gel texture which doesn’t feel sticky and instead instantly cools on the skin. It also delivers maximum levels of hydration thanks to olive squalane. And if that wasn’t enough it has toning and lymphatic drainage capabilities to thanks to the inclusion of Brazilian guarana. Slather it on and enjoy the sunshine.

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Best for all over efficient and speedy hydration: Beauty Pie Super Healthy Skin Deluxe Moisture Crème, £17.50* for members (£60 for non-members)

Perfect for summer months but this gorgeous silky-smooth buttery body cream is also an all-year-round staple. The very clever formula contains invisible micro-droplets of nourishing oils suspended in the hydrating shea butter making this a ultra-hydrating product that doesn't feel heavy, sticky or greasy. It sinks in immediately and leaves a gorgeous fresh and zesty scent of tangerine, geranium and Tonka bean. It has great slip so a little really does go a long way - again meaning you can get your entire body covered in a jiffy - and this substantial 250ml tub will last you months. 

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Best for cleansing: Samaya Vata Hydrating Cleanser, £69*

It’s easy for skin to get drier and feel tighter when it gets warmer so it’s important to use a cleanser that will not only remove dirt, grime and makeup but also nourish and hydrate the skin at the same time. This does exactly that. It has a unique creamy-gel texture that doesn’t feel too heavy and is packed with ayurvedic botanicals such as ashwagandha that helps balance moisture levels and is a great anti-inflammatory. There’s also rose geranium oil which can help calm irritated skin as well as aloe leaf extract that is antibacterial. It doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulphates, silicones and mineral oils.

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Best for oily skin: Hello Skin Hydration Serum, £19*

Packed with prebiotics that will help keep oil levels balanced and ultra-hydrating and does-it-all ingredient, rosehip oil. This serum is also brimming with vegan and natural ingredients such as Argan, academia nut and chia seed oil which all deliver moisture to the skin. Plus it comes with a very affordable price tag meaning that your hydrating skincare doesn’t need to break the bank this summer.

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Best for dry skin: Comfort Skin Hydramemory Rich Sorbet Cream, £53*

It’s tempting to reach for your regular richer and buttery moisturisers when you have dry skin but when the weather is warm that’s not what you feel like putting on. Instead switch-in this light, almost mousse-like cream that has all the hydrating properties dry skin needs without the heaviness or stickiness. How does it do this? It’s thanks to macro hyaluronic acid, a larger molecule size of the skin hydrator that clings onto moisture too as well as a clever ingredient called Betaine that keeps hydration levels balanced in the skin as well as making the complexion look glowy.

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Best for under eyes: Garnier Hyaluronic Cryo Jelly Anti-Fatigue Jelly Eye Patches, £4.99

These clever and completely biodegradable eye patches not only add a serious hit of hydration to the delicate skin around the eye but they feel cooling too which will be welcome relief on hot sunny days. You can even keep them in the fridge to make them feel even icier.

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Best for lips: Kinship Supermelt Vegan Lip Jelly Mask, £19

With quite a unique balm-to-oil texture this is no ordinary lip balm. Its vegan and cruelty-free formula contains papaya enzyme that gently exfoliates the lips allowing for the hydrating ingredients to sink in. It also warms slightly on application, melting as it goes without feeling sticky or tacky. It has a subtle vanilla scent that’s not over-powering or sickly sweet.

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Best for SPF protection: Coola Refreshing Water Cream SPF50, £45

Not only is this a brilliant hydrating skincare product to have in your arsenal but it’s an excellent broad spectrum SPF 50. So if you’re looking for one product to slather on in the morning that will deliver maximum levels of hydration as well as keeping your skin safe in the summer months (and all the months of course) then this has you covered. Not only that but it has a gorgeously cooling feeling on the skin and again if you want to ramp that up you can keep it in the fridge.

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Best for rejuvenating skin: Cellcosmet Cellular Body Gel Cream, £213*

Now, we know this is spenny but if you have the budget you will not be disappointed. A Swiss brand that started in the medical arena, all of the products are created by the most phenomenal amount of medical professionals and innovative scientists that are at the forefront of technology and innovation. The products all contain cellular, botanical and marine technology that can revitalise skin cells and handily each product has a cellular index marked on the packaging to show you what level that product works at graded from 1 through to 6. This is a two which means this is a body lotion that not only will hydrate the skin but make a difference to the condition of your skin on a deeper level leaving you with plumper and firmer skin.

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