Have you noticed that the scent of your perfume doesn’t hang around as much during cold weather? There’s a very real reason for this. Here are some expert tricks to stop fragrance fade

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If you’ve noticed that your perfume doesn’t last as long in winter, you’re not alone. It's not unusual to find that the scent you doused yourself in first thing is a distant memory come lunchtime.

There's a very simple reason. It’s down to the fact our skin is drier. “The more moisture on your skin the longer your fragrance will last,” says Dom De Vetta, founder of fragrance brand Shay and Blue , so when skin is less hydrated (i.e. in the chillier months) that's when you're likely to experience fragrance fade.

There are ways to combat this small but irritating problem. The most obvious is to make sure your skin is well moisturised. “I always recommend moisturising with unscented body lotion before applying fragrance,” says fragrance doyenne Jo Malone of Jo Loves . “Unfragranced lotion gives a base for your scent to cling to, a little like applying a primer before foundation."

If you find unscented products unappealing (they just don’t feel as luxe!), investing in body products that match your perfume is a great way to intensify your fragrance. Nothing feels as fancy as soaking in the Jo Loves Bath Cologne , washing with the Hand and Body Cleanser , and finishing off with the Hand and Body Lotion .

Aside from investing your entire life savings on the full Jo Loves range (guilty, don’t judge), there are other ways to make your fragrance last longer. Did you know that the way you apply your perfume can have an effect on how long it lasts? "Don't rub your wrists together after applying fragrance,” advises Jo. “Let it dry freely on the skin, because friction can break down the fragrance molecules and dull the scent.”

Believe it or not, hair actually holds fragrance best, so look for a hair mist to intensify your fragrance. We’re often told that applying fragrance to your hair can dry it out, but there’s such a tiny amount of alcohol in most perfumes, any damage is minimal. If you’re still not sold on perfume in your hair, turn to your clothes. “Try spraying a little scent on the clothing you’re wearing,” says Dom de Vetta. “It lasts longer on fabric - but don’t spray on to delicates like silk!"

Which fragrances last longest?

Some scents tend to fade faster than others – citrus notes are more volatile and fade quickest. For a fragrance that lasts from dusk til dawn, opt for wood and musk scents. Seek out ingredients such as sandalwood, vetiver and oud. “Woodsy or heavy notes, like patchouli, in the base will last longer than volatile notes, like citrus, which are fleeting by nature,” confirms Mona Maine de Biran, of genderless fragrance brand Kierin NYC .

The type of fragrance you’re choosing can also alter how long it lasts. “If you’re looking for fragrances to last longer, your focus should be on eau de parfums,” she adds.  “They offer a quality scent experience that will last longer than its diluted cousin, the eau de toilette, due to the eau de parfum’s higher concentration of perfume oils.”

How to make perfume last longer

A few purchases to intensify your fragrance can't hurt... and with so many chic hair perfumes out there, who can blame you for buying several?

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