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The Gloss Report: 34 day creams reviewed

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  • jessica
  • January 26th 2016

I noticed while looking through this that a number of product descriptions and images of th nproduct are not matched up correctly, Claris, Clinique, Ren.... You may want to take a quick look to verify this

  • a
  • January 26th 2016

Hi, It would have been more helpful to have known the reviewer's age group/skin type and how long they had tested the product for. Also the size of product tested (ie size/value ratio). I think no 16 should read last but not least... Pedantic, I know...(or just perfectionist

  • Elizabeth
  • June 23rd 2015

Hi Jane

Thanks for the comment. I think this may be the article you are referring to:

When it comes to the neck and décolletage area we would always advise you treat this in the same way you would your face. So whatever products you use on your face (whether that is a serum/oil/moisturiser) make sure you also use them right down to your chest.

Hope this helps,

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  • jane
  • June 21st 2015

I read an article a while ago which I now can't find in 10 products not to waste your money on. One of these was a neck cream. I was wondering what dream you should use on your neck décolletage area -your moisturiser or just a body cream

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