She’s known for her cashmere with an edge – her rainbow stripes and star motifs. Her makeup, on the other hand, is pared-back French chic. Here's what's inside her beauty bag

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When Marielle Wyse designed her first cashmere jumper back in 2014, she had no idea that today she would be selling in 20 countries.  Marielle, 53, who is half French, started her career as a fashion assistant at British Elle. “As far back as I can remember I loved fashion and beauty,” she says. “Growing up I used to make all my own clothes and loved practising with different makeup looks”.

Marielle's French mother gave her some invaluable beauty advice at a very young age. “My mother said, ‘Beauty comes from the biggest smile. No one looks old when they smile’.”

As she travels the globe with her collections, Marielle spends time hunting down new beauty products from abroad. Her day-to-day make up look is natural and chic and definitely takes a cue from the French. “I keep it quite real and I do look after my skin. Most of the colour I wear comes from my cashmere. But there are some key beauty products I can’t be without”.

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Here are her picks.

Hourglass - Ambient Lightning Palette, £59

"I use this for shape and contour - it's like colour by numbers. I'm never sure I have got it quite right, but I do try very hard. I discovered this fabulous product while browsing in Space NK."

Charlotte Tilbury – Light Wonder, £32

"This was recommended to me by my makeup artist friend Sarah Cherry. It's the lightest tinted moisturiser and perfect for everyday on the run!"

Surratt – Relevee Lash Curlers, £28

"Recommended by the makeup artist Ruby Hammer, I use these lash curlers a lot and they don't pinch."

Glossier - Boy Brow, £14

"Emily our Wyse London Art Director made me queue in New York to get this from the Glossier showroom. I, nor my eyebrows, have ever looked back."

Aurelia - Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser, £58

"I did some work with the gorgeous Aurelia girls and came across this. Perfect night time soothing moisturiser with the most divine fragrance."

M alin & Goetz - Resurfacing Gylcolic Pads, £40

"Not too abrasive and not too gentle - just enough to rub off a few dead cells. This was recommended to me by our Wholesale Manager Clare, who has skin to die for."

Jo Malone - Lime Basil and Mandarin Exfoliating Shower Gel, £30

"Ever since Jo Malone she launched the brand I have bought this. I have loved it from the outset. It is so fresh and invigorating."

James Read – Gradual Tan Sleep Mask Tan Face, £25

"Being half French, I love a healthy glow. I can quite easily look sallow. I have tried many brands and this one just gives you that glow, it doesn't streak, it doesn't look orange. You put it on at night and when you wake up in the morning you think - oh - why do I look so healthy. Then you remember!"

Bobbi Brown – Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner, £19.50

"Clare and I were in Paris in January and just decided we needed a perk. We found ourselves a the Bobbi Brown counter and this was applied. You can get the liner to the desired level - less is more. I went for a little bit of definition and love the fact it makes your eyes stand out."

Charlotte Tilbury – Beach Stick in Moon Beach, £30

"Ruby Hammer said, 'As you grow older you need to avoid shimmer and powder blushers'. This again gives me the glow I crave. Plus if I don't have my glasses on and don't apply properly it isn't a disaster. I definitely want to avoid the Bette Davies 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane' Look!"

Votary - Super Seed Nutrient Cream, £65

"Liz our Wyse PR introduced me to this gorgeous brand. This fabulous moisturiser feels like you are feeding your skin, absorbs easily and great under makeup."

Votary – Rose Geranium & Apricot Cleansing Oil, £45

"A really gentle cleansing oil - that smells just incredible!"

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle, £55

"My mother was a big Chanel fan. She wore No.19 I wanted to be a little different and it is now part of my DNA. Would feel undressed without it!"  Follow Marielle on Instagram  @wyselondon  and Twitter  @wyse_london