In her new column, GTG Editorial Director takes us through to the best brightest new finds in beauty and wellness – and where to go for the latest treatments

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If we haven’t met – hello! I’m Victoria, and I’m Editorial Director of Get The Gloss and a beauty and wellness junkie. I’m never more than five steps away from a yoga mat, a blusher, or a ‘weird powder' as my teenagers like to call my supplement stash (biohacking? I’m first in line).

I struggle to sleep, but CBD oils, reishi mushroom and  HRT (specifically progesterone) help; I love an eye mask – a silk one for sleeping and the undereye ones that really do iron out wrinkles. I’m always planning my next ‘tweakment’ and ways to boost my mid-life thinning hair.

Every week I receive messages from friends and readers asking me to recommend the best moisturiser, yoga pant, person to see for Profhilo (is it better than Morpheus8?) and so on.

And that’s why Get the Gloss was founded in 2012, because as beauty editors we wanted to give you access to our little black book of experts to see, curated product edits and our knowledge of what really works. It’s all powered by the many doctors nutritionists PTs, and dentists, who we have on speed dial and who tell us the unvarnished truth (unless it’s about actual nail varnish, of course) to help us unpick the hype.

In this column, I will be sharing all my latest discoveries and adventures in health and beauty land… enjoy! 

You can find me on Instagram @victoriawoodhall, where I also teach Rocket Yoga.

Foreo Peach, IPL hair removal device, £369 

Finally, an at-home IPL hair removal device I can stick with. It's really fast (lower leg in five minutes), one head does everything, you just shave and shoot, once a fortnight for 12 weeks, then ongoing top-ups. The hygienic silicone head moulds into your crannies for those awkward bikini line areas. Shades are optional if the flashes bother you. Like all IPLs, it won't work on white, red, or very blonde hair or the darkest skin tone. (Does it work on white pubes? Sorry no). It emits cooling air and buzzes pleasantly like all Foreo devices. Fun while you de-fuzz!


Chanel Codes Couleur accessories from £30

Margot Robbie’s MUA Patti Dubroff shared a snap of her Barbie premiere makeup kit last week (all Chanel) and in it was this pink leather makeup brush set (£144) and the matching mirror (£40) They're part of the most covetable limited-edition Chanel beauty accessories set, that also includes a nail file, £30. There are nine colours, each with a coordinating nail polish and, in most cases, an eye shadow or lipstick too. I have the set in the iconic Rouge Noir, but am also lusting after the eau de nil mirror. For hard-to-buy-for beauty lovers, this is the hot tip to shop.


Ateh Jewel Beauty Blush of Dreams Cream Blush £25

It was a momentous day for my friend and colleague Ateh Jewel, whose beauty range for all skin tones launched in Harrods. The first product, a cream blush, comes in three shades my favourite being Watson Watermelon, named after Royal Ballet dancer Ed Watson. Ateh was a talented ballerina but was told “black girls don’t do ballet” (she wrote about going back to adult ballet classes for GTG) and was turned away from beauty counters because “black girls don’t do blush.” Don’t listen to the doubters, she says. I say, buy the blush, you’ll love it.


JPs Originals The CBD Collection £28

For me, tea is wellness tonic. I drink Japanese sencha green tea every morning as it’s high in antioxidants and never bitter. Soul Soother by JPs Originals, which blends sencha with 15mg of CBD (the daily max is 70mg) is next-level for a tea nerd, especially as it's part of a CBD tea discovery set (you can’t taste the CBD btw). Founder Urvashi’s grandfather JP was a master tea grower and when she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition, CBD really helped. This is my 4pm pick-me-up with a smidge of caffeine,  a whoosh of mint and a hug of rose.


Beauty Pie Shinkai gel cream, £34 members, £100 non members

I’ve been a member of Beauty Pie for years and its premium active skincare offering is on fire ATM. My thirsty skin loves this new gel cream with hydration-locking and age-proofing actives (it had me at ‘kombucha essence!). Judging by the orbed glass jar and cloud-like texture, it is a dupe for/nod to J-beauty icons such as Shiseido’s Bioperformance Advanced, £88 and Tatcha’s The Silk Cream £123, but for a fraction of the price. I use it as a day cream and thicker as an overnight mask. Keen to try? Sign up with GTGTSENTME for £10 off membership.


Did you know walking among trees improves your attention? You can remember 20 per cent more than if you did an urban walk, according to a study by the University of Michigan. Just one of the many nuggets I picked up from this beautiful, practical and inspirational book by the foremost authority on forest bathing. It has inspired me to get out more. I was gifted it at the launch of Tatcha's gorgeous Forest Awakening body collection. Everything is infused with the oil of hinoki trees, which emit compounds (phytoncides) that reduce stress and improve sleep.


Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Lip Blur, £27

Liquid lipsticks can be drying and wear off in a rather patchy way, but not these new creamy numbers from Charlotte Tilbury. There are eight shades including the iconic Pillow Talk, ordinarily my go-to. In this texture,  however, it goes on lighter than the bullet version, so I’ve gone for the bolder Rose Blur. Being a ‘lip blur’ (a new one on me) you recreate Charlotte’s technique of dotting colour in the centre and blurring out towards the edges, or wear it in the traditional way, as I do. I line with pencil first for definition.


I’m definitely the mosquito magnet of the family, always getting bitten. I have persuaded myself that this lemongrass candle (mozzies hate citronella) from Diptyque’s limited edition summer collection, is essential. While the scent is probably not strident enough to ward off bugs, it is dreamy 'Mediterranean lemon grove' bottled. The newly commissioned artwork on the iconic oval label speaks of the simple life that you always vow you’ll have when you come back from holiday.


I’m never without a heat protector now that my naturally curly hair has become thinner, finer, frizzier and in need of smoothing every day. Heat protectors now mostly come with ‘extras’ and Olaplex’s lovely fine mist is repairing volumizing and de-frizzing – all my wishes granted. Want a budget volumising heat protector? I highly recommend Charles Worthington Thicker and Fuller Thickening Mist , £5.99. It has a slight hairspray feel, but you need that bit of hold to lift roots and prevent fine hair from ‘floofing’. 


Glowfhilo and Polyneucleotides with Dr Paris Acharya, Waterhouse Young Clinic, from £600 

I first had Glowfhilo, last year, when Dr Paris Acharya launched the Profhilo and peel combo for patients wanting to refresh dull and dry post-summer skin. I’ve never had so many comments – it leaves you shiny and glowy (for pictures, see our story on best Profhilo treatments). For my second treatment, she recommended I try new-tweak-on-the-block, polynucleotides (brand name Mastelli).  Like Profhilo, it's a hyaluronic acid skin booster but regenerates cells as well. Expect to hear a  lot more about this treatment that makes skin behave younger.


Sweaty Betty Sand Wash Cloud Weight Short, £55

Do you think you can’t wear shorts? So many women feel this way, apparently, prompting Sweaty Betty to commission performance poet  Sophia Thakur to write and perform ‘Wear The Damn Shorts’. Her video will really put a smile on your face and encourages even the most hardy refusenik to get their legs out. Pop into any store and you’ll it playing on repeat, alongside a huge range of shorts and skorts. These loose-fitting slightly neoprene ones come in navy and white too. I went for the matching Cloud Weight Pullover, £85 too. It’s Barbie week after all.


Castor Vida Castor Oil Pack £45 

Show me a biohack that’s a traditional practice - such as breathwork - and I’m there. I saw Trinny Woodall and Hayou's Katie Brindle trying this castor oil pack on Instagram and had to give it a go. It’s said to be particularly good for gut issues and liver support. I now read in Dr Mindy Pelz best-selling Fast Like a  Girl book that a castor oil pack worn over the liver for a minimum of two hours helps move toxins through it more easily. I wear it at night (under dark PJs as oil can mark) and more recently over my injured knee, and it actually makes me feel better.