Naomi Campbell has been singing the praises of microneedling so we had to give it a try; Jane Druker put the GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool to the test

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There's no denying that Noami Campbell has one of the most coveted complexions in the world; always glowing, consistently flawless and never showing any signs of ageing. Jealous, us? Never. Naomi recently shared her daily skincare routine with US Vogue  and lauded microneedling as an essential step for helping her serum to really sink into her skin.

Microneedling sees converts utilise a gadget with miniature needles that you roll over your skin; the teeny weeny wounds it imparts stimulate collagen production to allow deeper penetration of topical products - as Naomi rolls her microneedler over her skin (which she explains she got from the doctor so it has longer needles that most consumer buys) she lets out little ouches.

I tried the GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool , £199, which is designed for home use for one minute every night. It's the size of a razor with a rollerball containing an LED infrared light. The theory is that the combination of stimulation and red light provides a skin rejuvenating effect, which it claims to deliver in 30 days. There are additional ‘heads’ so you can roll it on the delicate eye area and a larger one for use on the body which again encourages smoother skin, (the latter being a technique highlighted by Trinny Woodall  on Instagram for its ability to also "break down fat").

What did it do for me?

Feeling a tiny bit apprehensive about "wounding" my face, I unpacked my GloPRO and looked at those tiny little spikes and thought yikes! But I'd done my homework and met with the founder Jamie O'Banion who is an ex-model who, together with her dermatologist dad, launched skincare brand Bioscience, which specialised in anti-ageing creams...until now. The GloPRO launched in the States first and it's quite the media and sales sensation, not only winning awards from Allure and InStyle but selling out on each and every delivery to high-end department stores, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom among them. She promises a pain-free experience and serious anti-ageing results. Suffice to say, her skin is peachy perfect when we meet and she's got three young kids and has just stepped off the red-eye from Dallas. I definitely want what she's having.

I rolled the GloPRO all over my forehead, right and left sides and nasal folds from nose to mouth, concentrating on each area separately for the 60 seconds I'm urged to. It doesn't hurt, but the sensation is strange and you do feel a mini ‘prick’ every now and then. It immediately gives your skin a flushed appearance so it's best used only at night – a bright red face does look rather alarming but I wake up looking refreshed. I've only been using mine for two weeks but something rather wonderful has happened, friends are starting to ask "Have you had something done?" suspiciously. Job done. I'm hooked.

Ready to try it for yourself? Here's the skincare you need to use when you're microneedling  - and equally importantly, what to avoid.