Would you like watermelon sugar, glazed donut or blueberry milk? Nope, it's not a menu, rather the best nail trends for summer 2023. Read on for your next favourite mani

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If, like us, you plan your summer wardrobe around the summer 2023 nail trends then this one's for you. We have hunted down the coolest designs, the chicest nail art and the latest shades of the summer. Might you even be tempted by nail stickers?  The arrival of the Chanel Le Set Vernis kit, Chanel’s first foray into this world, could just persuade you to have a play.

“Clients want to add slightly brighter or neon shades to their manicures as soon as summer comes along,” says celebrity nail technician Michelle Class.“And it doesn’t have to be all over. It could be a micro-thin line on a French manicure teamed with a classic nude base or accenting the cuticle line with a bright colour.” 

Your holiday destination may also influence your manicure decision. “Lots of my clients who are heading to Greece ask for something that merges white and blue.” Milky nails, such as blueberry milk nails as seen on singer Sabrina Carpenter (top), or Hailey Bieber’s glazed donut nails are also popular and a practical choice for summer. “The great thing about glazed nails is that the regrowth isn’t as noticeable, so they will last if you want to stretch your manicure over a longer period.”

Here are 17 summer 2023 manicure trends that we think have nailed it.

1. Blueberry milk nails

Image Instagram: @sofiarichiegrainge

Gen Z celebs such as socialite Sofia Richie (above) and Sabrina Carpenter have discovered the milky way this summer - specifically blueberry milk nails. Yep, it's yet another food-themed manicure trend that's massive on TikTok but I guess it sounds more exciting than plain old "baby blue".  It's a shade that looks chic with a light tan, so is perfect for beach holidays.

2. Pink and orange switch-up 

There is actually a lot going on here but it manages to look super clean and simple. Alternating orange and pink micro French mani tips with contrasting pink and orange dots feature on a light pink base. Lovely.

2. Doughnut nails 2.0

Forget glazed doughnut nails, this is a more literal take on the trend with sprinkle doughnut tips. Perhaps not for everyone but fun nonetheless. You do need quite a long nail base to get enough of a ‘drip’ down it.

3. Micro dots

This is a chic way to incorporate a few different colours onto your nails, but the neutral base still makes it a fairly low-key look. Works on any nail length.

4. Milky wiggles

If you love the milky nail trend (would madam prefer strawberry, chocolate or blueberry milk?) then you may also love the addition of a fine white squiggly line across your nails. We do. Another great look for shorter nails too.

5. Colour and space

This is ideal if you tend to shy away from bold colour. It does use lots of different shades but the negative space makes it  look modern and less daunting.

6. French dots

If you’re looking for a fun, but easy, nail design to do yourself then this could be it. Dots are far easier to paint on the tip compared to straight and even conventional French manicure lines. Use the end of a makeup brush to create the same-sized dots every time.

7. Starfish moment

Creatures of the sea make for unlikely but cute mani inspiration this summer. We love these starfishes added to the ring fingers. If you're after complementary makeup then check out the products used by  Halle Bailey's Little Mermaid makeup artist for the film.

8. Flourish of flowers

Nothing says summer like flowers so why not take add them to your nails? We love how this nail design just has a hint of petals and it’s only used on a couple of fingers.

9. To the sea

Choose the colours of the sea and create waves and ripples down your nails with two tones. They look great on oval nails but would work on any length and shape. 

10. Evil eye

Ward off bad vibes this summer with an evil eye design. The intricate detail of the eye elevates a plain nail and can be placed on every nail or just used on one.

11. Watermelon sugar

It’s the fruit of the summer and Harry Styles' favourite so of course you should wear it on your nails. We love how the pinks blend work together. It's both fun and sophisticated.

12. Go dotty

Again, this is the type of nail design that is essentially quite busy with all the colours and dots but still somehow manages to look clean and elegant.

13. Central line

Another design using dots in a line, which you could give a try at home. We love the mix of colours on the neutral base.

14. Splatter art

Bright, colourful and playful - everything you want  from your summer 2023 nail design. You can mix up the colours to focus on your favourite shades, but we adore the contrast of the bright sunshine yellow with the peach and pinks.

15. Sunset nails

Definitely one for the salon pros to perfect but this gorgeous ombre effect creates the perfect sunset. Even if it rains all summer, your nails will bring the sunshine.

16. All the blues and whites

Blue and white are just a colour match made in heaven, We love how this design hops across all the nails in an understated way. Perfect for wearing on a sun lounger in Greece, perfect for wearing for the weekly shop in Aldi.