In her new monthly column for Get The Gloss, the wellness entrepreneur and supermodel shares her ‘bio-tweaks’ for a beauty-full life

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It’s been almost a decade since I turned 50. In that time, I’ve reunited with what it feels like to be well.  Back then, I realised I could no longer rely solely on my genetics for a healthy body. I felt run down and irritable. I wasn’t sleeping well, I had no energy to exercise, I was eating too much sugar and I felt uninspired and unmotivated. At a loss as to how to feel better, I went to see nutritionist Dr. Simone Laubscher PhD at her London clinic. That visit changed the course of my life. She explained to me the importance of an anti-inflammatory body and lifestyle by lowering inflammation in the body. She went on to create a potent nutritional greens protocol for me.

She was right. After just a few weeks of combining the greens with other life-style changes, I was feeling better than ever. In no time at all, the quality of my skin, hair and nails had improved, sugar cravings reduced, I regained my sense of vitality, my sleep improved, and my energy levels were higher than they’d been for a long time. I felt stronger and leaner with greater vitality.

For me, it was truly miraculous. That composition of greens and almost 50 ingredients, carefully curated to work in synergy with each other and amplify each other to support all 11 systems of the body, proved to be remarkable. I couldn’t believe it could be so effortless and simple as taking two teaspoons in water every day, consistently. I was so grateful for such a transformation.

That nutritional greens powder went on to become what is now The Super Elixir™ — so powerful it birthed a business. It inspired me to set up WelleCo to share my discovery with others around the world. Now we have an entire collection of plant-based beauty-through-wellness elixirs. Ten years ago, no one had heard of ‘ingestible beauty’ but I realised beauty is soul deep, not just skin-deep. I was passionate about wanting to change the age-old perception of beauty founded on youth to beauty founded on wellness. It’s a very empowering realisation.

Today, health is universally acknowledged as true wealth, something I experienced so profoundly first-hand. On my journey, I have spent so much time optimising my day-to-day, that I often get asked about what I’m currently trying to master or what I’ve recently learned. Some might call that ‘biohacking’.

So what is biohacking? Clinical nutritionist Dr Josh Axe explains: “Biohacking is the process of making changes to your lifestyle in order to ‘hack’ your body’s biology and feel your best. You know the saying, 'You are what you eat'? That actually applies to humans in a broader sense. Everything we put into our bodies — our foods, our thoughts, our physical movement — affects how we behave.” By “biohacking yourself”, he says “you can actually transform your body so you feel more energized, more productive and, overall, like the best possible version of yourself.”

While I am very comfortable being thought of as an ‘optimiser’, for me, the idea of overwriting the body's natural genius — that innate intelligence and wisdom — is neither possible nor wise! However, here are my top ‘bio-tweaks’, the everyday tools I use to enhance and optimise my life through my relationship with my body

Elle Macpherson: my top 'bio-tweaks'

1. My wellness protocol of The Super Elixir™, supplements, elixirs, smoothies and tea is my number one bio-tweak. I take two teaspoons of WelleCo’s The Super Elixir™ in water, which I drink throughout the morning, as well as ION Gut Support, £68.40  on a daily basis. I’ll have a morning smoothie with our Nourishing Protein, and will often add The Collagen Elixir to support glowing skin, strong nails, a healthy body and thick hair. Depending on my daily demands and inner state, I often add The Immune Elixir or The Calm Elixir (both two capsules daily with food) to my daily supplement mix. I’ll end the day with our Sleep Welle Calming Tea, £48 

2. Cold Plunge and banyas. I like to go for a cold plunge after my workout followed by a matcha in the sunshine before getting ready for my day.  I’ve just discovered the Russian Banyas, an ancient tradition of steam sauna, which I like to alternate with a cold plunge. It’s a great way to stimulate the lymph system, detox, unwind and a fun alternative as a date to connect with friends – check it out.

3. Infrared sauna: At the end of the day, I like to relax in my Therasage infrared sauna. It’s great for detox, immune boost, lymph support and relaxation.

4. Blue light glasses: I wear blue blockers (my favourites are Tom Ford Blue Block collection, from £230) to protect my eyes from exposure to blue light. I use my devices minimally once the sun goes down.

5. Sungazing and being out in nature: I’m usually up with the sun. I’ll then get outside and put my feet on the earth to ground. I love being outside and connecting to nature. I choose activities where I am outside, close to nature as much as possible — hiking, biking, swimming or simply sitting in the fresh air and sunshine.

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6. Movement: I do some yoga in the morning sun, or Zach Bush’s 4-Minute Workout to stimulate nitric oxide.

7. Tea ritual: tea is very important to me. I love rooibos tea, ceremonial matcha and pu-erh tea during the day. And of course, WelleCo’s Sleep Welle Calming Tea at night, which was formulated for my routine. For me, tea ceremony is an enjoyable and grounding part of my day and a sacred moment to connect with friends.

8. Energy healing: I’m a big believer in energetic body balancing so I have regular sessions of acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, lymphatic drainage, sound and frequency healing among others. A key element of working with the energy body is choosing carefully and listening to my body so as not to overload it.

9. Breathwork: keep it simple is my motto these days. I’ve found breath practice helps amplify the benefits of all the other bio-tweaks that I do. And it’s free and profoundly effective!

10. Meditation for inner connection: my daily practice includes meditating in the morning for around 25 minutes –– either guided or in silence. I aim to be in the natural flow of life as much as possible.

11. Intermittent fasting: for hormonal balance, mood, digestion and weight, Dr Will Cole’s book, Intuitive Fasting, £24.55 is a great way to get acquainted. I also love Dr Mindy Peltz’s book, Fast Like A Girl, £16.43. Both books share the hows, whys and benefits of intermittent fasting.

12. Unplug: I’m diligent about not sleeping with my phone charging near my bed. If it’s in my bedroom, I keep it on airplane mode while I sleep. I am aware when I find myself mindlessly scrolling Instagram or rabbit-holing down the internet path during the day. When I’m not scrolling, I find I have much more constructive time on my hands to dream, create and connect.

13. Joy: The very best bio-tweak is joy! Finding the beauty in everything  – you’ll be amazed how this attitude affects the quality of your days.

I have ultimately learned that consistency – with all protocols and practices – shapes success. When I am diligent - particularly with my greens, getting early morning sunshine, movement, breath work and heart-centered connection – I thrive. I have the energy and drive to meet my commitments, but I’m also able to be creative, accessing new ideas and applying them to my life, relationships and business.  Bio-tweak your daily routine today! I assure you, you’ll be glad you did.

Love, Elle

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