Susannah Taylor has had her fair share of facials in her time. But this one was something else...

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There are facials, and then there are facials. Over the years I've had oil poured on my third eye and I've had my face wired up to an electric current, but there are only a few facials that have really etched their way into my memory banks.

One was a series of facials leading up to my wedding with the awesome Amanda Lacey, another with highly tuned-in Anastasia Achilleos who told me I needed to calm my mind (she was right I was v stressed at the time) another was with Sarah Chapman who ended up zapping a couple of veins on my face I thought I was doomed to put up with forever. More recently there was Teresa Tarmey who left my skin looking like it had a lightbuld inside, and last but not least was with Geraldine Kelly, a very special beauty therapist on Harley Street with extraordinary spiritual  powers.

I defy even the most hardened cynic to succumb to her healing hands

Now I’m not a hippy-dippy type, but having experienced it, I would say Geraldine definitely has a special gift and I defy even the most hardened cynic to succumb to her healing hands. A very kind, warm, gentle Irish soul, from the moment you arrive in her room, you know you’re in the hands of someone who will do her utmost to look after you for the next hour of your life. Recommended to me (or should I say ‘raved about’) by a good friend whose opinion I would trust wholeheartedly, I had been saying I would visit for a while.

A facialist for over 25 years, Geraldine’s facial is best described as restorative, gentle yet very effective, tailoring it to each individual’s needs. With a dreamy massage technique, I drifted in and out of conciousness as Geraldine applied layer upon layer of Repechage products (a seaweed-based skincare range) finishing with an amazing thermal mask (one of those rubberised ones that leaves your skin with a baby soft glow.) Geraldine told me it would take a few days for the facial to take effect, and she was right – a couple of days later I looked in the mirror and my skin looked like it had been Face-Tuned to perfection.

Then came the spiritual part. Geraldine is an accredited healer and she went down to the far end of the bed and very gently took hold of my feet. No word of a lie I felt a rush of energy going up through my body to my head, making it hot, but not in an uncomfortable way. Afterwards, she sat on the end of the bed and chatted to me in her deeply caring way, describing exactly the sort of person I am, the emotions I feel, and how I might be able to manage this thing called 'life' better.. Everything she said was correct despite me having told her nothing about myself.

In this super fast, digital age it was a joy to discover this lovely spiritual lady who took me away from the fast pace of life for an hour and gave me back not only great skin but a real sense of calm. I’ll be back.

Geraldine Kelly Tel: 0207 4678406

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